American Anarchy#6

American Anarchy #6, cover

Zine: American Anarchy #6
From the collection of Kilwag

Date: 1986
From: Hinsdale, Il
Format: Letter sized, folded in half, stapled
Type: Photocopied
Pages: 16

Photos: Squirrel, Mrs F., Mrs M.
Contributors: Mike Friese, Mick

Featuring: Squirrel, Trevor Kampmann, Zine reviews, of Mutant Cornflakes, I.D. Under, Brian McLaughlin, T.D.K., Above the Gap, No Business as Usual

Spots: Anarchy Ramp, ramp at 63rd & Cass, Western Springs Community Pool

Honorable Mentions: Powell demo with Lance Mountain and Jesse Martinez, 2 page spread ad for local sport store (Hinsdale Sport Shop) that carried skateboards. Scene reports from Sanora, California and Rag Read editors Columbus, Ohio. Flyer for I.D. Under, Group of Individuals, and Certain Death. Interview with I.D. Under. GBH at the Metro, Descendants, Agent Orange, Upcoming streetstyle contest in Urbana, IL. art by Kilwag (!, Agnostic Front soon to play at Metro. Zines, Chaos #1, Rag Read #4.

Extras: I’m not sure what the back page is an advert for, a show for bands, but the there’s also some sort of meeting. American Anarchy is a pretty good one, a little light on the photos, and there is some filler content to be sure (flyers for shown two page advert for skate shop) but you can tell they took it seriously, and put in some effort.

American Anarchy #6, cover

American Anarchy #6, pages 2-3

American Anarchy #6, pages 4-5

American Anarchy #6, pages 6-7

American Anarchy #6, pages 8-9

American Anarchy #6, pages 10-11

American Anarchy #6, pages 12-13

American Anarchy #6, pages 14-15

American Anarchy #6, back cover

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  1. Rad street plant on a quarter pipe.

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