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GVK# 90: Vamoose Scappoose

The Scappoose, Oregon skatepark got a facelift and we went to check it out. Scooters, skates, parkour and smoking grandmas.

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GVK# 89: Halloween at Burnside

The park still goes off all the time but Halloween is reserved for serious ripping. I did miss a lot of footage us Daddy’s need to take our kiddies out for sticky treats. If this description sounds goofy it’s because there was chicken cooking at my house when I wrote it. It is impossible to […]

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GVK #88 Dying in the Desert Part 2

The final installment in the 2013 desert series. Skate cross-training subtle sexual content and a free parasite exam + skateboarding are all in here. This video may not be for you so if I were you I would not watch it. Some dangerous stuff in there at one point a bottle blows up and a […]

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GVK# 87: Dying in the Desert Part 1

I managed to round up an interesting group I thought would kill each other on this trip. (Never happened). A lot of posing a lot of reading and some skating. I injured my self day 2 at Milton F-water. `what a waste. The boys on the other hand kept it going nude river baths and […]

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GVK #86: Summer Solstice

Summer solstice central oregon skate round up. Or “Where the is the 3G network?” Remember when the summer Solstice meant something. Like a skate trip with your crew. Well it does not mean that any more. Now it means Lame-os stay home and the parks are empty. SO SUCK IT LAME-OS HERE IS WHAT YOU […]

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GVK #85 Great Unheard Miniramp Swindle

This contest took place durring the two weeks of summer we had early this spring. That was some good weather. It sure was exciting to be at the contest live. The video does not do it justice. This youth group has some real impressive mini ramp skills. I even see some of them on the […]

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GVK #84 Seattle Spring Break

Trip # 2 to Seattle Spring Break. It was more like summer break. I had a bad knee so I was video guy. Got a great tan though. GVK wishes good luck to Anthony Hancock who is trying to qualify for the vans combi contest as a master, I think his outfits should qualify him. […]

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GVK#83: Seattle Vert Ramp

Took a little trip to the new vert in Seattle. Sliters, Grovers,and Conahan. We arrived, and we were more intimidated than when we were talking about the size of the ramp on the drive up. We got comfortable after about an hour but by that time we were tired. That didn’t stop us from embarrassing […]

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A fund raiser for the Brooklyn Street Skate Spot. A lot of fun and free hamburgers. I recruited my old camera man from the dungeon {Rando} he also starred in an early work of mine, a video called “The Line” . It took 2nd place in the “Proven In the Northwest” Video Contest.. Our flames […]

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GVK #81: Turkey Day Run-around

2nd year in the Holiday Series. Funny we did not see any of you viewers at the parks, Or did we?

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