GVK #98: Decrepit Desert 2015 (pt 1)

Well we invited all of you no one showed so we decided to import Chris Swan (Bone Man) from colorado he showed up at the airport we got him and hit the road. Did the traditonal tour of the desert. The skating was fun for those involved the brotherhood was what I enjoyed the most. I made Randy mad with firecrackers and taught his son Owen Ray (not to be confused with the Serial killa) a few things he shouldn’t have learned untill his second trip. I look like I weigh 300 lb’s. I don’t, but it sure looks that way. I enjoy this every year. Don’t miss the next one. Y.O.L.O. Part 2 is even better than the first.


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  1. You need to institute a strict “Shirts On” requirement anytime the camera is on.

  2. House of Neil on September 26, 2015 - Reply

    yes, shirts on please lads. For all of us baby.

    Love the Adam Ant soundtrack. And B-Rads Boys shirt is killer, but those zipper pants? he auditioning for a role in that crappy looking Joe Strummer movie???

    Looked like a fun time. My crew has all moved away. OH well.

  3. I had to remove about 100 leaches from Grover’s integument, they swarmed onto him in the river instantly. To the leach his presence in the water had the thumbprint of a fatally wounded bison. A bison with a minge like the Jackson 5 in a rugby scrum… The trip claimed my Boys shirt and U of I class ring.

  4. Lets go to Thailand and get weight reduction surgery. So we can see our weeneeeerrrrrs again. We have really grossed out no wonder our wives are disgusted. Fun trip. Neil get a plane ticket and go with us what are you waiting for? You don’t want to die with out making Randy mad in person do you, it one of life’s most gratifying moments and easy.

  5. Oh Stevesie… we could pack up and head for the east, into the belly of the beast, but within a Bangkok’s half-hour, we be way laid by a lower power, it would be a smacked-up cracked-up bone shot smacked down day…

  6. Tripping with the H.O.M.O.S. was kickass. Dear Chubbs, please use a fisheye lens from now on, it will make my frontside airs look 1 ft. vs. 6″. Love, Boneman

  7. Good to see ya skating Grover, you need a cal skate body reduction plan. come on down and I will set you up on my dime, Howie

  8. I vill wvork for you das is good plan for help welkome Howard

  9. aaah! fun. good to see

  10. Jack’s roll in off the top of the pipe in Irrigon was G.N.A.R.L.Y.

  11. Now I’m bummed I didn’t go.

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