eBay Watch: September 2011

By House of Neil on November 15th, 2011

So, welcome to eBayWatch, September 2011 edition. Sorry it’s so late everybody. I was in England for 2 weeks visiting family in mid October and I didn’t take a laptop, so no work got done during that period. Then I caught the flu from somebody on the plane, and then I had a ton of work to catch up on, so this wasn’t top of the priority list. I’m so behind that there will be no October Baywatch. I didn’t track any auctions at all in October, so that’s gone. It will probably start up again with November, but to tell the truth I haven’t decided yet. So watch this space I guess. There might be more, or this might be the last one. So enjoy.

XXXXXXXXXFor music this month, I’ve been listening to 3 albums a lot. First up is the Nick 13 solo album. If you don’t know him he’s the guitarist/singer/songwriter from Tiger Army. His solo album is pure honky-tonk country, so avoid if you don’t like that kind of stuff. And by that I mean 1930s sounding country, not the modern crap. There are some great songs on there, including two Tiger Army songs that get the full on steel-guitar treatment. Second we have the new album by post-punk art rockers Magazine. The album is called No Thyself, and it’s typical Howard Devoto weirdness with most of the original band behind him. Some of the songs are great, mid period sounding Magazine, but some sound like the last album, so aren’t that great. The final album is actually an EP by a new(ish) band called Biters. Yes that’s right, simply Biters. If you loved The Exploding Hearts then you will love this, because they sound just like them. It’s that same mix of high-octane punk rock and roll. They have great, catchy songs and an awesome sound. Very highly recommended.

60s, 70s, early 80s.

First up this month is this Z-Flex Jay Adams fiberglass classic. It sold for $800 on 15 bids.

Here we have a Dogtown Bigfoot complete from 1978. It is all original with no restoration or touch ups at all. It is a super clean deck, and comes complete with Energy Bowlrider trucks (plus original copers!) and mint Dogtown Rock and Roller wheels. This is one of the cleanest BigFoot completes I have ever seen. It sold for a large $2,505 on 27 bids

Here we have another 1978 Dogtown, this one being the Bob Biniak “Bullet” model. It comes complete with Trackers and what look like G&S Rollerballs that are still in very good shape. The deck has some wear, but the green bottom ply more than makes up for that. It sold for $560.

And here we have a Powell Peralta BriteLite deck from 1978. It is dirty and faded, but in overall very good condition, with no gouges or noticeable wear. It sold for $550.

Here is a G&S Fiberflex 44” Pintail, and this ridiculous looking thing comes complete with Indy 215s and mint Pool Rat wheels that are 3.5” wide! The wheels alone are very rare and can sell for hundreds. It sold for a large $550.

And here’s another G&S Fiberflex complete, this one being the Henry Hester slalom model. It comes complete with the original split axle Gullwing HPG IVs and Road Rider 4s. The board was raced in the 70s in Omaha, but has had very little sue since then and is in very good condition. It sold for $650 on 17 bids.

And sticking with G&S, we have this Fiberflex Dennis Martinez Flying Aces complete from 1979. It comes complete with Gullwing Pro trucks and Gyros. It’s in superior used condition, and it sold for $710 on 33 bids.

Now here is a Dogtown Jim Muir deck from 1978. It is in used condition and has had the trucks, plastics and stickers removed which has left some shadowing, but the beautiful thing here is the green airbrush fade around the edges of the deck. You don’t see that very much on Dogtowns of this vintage. It sold for $799 on a Buy It Now, and the auction only lasted 3 hours.

So we always have to have something wacky in the 70s section, and this month is no different. Here we have an Schlitz Beer dual logo fiberglass skateboard made by R.A.C.O. It looks circa 1975 to me, and apart from that I know nothing else about this skateboard. It sold for $120.

And going back to the 60s we have this Titan skateboard from the Fairfax Co of Sterling Illinois. It has steel wheels and super narrow trucks. I don’t know how you would step on this without tipping over actually. It is in very good condition and it sold for $405 on 14 bids. They also made a Saturn model that was very similar.

Mid 1980s

So first up in the 80s section this month we have this Santa Cruz Soren Aaby “Crest” from 1989. It’s mint in shrink, and in a rare green woodstain. You normally see this deck in silver dip or red stain. It’s one of those decks that were so common a few years ago that everybody overlooked it, but it’s growing in value. It sold for $200.

Here’s a great looking G&S Neil Blender “Coffee Guy” complete. It comes with red Trackers and G&S Yo-yo wheels. The plastics have done their job well here, and a special shout out to that immense tail guard! Yes it has scratches and drill holes etc., but the deck is still in solid shape, and it actually looks great as a complete. It sold for $330.

And here we have another G&S Neil Blender complete, but this is the earlier “Snake and Lattice” model. You have to love the poseurs here because the seller states that he bought it in 85 after seeing Back to the Future, but found skating too hard so he just kept the board around. That’s why it’s in such great shape! The top looks like it’s never been stepped on, and the only problem is from the crappy sticker residue! It comes complete with Trackers and G&S Yo-Yos again. A little clean up and this would be a totally killer complete. The yellow stain is amazing. It sold for $425.

And let’s keep the G&S Neil Blender love going with this NOS “Picasso” from 1987. The green woodstain is beautiful, and this one really does look like a work of art instead of a skateboard deck. This one sold for $481 on 17 bids.

Here we have a Powell Peralta Steve Caballero “Full Dragon” from 1986. It’s in an amazingly vivid pink dip that is still so bright it hurts your eyes 25 years on! This one was one of the decks used as a clock in a store display: check the big drill hole right through the middle of the deck. Still, that doesn’t really detract from the mazing qualities of this deck. It sold for $440 and is looking awesome wherever it is right now.

This Santa Cruz Corey O’ Brien “Reaper” complete sold for $264. It has Indys and Bullet 66s. It’s in decent used condition, and the red sip is a nice touch. Remove the yellow tailbone and you have a real bargain here.

So here’s a Santa Cruz Claus Grabke “Melting Clocks” from 1988. It’s in decent used shape, with no obvious dins etc., although it has been drilled for rails. The natural colorway isn’t the best, but it’s a desirable deck and it sold for $455 on 16 bids.

And here’s another “melting Clocks”, although this is a complete in a better colorway. The teal stain is great, and the teal Gullwings almost match. It also has black Powell Mini Rats. It’s in great condition, and doesn’t appear to have ever been ridden much at all. It sold for $750.

So the Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso “Alice” model was the big seller last month, and this month is no different. It’s NOS, never been mounted or gripped. It does have some wear marks, and the colorway isn’t great, but it still sold for $2,599.

Here’s one that doesn’t come up to often! It’s a Powell Peralta Tommy Guerrero “V8”, his first pro model. It comes complete with Indy Stage Vs and 85A Ratbones. It’s in pretty rough shape up top and the tail has a lot of wear, but from this angle the graphic looks good. Basically it looks like it has been out in the elements for 2 decades: I don’t know how much of the wear is from skating. It’s a very rare deck, and this sold for $499 despite its rough shape.

Here is another PP Tommy Guerrero, this one being the model after the one above, the much better known “flaming dagger”. I t is mint but not in shrink, and is the early round nose version, not the later pointy nose one. The white dip is great, and it sold for $1,155. It is boneite though…

So here’s a Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall “atom man” from 1988. It comes complete with Indys and SC Bullets, and after setting it up the original owner put it in a closet, so it’s never been ridden! The orange dip is stunning, and works amazingly well with the pale blue of the main graphic. It’s a fantastic looking deck and it sold for $580.

Here’s a Powell Peralta Lance Mountain “Future Primitive” from 1987/88. It’s NOS and in a black dip with gold and red main graphic. This is the boneite version of the deck, which might explain why it’s never been set up! It’s a great looking colorway and it sold for $1,000.

Now here’s a real beauty! It’s a Dogtown Micke Alba “Street Demon” from 1988 in a magnificent metallic silver dip. It is NOS, never been setup or gripped, but it does have stress marks and some sticker residue. Malba signed it on the tail, and the seller even has the pictures to prove it! It’s a remarkable deck, and it sold for $500.

Now this deck is something special, and is probably one of my favorite graphics ever. It’s a Planet Earth Chris Miller “Sleeping Cat” from 1990. It is NOS and basically mint although not in shrink. It has a couple o scuffs but is probably as clean as you will ever find. The red stain is amazing, and the graphic is a beauty. It sold for $1,200.

And here is a Santa Cruz Natas Kaupas “Panther 5” from 1988. The graphics are by Jim Phillips, and although it says Santa Monica Airlines, SC was making the decks at this point. It’s in NOS condition, never gripped or mounted. Although the colorway is a little dark for me, the woodstain is a beauty. It sold for $1,458. A note to the seller: you might want to brush up on your natural history my friend. That is definitely not a lion!

Holy shit we have a Sims Pharaoh from 1987! It comes complete with white Gullwings and red Sims wheels. The board is in really nice condition, with very little wear at all! It even has a nose guard, which unfortunately might leave some ugly holes, but on this graphic it might not be that bad. The colorway is brighter than some I’ve seen, and overall it is awesome. It sold for $500 with a Buy It Now.

Here we have a Sims Jeff Phillips “Breakout” from 1985. It’s the second version of the graphic, this one having the name in 3D type and the Sims on a block. It’s in a white dip with bright blue, green and yellow graphic. It comes complete with white Gullwings and green Kryptonics. It’s in good used shape. Remove the tail guard, nose and rails and you will have a great looking complete here. It sold for $450.

Here we have a Powell Peralta Ray “Bones” Rodrigues “Skull and Sword” from 1982. It’s the original snub nose version with the big old wheel wells. It comes complete with Trackers and PP Mini Cubics. The green stain is nice, but that red Bones sticker has to go! It has some wear, especially on the tail. To the outsider it might look plain, but to those in the know this is a true classic. It sold for $675.

And here we have a Skull Skates Red Hot Chili Peppers deck form 1988. The seller claims that there was only 50 made, but I’m calling bullshit on that because I’ve seen a lot of them and in fact I think Kilwag used to ride one. It is in great used condition, with just a little tail wear. The black dip colorway is probably the best version of this deck, but it also came in natural and green. Maybe more. The deck sold for $710.

And here we have a Kryptonics Ripstik team deck from 1985. Kryptonics were always in the second tier of deck companies: they had few pros and their graphics were always super cheesy. They were one step above Nash and Variflex, but a step below the “real” companies. Of course, the cheesy graphics are now sought after, and this ridiculous Ripstik sold for $425. It’s a totally typical slice of 80s cheese.

And here we have a deck on the complete opposite side of the scale! It’s the Circle A Bob Schmelzer ‘Couch Guy” from 1989. The graphic is understated and moving towards the early 90s style. It’s an awesome deck, and one that is starting to find its market. This NOS one sold for $280. Nice.

And here we have a Skull Skates Life’s a Beach team deck from 1986. It’s used but in very good condition. This all over skull and bones graphic was taken by BBC for a line of clothing and also used on Vans at the time too. It was everywhere for a couple of years! This deck is actually very rare in any condition, so it’s no surprise that this sold for $543.

Now this Powell Peralta Steve Steadham “Spade” deck has been reissued so often that the graphic has lost much of its effect, but this one is an original sidecut from 1984. It is NOS, never mounted or gripped, and in an awesome red and purple colorway. It has the large front wheelwells, and is just a beauty. It sold for $1,877 on 31 bids, which shows that there is still a large market for a classic original deck, despite the market being flooded with reissues.

And here we have a Town & Country “Quad” team deck from 1985. Yes it’s a surf company with surfboard inspired graphics, straight from Hawaii, and the T&C decks are becoming very collectible these days. This Quad is NOS, never mounted or gripped, and the colorway is really nice on this one. It sold for $474 on 16 bids.

And here we have a couple of Powell Peralta “Rat Bones” team decks from 1980-1984. It was a very popular graphic, so was made for years. The top one is a faded red dip with pink rails. It’s been drilled for nose and tailbone, but has been cleaned up and is in very nice used condition. It sold for $390.

And this one is a red dip again, but the color is truer and brighter here. This one is complete with red Gullwings and blue Vision Shredders. The overall condition looks similar to the one above, but the brighter colors helped I guess because it sold for $406.

And finally from the 80s this month we have this Powell Peralta Per Welinder street model. It’s mint, still in shrink! It is the third street model: earlier ones had the background rune graphic, but only this model has the spoon nose and no runes, which puts it in the 1988 time period. The graphic actually looks a little lost without the runes, almost an afterthought really. However, the fact that it is mint in shrink really pushes it over the top, and this sold for $880 on 18 bids.

Here we have a Zorlac Abrook ‘Specter” from 1991. It’s in good used condition, and the light blues and greens work really well on this natural deck. It’s a beauty actually. It sold for $510.

This is a Powell Peralta Steve Caballero “Guitar Dragon” from 1991. It’s never been gripped, but does appear to have some paint touchups around the truck holes, which is weird. The bright orange is nice, but I’m guessing the touch ups hurt this one, because it only sold for $307, and that’s low for a rare deck from one of the best skaters ever.

Here’s a Plan B Mike Carroll “Christmas” deck from 1992. It’s NOS, never gripped or mounted and has been autographed on the topside so as to not interfere with the graphic. Nice move! It sold for $899.

Now here’s a really cool set of nine decks from Chocolate. It’s the Day of the Dead “Mariachi” series, and these decks look fantastic as a complete set like this. One of the coolest I’ve seen, and perfect for Halloween! The set sold for $900.

Here is an Assault Skateboard Mike Chu “Matches” deck from 1991. I love the vertical split stain colors on this deck: it reminds me of Planet Earth decks from the same time period. That adds a little extra to the deck; it’s not just about the graphic anymore. It sold for $133.

Here is a World Industries Randy Colvin “Velvet Safari” from 1991. The board is covered in fuzzy black material, although it’s not really velvet. It’s basically mint but not in shrink, and does look to be in awesome condition. It sold for $995.

Here is a H-Street Matt Hensley “Rays of Light” complete from 1991. It is well used with Gullwings and Think wheels, and the graphic has a lot of scratches and is dirty overall. However, it is a testament to what Matt Hensley meant to street skaters in the early 90s, and the power of this graphic that it still sold for $355 on 12 bids, despite the problems.

Here we have a Blind Jason Lee “Grinch” from 1991, complete with Ventures and Powell Peralta G Bones wheels. It’s in used condition, but almost the entire graphic is there. Remove the hideous pink rails and you’d have a very presentable Lee “Grinch”. You should also maybe remove the trucks and wheels. Especially the wheels. They don’t really belong on a 90s deck! It sold for $850 on 14 bids.

But look at this! Staying with Jason Lee we have this Blind Lee ‘Bowie” from 1992. It is NOS, never been mounted or gripped, but it does have some storage marks etc. I don’t like the colorway on this one so well, but it still sold for a large $1,250.

Assorted Crap

Now this is history! It’s an original ink drawing by Wes Humpston from 1977. It’s on 8.5” x 11” paper and is signed. It’s a classic piece of Dogtown artwork, and even though I don’t believe that it was ever used on a deck, it is still a beautiful piece. It sold for $510 on 16 bids.

And here we have a set of original Gullwing HPG split axle trucks from 1977. Actually they appear to be a very early variation, because the hanger is slightly different than the better-known gold version. Maybe they are an early prototype? They sold for $395.

And here’s a set of mint Park Rider 4 wheels, complete with the original bearings. They sold for $338 on 25 bids.

And here we have one of those multi print Powell Peralta team t-shirts that seem to be so popular with PP nuts. This one is a size XL (nice!) and has 6 different PP logos on it, some clearly from 1989/1990. The Ripper on the side is nice because it looks like it’s actually peeping around the edge, but the rest of it is pretty lame. But it still sold for $451 on 16 bids.


Let’s start off the Bargains section this month with this Madrid Bryce Kanights “Graffiti” deck from 1986. It’s obviously been well ridden through the years but the graphic is all there, and it’s actually a pretty rare one. You seldom see this Kanights. It sold for $100.

Now here’s one of those that I think is a total bargain, but some of you folks out there will think I’m insane. It’s a G&S Neil Blender “Coffee Break” from 1987. The deck is wildly collectible, but more than that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this crazy metallic silver dip before. Yes it’s used, but the graphic is almost all there, and that silver dip is just insane. It comes complete with Indys and G&S Bam Bams. NOS this would sell for over $1500, so for this to sell for $300, well I think that is a total bargain.

Here we have a Powell Peralta “Bug” complete with G&S Chromolly trucks and Slime Balls. The deck is in great condition, and the mismatched Chromollys are a nice touch too. It sold for $92.

And here is a Zorlac Devil Fish from 1987. It comes complete with well ground Gullwings and Alva Speedskins wheels. It’s been well used, but the deck graphic is still there in all of its dubious glory. The pale blue dip is nice too. It sold for $125.

Here we have a Kingdom Skateboards Chris Gentry “Skate Car” from 1996. It’s mint, still in shrink. Gentry started with decks on Vision and moved around a lot in the 90s, but for a mint deck of his to sell for $26? Well that’s a bargain.

Here’s an Alva Jef Hartsel “Streetfire 2” from 1988. The deck has been gripped and has been ridden, but the deck is in great shape overall. The red stain is nice and the graphic is classic 1980s Alva. It sold for $159 on 19 bids.

Here’s a Dogtown Micke Alba “Temple” from 1988. It’s in good used condition. I’ve always thought that this one looked like a prototype with the graphic looking more like a place sticker than a true deck graphic. But this is the real thing. The natural wood stain doesn’t work well with this light graphic at all, but it sold for $115.

Now here’s one you don’t see that often. It’s a Zorlac Donny Myhre “Viking” from 1991. It comes complete with black Deadbolt trucks and Pig wheels. The photo doesn’t do it much justice, and unfortunately he should have put rails on this bad boy because the railslides have destroyed the graphic. It sold for $123.

And this one is a real beauty. It’s an Alva Bill Danforth “Nomad” mini from 1986. This one comes up reasonably often, but you seldom see it in the classic Alva fade like this one. It’s been gripped and lightly ridden, but is in great shape overall. Bill has signed the tail. I love the colorway of this deck. The black to green fade is great, and the pale blue in the lettering is an inspired choice. Love it, especially for $98. could be wrong. It’s tough to tell on this one. It sold for $118.

And finally this month we have this Vision Lee Ralph “Contortionist” from 1988. It has been gripped and ridden but is in great shape overall. It has Venture trucks on it but no wheels, which is odd. I love the colorway here: the grey and blue work very well together. Is it a reissue? I don’t think so, but I guess I could be wrong. It’s tough to tell on this one. It sold for $118.

See ya.



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  1. Big month! I remember both the Bigfoot and the Martinez going up, and being knocked out by both. Still amazed the Martinez didn’t go for a little more $$$. Same thing with the Pharaoh, would have thought it could have gone a little higher. Oh well, times are tight, I guess. Also – that Skull Skates Life’s A Beach is seriously rad.

  2. Neil Thanks have enjoyed reading your stuff, since there’s big gaps from when I first rode a skateboard in the 70’s til now! Your info has helped fill them in. Thank’s Ken

  3. Baltimore Mike on November 16, 2011 - Reply

    Great job! I had to laugh at the XL PP shirt comment.

  4. Hey! Right on man! Thanks for the watch!

  5. now where’s October 😉

  6. btw, Niel is it? Next time you come over to the U.K. give me an email ( I assume you get it from me posting this?) I live in Scotland, 39 years old, me and the wife like a pint and theres a decent park here that no one goes to. I am originally from Van in Can. Give me a shout next time, I can be anywhere on this island in a day lol.

  7. talentlessquitter on November 16, 2011 - Reply

    Great to read the watch again!! My computer was down for some time so I missed all of these.
    Fine array of transition (in this case read: 1991) decks I’m so crazy about. Every time a Planet earth deck comes along,it looks perfect to me.
    That Hensley is special. Worth every penny.
    Love the nose on the Assault Chu!
    Still don’t fully understand your fascination with the Chocolate series. Sure, I like those single-graphics that spread over six decks but here? A $100 a 2007 popscicle is still a lot ($1050 in june 2010).
    Maybe that not-so-attractive Alva Hartsel shouldn’t be in the bargains section…
    You sound a bit down,man (wrote the Watch while still ill?). Your efforts are unique and much anticipated.

    Don’t bail on us,Neil! Or I shall have to write the whole bloody thing (for) myself. October/november looks promising…

  8. I ca’t believe that horrible Ripstick went for $410! And for the record, I never had a RHCP deck. You’re probably thinking of the RHCP sticker on my deck.

  9. that hensley looks like a later re-issue to me, are we sure it’s from 1991?

    • Yeah it’s a re-issue. Hence the popsicle shape. I’m pretty sure I had a non popsicle about 89 or so? Could be totally wrong but oh well.

    • talentlessquitter on November 17, 2011 - Reply

      Yes,we are sure.
      The graphic was reissued on a Black Label popsicle,on a black dip,a few years back.

    • Def NOT a re-issue. Was one of the first more symmetrical decks released although well after the Vallely Barnyard. Was killer for flip tricks. Never rode another old school shape after that. Until my Vets division Tom Knox that is. 🙂

  10. who cares anyway on November 16, 2011 - Reply

    Here’s a Dogtown Micke Alba “Temple” from 1988. It’s in good used condition. I’ve always thought that this one looked like a prototype with the graphic looking more like a place sticker than a true deck graphic. But this is the real thing. The natural wood stain doesn’t work well with this light graphic at all, but it sold for $115. FADED INLET OUTLET STICKER ON TAIL. manasqaun NJ surfshop where i still buy surfboards today!

    also that 1982 rodriguez looks like it has BRAND NEW RAILS..hmmm a bit odd

  11. Please don’t quit Neil! Only found this place about a year ago and look forward to it all the time.

    Couple of ciders and a box of tissues make Hag a happy man when you post a new one :o)

  12. skeleman1963 on November 16, 2011 - Reply

    Thanks as always Neil for the low down…

    wow….550 bucks for a G&S pintail (circa 2005 or newer) stage 10 indy 215’s, and some wide wheels….someone took it for the team

  13. the hensley is OG

  14. I had a silver blender coffee break. I snapped it the day I bought it off a jump ramp. It hung for years at the skateshop here, busted in half.

  15. Fredvintage on November 17, 2011 - Reply

    Hey Niel,

    Can’t believe it’s the last EBay Watch !
    That was such a fantastic job and a bible for all of us
    Thank you, god 😉

  16. This cannot be the last eBay Watch! Please– your column is being used as a serious research tool by the Smithsonian (and I am certain by others.) Please please please do not stop…

  17. The Hensley is OG. It was one of the first symmetrical decks and it came out around 90-91. I know because I skated one to oblivion. I learned 360 shuvits on that board and it’s on my must have list.

    No way ebaywatch is going away. Neil will come around!

  18. Neil…take a well deserved break…even sit December out.
    But please, please for the love of Christ, do not quit this coloumn. It is one of the only things consistantly worth reading on the internet. I realize it sometimes seems pointless but trust me, your loyal readers think contrarily.

    • I’ve been eagerly punching in “skateandannoy” daily in the address bar to see if a new board shows up on the left side of the screen, only to be kicked in the nuts with your October announcement ;-(. If you really feel you must quit this, please make some suggestions to your loyal readers where to get their fix – you will realize there is no alternative – you da source \m/

  19. Yeah – I’ve got to echo what everyone else has said. Neil – do it in your own time, take as much as time as you need – but please try and find it within yourself to carry on. Ebay watch is one of the highlights of my month, I look forward to it so much. Sometimes, when it seems like the new instalment is due – it’s the first thing I do in the morning. Run downstairs, log on – fire up the browser, check Skate And Annoy – is it there? Oh – not yet.
    Repeat the next day, and the next.
    When it DOES turn up, I always end up punching the air – then running off to grab a cold one, sit down and luxuriate in it all. Read it once, fast, then go back to the start and crawl through it all.
    Am I the only one out there who does this? I suspect not.

  20. Man! I was getting the shakes waiting for this. I enjoy reading it, so if you can, keep ’em coming.


  21. that fibreglass deck ,schlitz beer , 1975 would be about right, i was at school then here in nz and we used to lay our own decks up , use ones a mate brought back from california as the blank , the last layer clear and you could put material ,like hawaian shirt or skateboarder mag pictures under it for a pattern.

  22. Mint Dead Guys Deck on November 18, 2011 - Reply

    please don’t take away the watch! i love reading it, and your comments are priceless and hilarious.

  23. Can someone tell me what this is? Never seen it. Little picture looked like a joke.

    • the original graphic is on an 82 pig. they did use the graf on a fish deck, but not sure what year they did that.

    • houseofneil on November 19, 2011 - Reply

      That’s the Alva Santa Monica cross form 1982. Pretty damned rare actually. Looks like a toy store deck but it isn’t.

  24. dude i so look forward to your e-watch. so much fun. get some advertising on the side to pay for yoour time or something dont quit.

  25. Neil,
    You were born to do this my son, I forbode you to walk away. If thowist even thinks of leaving his sk8 watching music spreading destiny I will smitte thee with great vengeance and fury!

    The needs of the many outway the needs of you. I took it upon myself to make November the best deck month ever for both you and your fans. You will be over ridden with joy, excitement and jubilation with the wonders that you will behold this month alone! I will send thee beamers and bowman supermans, all the original dog towns one by one, maybe a kryptonic deck or two and even an og Ollie tank!

    There more soon you’ll see, the wonder of it all, it came from thee.

    Neil, Thouest MUST keep spreading the word, I the lord god himself insist!

  26. dude, please don`t stop the baywatch. it`s the scale for so many people all around the world, nobody could replace you. thank you for so many good times.

  27. Smacc Dat Bitch!! on November 19, 2011 - Reply

    Do any of you dorks actually skate? This shit is pretty pathetic. The Grosso wonderland deck is like a mid-life crisis Porsche for ex-skaters.

    • To you it may seem pathetic, to many of us it’s nostalgic. Plus Neil’s comments are really funny.

      Now “Smacc Dat Bitch”, that is pathetic…

    • sho nuff on November 20, 2011 - Reply

      Smacc Dat Bitch…cool name bro. super tough sounding

    • Mr/Ms. Smacc Dat Bitch,
      We skate. We also appreciate multiple points of view and the documentation of a culture. History may be a pathetic mid-life crisis to you but to others, it has meaning and resonance. Reading and chronicling the economical,intellectual, and art historical history of skate culture does not negate the intense pleasure in the participating in this culture. Neil is just a really smart and funny guy who deserves to be lauded for his contribution.

    • OlderThanDirt on November 21, 2011 - Reply

      Yeah, I skate, have since 1980.
      Way to be a dick, man.

  28. Jonny Haynes on November 19, 2011 - Reply

    “That hensley looks like a later re-issue to me, are we sure it’s from 1991?”

    Yeah the deck is from 91, I’ve still got the UK Skateboard! with it in. In June 1991 they said.
    “Symmetricave, which is symmetrical from nose to tail, meaning that when you shove-it, it’s the same feel the other way round. Street God himself Matt Hensley has his double kick deck ready and waiting: 32 1/4 by 9,6 nose, 6 1/4 tail. It’s not exactly double kick, the cave is quite deep and funcitonal, it’s just that the nose is almost the same shape as the tail and the rails are practically straight. One to look out for. The stain on H Street decks and overall finish is very good.”

    • talentlessquitter on November 19, 2011 - Reply

      “Ride one and feel it”

      I have that issue too!
      The pictures in that article is like my ‘wet dream of Ebay Watches’

      • Jonny Haynes on November 19, 2011 - Reply

        Yeah it really has some great decks in The Natas 101 Challenger, Randy Colvin Good Will Graphic, loads of Planet Earth decks, I was lucky to pick up the Mark Roach deck with the kid watching T.V as the clock moves behind him NOS a few years back on Ebay. I’ve loved that graphic ever since I was a kid.

    • hsteet90 on December 29, 2011 - Reply

      IT IS NOT A REISSUE, the reissue doesnt haue h-st on it and the label was only black dip.

  29. David Y. on November 19, 2011 - Reply

    With all your hatred towards “popsicle sticks” you seem to forget that it’s the result of decades of skate evolution and is the ultimate shape for FUNCTION. Remember that some people still actually SKATE their boards.

    • If the FUNCTION is hacky-sack, yes. But remember that some people still actually SKATE their boards.

  30. Hey Neil,
    Would hate to see it all end but understand how onerous it would be at times putting it all together month in and month out. Why not make it an annual subsciber for readers. I’d happily fork out. Perhaps readers could contribute links and commentary also to share the workload? I’ve got six or so October links if you need a hand to get started, others may have more?. Thanks for all you’ve done to date anyway.

  31. Wow, this website really lives up to it’s name…

  32. I enjoy every “E-Bay Watch” by Neil as if it were the last.

  33. OlderThanDirt on November 21, 2011 - Reply

    The 1st “Rat Bones” (its’ real name is Vato Rat) wasn’t cleaned up with anything but a wet towel. I bought it off a kid in 1986 in that exact condition. It’s an early run as far as I can remember, I think it had been his older brother’s deck and he wanted something “newer”. It was 4 or 5 years old when I got it.

    • OlderThanDirt on November 21, 2011 - Reply

      Unlike the newer ones, the dip is a stain, not an opaque paint. It’s a really beautiful piece, the buyer had a black dip with red graphics he was hanging it next to. Looked really nice.

  34. Itsonlymoney!!! on November 21, 2011 - Reply

    Hi Neil

    You’ve confused me with the August/September Lee Ralph decks bothe the (Very nice)same colour way but the Graphic is much closer to the edges on the used one above
    Which one is a reissue ???

    any vision experts out there ?

  35. Neil, I don’t believe in me either. But I did a pretty good job putting those two fun bags on the females right?

  36. GatorALLin on November 21, 2011 - Reply

    Of all the online skateboard resources, This has to be a top favorite for any collector. So much so, that I would think that you could sell banner advertising here to any of the serious skate shops. Neil, for fun would you post what a banner adv. would cost and skaters can link skate shops others to this site to try and help raise some funds to make sure this asset never goes on the chopping block! I myself would love to see a search feature for your past listings and perfect spot to toss up the banner ad for any serious skate company! (hint, I use google to search your older threads now, but a built in search would rock!). Another reason you can’t quit now is that I have never made the list…230 decks & counting and maybe my fault for ending most of them early with BIN….but still, no self respecting collector is complete without a deck in the bible and one on the ebay watch list! Just Saying….your our monthly eye crack. Keep up the great work!!

    • talentlessquitter on November 24, 2011 - Reply

      …banner costs…search feature… Giving Neil more work,yeah that helps!
      I can’t write computer programs but believe me,if I could,I would put together a nice little search thingie with the help of the PAST EBAY WATCHES by visiting the EBAY WATCH ARCHIVES on this site…

      Made the watch at least twice as a buyer. Superstoked.

  37. houseofneil on November 22, 2011 - Reply

    I just wanted to say thanks to you all for your supportive comments. It means a lot to know that the column I started writing 11 years ago as filler for a new print issue of S&A has become so popular with folks worldwide. It’s humbling. So thank you all.

    • TheSluce on December 6, 2011 - Reply

      Neil, thanks for all the effort you put into this column. I, like most of us here, super appreciate what you do and super look forward to your column every month. I regularly send my friends links to your column and I know your viewership is probably much higher than you realize.

      I know you’re not in it for money but if it came down to it and money would motivate you I actually bet a large group of us would be willing to “subscribe” to your column for say $5 or $10 a year. Food for thought if that would help out. Plus, it would weed out those that don’t fully appreciate what you do.

      Thanks, again, for all your hard work and great column. It truly is a monthly highlight for us collectors and nostalgic type.


  38. Love this site and look forward to reading your comments every month. In fact, my collection started (and continues to grow) because of (and with the help of) this column. I’m so fired up…even went to skatepark. And I’m OLD!!! I was honored to have my first deck mentioned in ebaywatch. Now I am complete. Neil, you have done such a great job here and I wanted to say a big THANKS for all your hard work.

  39. Joe Satch on November 30, 2011 - Reply

    Hey Dude, When’s October going to be ready?

  40. i agree with dad

  41. PLEASE don’t quit doing this column. Take some time off if you need, but please come back to it.

  42. Butthurt for BMX on December 7, 2011 - Reply

    Agreed. Please keep this going. It’s great to see some of the countless I’ve owned. I never realized how many I forgot.

  43. JasonLee on December 12, 2011 - Reply

    Wanted to throw this out there, I am seriously considering putting my 1987 Santa Cruz Spidey Skateboard with Tracker Trucks and OJII Team riders up for auction on Ebay. It’s in relatively good condition and all the artwork is intact. I have seen these boards occasionaly go up for bid but the prices they go for range from a few hundred dollars to much higher. Anyone have any ideas of where I should price it or what the reserve could be? I also have an Alva Chris Cook (jester) and an older mint Eddie Reategui that I recently found in my attic.



  44. to the guy above:
    price it at whatever you would be willing to accept for it.

    neil, thanks for all the hard work. the site really looks great. peace.

  45. Hey guys long time reader first post… Just bought an original Pig Sword and Skull, there is no stamped serial, but there is a hand written one near tail. Anyone ever seen this before?
    PS- Neil YOU are the MAN!

  46. You do such a wonderful job Neil, we love you, you’re the best, we couldn’t live without you blah, blah, blah

  47. NoComply on January 24, 2014 - Reply

    Thanks again for my reading entertainment bro!

  48. The g&s pin tail with pool rats was mine. It sold in 10 minutes of posting. Should have asked for more.

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