Ebay Watch: July 2013

By House of Neil on October 28th, 2013

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. I’m so glad you could attend, come inside come inside…

Better late than never right? There have been some major life changes here at houseofneil that set me back, plus, on the weekends in the summer I’m actually skating! Anyway, here is July (which I did actually begin in August). The next Baywatch will be a compilation of the months of August, September and October. Some huge auctions have ended in those months, including a deck that broke the record for a single deck, so expect mainly high priced decks in that one. Then hopefully I will be able to get back on a regular monthly schedule. So on with the show.

60s, 70s, very early 80s.

First up this in the 70s section this month is this amazing complete. It’s a Dogtown Bob ‘the Bullet” Biniak deck with Gullwing Pro trucks and Alva wheels. It is one of the fiberglass bottom Dogtown decks, and it looks amazing in the bright green. The trucks and wheels are brand new, and the grip tape up top is even super clean. It’s a beautiful package overall, and it sold for $2,138 on 30 bids.

Now going back to the 60s, we have this Champion “Catalina Sidewalk Surfboard”. It’s 44” long and a shade less than 7” wide, making it one of the first longboards ever in all probability! It has clay wheels; so I’d love one of the modern day coffee-swilling hipsters try to ride tis down Main Street! We had it tough back in the day I tell ya… This historic specimen sold for $901 on 17 bids.

And here we have another one of the late 70s Dogtowns with the fiberglass bottom. This is the Wes Humpston model in a lovely orange just in time for Halloween. Not only is it mint, it hasn’t even ben drilled, making it mintier than mint: like an Altoid really! It sold for $2,371 on 22 bids. Damn there were some nice looking Dogtowns this month!

Here we have another deck from the same time period, again with a fiberglass bottom ply. But this is a G&S Dennis Martinez “Flying Aces” model from 1979. The deck was certainly set up at one time, but doesn’t appear to have been ridden much. It has discolored over time, perhaps from being in a smoker’s house. I would pull off all stickers apart from the Aces one. That will leave it looking pretty dull I guess, but otherwise it looks like a generic deck with a bunch of stickers on it. It sold for $271.

Nice one! Here we have a Santa Cruz Steve Olson “Racing Stripe” complete from 1982. It comes complete with what look like Stage III Indys and Sims “The wheel” II wheels. It’s in good used condition, although for some reason it has a Sims sticker on top instead of a Santa Cruz one. There is an Elvis Costello “Armed Forces” sticker by the nose in the same colorway as the graphic which is odd. It sold for $576 on 15 bids.

And here we have a Kryptonics Stuart Singer “Cobra” deck from 1980. This deck first appeared on Variflex, but was ported to Kryptonics when Variflex stopped being a real company and got rid of their entire team. The deck is in NOS condition, and the wheelwells and handgrips are a trip. This unusual specimen sold for $811 on 14 bids.

Here we have a Caster Chris Strople fiberglass pig complete from 1981. It comes complete with very rare Variflex Connection trucks and Powell-Peralta Bones wheels. The complete is in good used condition with very little wear, but it has yellowed a lot over the years, and is obviously covered in stickers. I would rip off the stickers and tailbone and attempt to clean the deck, but I don’t know how much that would help with the yellowing. It’s an impressive looking complete though, and it sold for $2,000.

And finally from the 60s/70s this month, we have this vintage Val Surf (Hobie) skateboard, complete with its original shipping box! It comes all the way from 1965, and was sent to a Frank Tress in Detroit! The skateboard is basically mint: the Chicago trucks and clay wheels are still very clean. The amazing thing is that it’s a one-owner board! Frank is the one selling it after owing it for nearly 50 years! It sold for $814 on 35 bids.

Mid 1980s

So first up in the 80s section this month we have this Vision Agent Orange I team deck from 1984. Just look at the crazy condition of this thing! It’s 100% minty fresh, and the colors are so bright it looks like it was screened yesterday. It has never been gripped or mounted, and if you ever wanted an OG Agent Orange deck, then this was the one for you, assuming you can meet the hefty price tag of course. Now, here’s where it gets tricky. I can’t tell you exactly how much this sold for because a “Best Offer” was accepted, and eBay doesn’t show you the agreed price. It shows you the original price which was $4,500, and normally when you view sold listings by price, you can look at the next highest and lowest to figure out exactly how much it sold for. But this was the high seller for this month, so there was nothing about it to compare it to. So all I can tell is that it went somewhere between $3,000 and $4,500. If anybody has an exact price please let me know.

And we have the decks younger brother from the same seller. This is the Agent Orange II team deck, this time from 1987. It’s minty fresh again, never gripped or mounted. And like its bigger brother, I don’t know how much it went for, but again it’s somewhere between $3000 and $4500. But I would imagine that it went for less than the first model, above. But what a great pair of decks to lead off the 80s section this month.

Description 11And here we have a band deck you don’t see very often. It’s a Brand X Anthrax “Mosh it Up” model from 1986. It’s NOS, never gripped or mounted. This is the earlier spoon nose model: there was a later one with a square nose too, but same graphic. I’m not an Anthrax fan, but the graphic is pretty funny. It sold for $430.

Here we have a Powell Peralta Ray Barbee “Ragdoll” deck from 1989. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and appears to be in the third color scheme, with aqua, yellow and black patches. It sold for $550 on 12 bids. I had no idea that these were starting to go so high.

Now here we have a G&S Neil Blender used “Coffee Break” complete from 1986. It comes with white Gullwings and SC Bullet 66 “tires” (that’s what the seller calls them). It’s in decent used condition. It’s a good colorway, and the graphic is almost all there. Strip off the trucks and the stickers and you will have a nice looking coffee break here. It sold for $413 on 10 bids.

Here we have a Blockhead “Street Standard” team deck from 1990. This one is mint in shrink, in a great colorway, and has the 8-hole front truck pattern. It sold for $400. Man I love this deck! So sorry that I sold my blue one, but we all make stupid mistakes!

Don’t think you can find a deal on eBay anymore? Wrong! Here we have a really impressive looking Brand X “X-Con 2” team deck from 1987. It has the same graphic as the original X-Con but on a completely new shape. This one has been gripped mounted with Trackers as you can see, but has never been ridden, so it’s basically NOS. The colorway is super clean, and overall this is an exceptional looking deck. And the price! It sold for $183 on 10 bids.

Here we have a Powell Peralta “Team Bug” team deck from 1986. This is the earlier, much rarer version with a background of marching ants instead of the more commonly seen checkerboard background. It’s been gripped so isn’t NOS, but it is still in very good used condition. The bright red dip is outstanding, and the green and yellow bug really pops. It’s an outstanding example of this deck, and it sold for $760 on 21 bids.

Here we have a very underrated deck. It’s the Alva Bill Danforth “Nomad” mini from 1986. Other Danforths go for much higher, but I always really liked this graphic. It’s concise and well rendered. This one is NOS and in a lovely shiny black stain. Things might be on the upturn though, because this sold for $453 on 28 bids. This one is the later version with the USA top graphic and deeper concave.

Here we have your classic Vision Gator “Swirl” first edition. It is NOS and has the front and rear wheel wells and original top graphic, so it’s an original if you will. The photo doesn’t do this justice, because it looks red and blue, but apparently it’s teal and orange, so it must look stunning in person. It sold for $999.

Here we have a Blockhead Jim Gray “Bus Stop” from 1987. This one is NOS, and looks fine in a grey/green stain and pink and blue main graphic. It’s an unusual and subtle colorway that totally matches the graphic. This one sold for a large $510 on 14 bids.

Here we have a Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso “Demon” deck from 1987. The deck has been drilled for rails, but apart from the usual storage marks it does not appear to have been ridden at all. There is now nose or tail wear and the graphic is all there. The bright red dip is almost overwhelming actually, taking away from the flames in the graphic. But still, it’s an original Grosso! It sold for $600.

Here’s a Powell Peralta Tommy Guerrero “V8 Dagger” deck from 1985. It was his first pro model, and was destined to be short-lived, probably because they didn’t think it was flashy enough. So within months we saw the “Flaming Dagger” deck that he is most well known for. Consequently this deck is a tough find, especially in this condition and colorway. The plastics have done their job, as the deck looks largely untouched. And the eye burning pink dip is something special. Of course, the thick white rails and tail block out the side graphic and take attention away from the deck, so those need to go immediately, but the matching colored white accessories was a nice touch. It sold for $935 on 34 bids.

Here we have a Alva Christian Hosoi “Sun Splat” from 1984. It is in average used condition, and comes complete with stage IV Indys and G&S Yoyo wheels. The deck has some water damage and a lot of the scratches and wear of a deck that was ridden for a year or two. Still, it’s a rare deck as all Alva Hosoi models are. Flat nose, flared tail. It was halfway to the hammerhead shape that we all know. It sold for $532 on 4 bids.

Now here’s your regulation Skull Skates Hosoi “Hammerhead” mid sized deck, this one coming from 1986. The classic Hosoi Hammerhead was produced by many companies in a 3-year span. So many that it’s tough to list them all! Rumors of bootlegs abound, but this is the Skull Skates version, so no worries there. Christian also signed it in 1988. This one is mint, and although the white dip and pink graphic seems dull, it went down huge with collectors: it sold for a huge $2,324 on 30 bids.

Here’s a Santa Cruz Jason Jessee “Sungod” from 1988. The deck is mint but not in shrink, and in a stunning metallic purple dip. I bet it looks amazing in person. This is a real beauty, and it sold for $1,050 on 26 bids.

Here’s a deck you don’t see every day. It’s an LSD (Losi Skate Designs) Allan Midgett ‘Swirl” from 1990. LSD was distributed by Airbourne, so it’s also listed as an Airbourne deck, and in fact it says Airbourne below the LSD lettering. It’s actually an interesting shape and graphic, being a bridge between the crazy shapes of the 80s, and the football shape of the early 90s deck. And the graphic is simple and complex all at the same time. It’s not the best graphic in the world, but definitely worth a viewing between all the regular faces. It sold for $205

Here we have a Schmitt Stix John Lucero “X1” from 1986. This one is NOS, never mounted or gripped, and is in one of the better colorways that I’ve seen. The dark natural wood really works for this graphic, because it actually looks like an old prison door! The green and yellow word nicely off of it too. It sold for $900.

Here we have a really nice example of an original Powell Peralta Mike Vallely “Elephant” from 1988. This one is in NOS, near mint condition. It has a couple of surface scratches but not much else is wrong with it. It’s ungripped and never mounted obviously. The white colorway is a little plain, but it’s still a very desirable deck. It sold for $1,700 on 17 bids.

And here we have a real beauty. It’s a Dogtown Scott Oster “Breaking Waves” model from 1988. It’s NOS, near mint really. Never gripped or mounted, hardly a ding or scuff. The white dip is bright and clean and the primary colors in the graphic really pop. Like a lot of Humpston graphics there’s an awful lot going on in there, but it’s a very impressive piece. It sold for $505 on 19 bids.

And here we have a Sims Jef Phillips “Breakout” from 1984. It’s the first version of the graphic, with 2D lettering. It also has front and rear wheelwells. It comes complete with Trackers and Sure Grip wheels. The yellow plastics really blend with the overall color scheme here, and they also did a fine job protecting the board, because it looks almost NOS. And the colorway is awesome: aqua, yellow and red. The thing is super sweet, and I would be tempted to keep this as a complete, plastics and all! It sold for $787 on 18 bids.

And from 1987 we have another Sims Jeff Phillips, this one being the “Tie-Dye Demon” model from 1987. This one is NOS, although it was gripped at one time, but never actually mounted or ridden. It’s in the white dip with pink and purple tie-dye and yellow lettering. It’s not the best colorway for this board, but it’s still an NOS Phillips, and you don’t see that too often. It sold for $1,225 on 13 bids.

And here we have one of my favorite graphics of all time. It’s the Santa Cruz Salba “Voodoo” from 1987. This deck used to go for well over a grand, but I’m guessing that the flood of reissues have hurt the value of the original, because otherwise I’m at a loss to explain how this one went so cheap. It sold for $788 on 18 bids, which isn’t terrible, but reissues are getting close to that price. This on is NOS, but does have some surface scratches, particularly on top. But the main graphic is totally clean, and the natural wood colorway is awesome here, really allowing the colors and details of the main graphic to pop. Great, great looking deck at a bargain price.

And finally from the 80s this month we have this Z-Flex George Wilson “Street Rocket” deck from 1987. The original Z George Wilson “Rocket” came out in 1978, and this is a redo for the street scene of the mid 80s. It’s NOS and in an attractive green stain. Oddly enough Jay Adams signed the deck in 2013, but there you go. To me that takes away from the value, but at last the sig is pretty small and not across the main part of the graphic! It sold for $375.

90s-present day

It was another banner month for the 90s. 90s stuff is blowing up like crazy! First up in the 90s section this month we have this Birdhouse Ocean Howell “Woodland Critters Gone Bad” deck from 1994. It’s NOS: never gripped or mounted. If you can’t tell from the small pic, the critters are smoking weed and the bird looks completely baked. It sold for $185.

And here we have Vision Chris Gentry “Alcohol Tree” from 1991. The deck is mint in shrink, and although the colorway isn’t the best, all of the deck specs are printed under the back trucks, which I think is a great idea! This sold for $165 on 10 bids.

Now here’s a deck that always goes large, but there’s large and large! It’s a Powell Peralta Frankie Hill “Eastwood” or “Pale Rider” from 1992. But whatever you want to call it, just know that you will have to spend big $ if you want this deck in NOS condition like this one. It’s still in shrink, but the shrink is so beaten up that I wouldn’t call it mint. This went for $2,800 on 45 bids.

Now here’s a deck that you don’t see every day! It’s a Blockhead Rick Howard “Skunk” from 1991. It’s in a really nice blue stain, and the graphic is playful and fun. Put it this way, your girlfriend might actually allow you to put this on the wall. You pussy! It sold for $806 on 9 bids.

Here we have a New Deal Andy Howell “Tricycle Kid” from 1991. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted. The graphic is ugly and loud, crude and childish, but the shape is an interesting mix of old and new. It sold for $1,425 on 16 bids.

Now here’s a Jeff Phillips deck that I don’t thin that I’ve ever seen before! It’s the BBC Jeff Phillips “Robo Mech” from 1991, and was Jeff’s last pro model before his untimely passing, As with every BBC deck, the graphic is fucking awful, and the colorway is primary and childlike. But it’s NOS, and it’s a rare one. It sold for $683 on 33 bids.

Here we have an Evol Alphonzo Rawls “Condom” slick deck from 1994. This one is in NOS condition, never gripped or ridden. Like most slicks, the colors are all washed out, so the graphic loses a lot of its punch. Still it’s rare and it sold for $451 on 7 bids.

And here we have another slick deck, but this one is a very typical complete from the period. It’s a Plan B Sean Sheffey deck, complete with Ventures and World “Juhbontay Tuhnah” wheels. The wheels are ridiculously small as you can see, almost comically so. This must have ridden so low to the ground that every crack must have felt like a chasm. The deck is in good used condition. It sold for $525 on 17 bids.

So here’s the deck that matches those wheels! It’s the World Industries Jovontae Turner “Napping Negro” slick from 1993. This one has been gripped and mounted by the looks of it, but never actually ridden. The story goes that the board was setup in the skateshop and taken home, but the kids father returned it the next day saying it was too offensive and wanting something else. The shop owner kept it and is selling it here. Nice move, because even gripped it sold for $2,002 on 19 bids.

And finally from the 90s this month we have this New Deal Ed Templeton “Crowd” from 1991. The deck is NOS: never gripped or mounted, and the dark pink stain looks awesome. But on a red or ink stain they should have changed the background color behind the crowd. It blends too much. It sold for $856 on 14 bids.

Assorted Crap

Now this drives me freaking insane. It’s the Black Label Neil Blender “Coffee Break” reissue from 2005. It was a crappy popsicle reissue with a huge Black Label graphic on the nose. The white dip yellowed and the deck warped almost instantly. I had one and was so unhappy with it that I sold it almost instantly for about the price I paid for it at the store. I guess the joke was on me though because this just sold for $665 on 19 bids. For the love of god people! You can buy an original for that.

Here are some original Vans Half Cabs from the late 80s. They are suede and leather I think, and they may actually be the full size, not half cabs. They are NOS and sold for $400.

Ha! Hate Gator? Then you can sue this full size Vision Gator standup as your own personal dartboard! This probably graced the corner of a skate shop back in the day. There he is, looking clean-cut and dressed in his finest Vision crap from head to toe. It sold for $200. It’s actually in very clean condition considering it’s from 1988.

Here we have a very clean set of Gullwing HPG IV trucks from 1977. They are NOS and have never been mounted on a board. They just have some storage marks etc. They sold for $477.

And staying with the 70s vibe we have this Hobie team jersey from 1978. It is new condition, has never been worn. The colors are still super bright, and it even has built in elbow pads! It’s a 70s size L, which probably means that your 12 year old could wear it today! It sold for $225.

Here we have a very rare vintage Powell Peralta team t-shirt from 1989. It was to commemorate their team picnic, and only team members or employees were invited. This belonged to Frankie Hill originally. It has been worn and is a size L. It sold for $398.

And finally we have this mint set of Vans “Off the Wall” wheels! Who knew that Vans ever made wheels?! Well I guess they did and here is a mint set. It’s unreal what you find on eBay isn’t it? They sold for $399.

Quick Hitters

1987 Schmitt Stix “ATV 2” team deck. Nicely Used. $267 on 14 bids.

1986 G&S Neil Blender “Coffee Break” used complete with Thunders and Alva Street Bombs. $435 on 14 bids.

1983 Brand X “Vertical Hold”. Used complete w/ Thunder trucks, SC Bullet wheels. $165 on 7 bids.

1981 Powell Peralta Steve Caballero “Dragon on Bearing” 6-ply deck. Used. $1,014 on 36 bids.

1980 Dogtown Jim Muir “Triplane”. Used complete. Indys and Kryptonics CX-66 wheels. $1,250 on 9 bids.

1987 Alva Craig Johnson “El Loco Gringo”. NOS. $215 on 23 bids.

1991 Powell Peralta Lance Moutain “Doughboy 2”. New complete with Gullwing Sidewinders and Kryptonic Shadows. $200.

1987 Powell Peralta Lance Mountain “Future Primitive”. NOS. $900 on 1 bid, BIN after 90 minutes.

1988 Dogtown Aaron Murray “Mini”. NOS. $305 on 7 bids.

1988 Alva Eddie Reategui “Monkey” deck. NOS. $550 on 36 bids.

1991 Dogtown Jim Muir “Slug” deck. NOS. $176 on 13 bids.

1988 Vision “Vision Street Wear” deck. NOS. $385 on 3 bids.

See ya next month.



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  1. talentlessquitter on October 28, 2013 - Reply

    A great Watch again. I really appreciate it Neil!

  2. the hobie deck from the original owner is rad , the box and all.
    also not surprised that the A.O. decks fetched big bucks
    thanks again neil

  3. GRAHAMS on October 29, 2013 - Reply

    My favorite series of articles on the web. Thanks for the update 🙂

  4. Didn’t that Biniak get sold as a deck only, a few months back? So someone built it up and sold it on? No problem with that at all, just would have been stoked to see it with its original trucks and wheels…

  5. So glad your back. Thanks man, I’ve been waiting for this. Like the ants on the PP Bug. Rad colors too!

  6. docskaterock on October 29, 2013 - Reply

    Great watch, Neil!! Those Agent Orange boards are awesome (the third one is still around!). Didn´t know this Anthrax board. Funny one!

  7. Fredvintage on October 29, 2013 - Reply

    So happy to see ya back !

    Thanks from France Neil 🙂

  8. Dane Whittaker on October 30, 2013 - Reply

    Sick aways look forward to this…

  9. Great ! Expensive bids, cheapos, crap : all-U can buy !

  10. Thanks Neil – must be hard work but always appreciated 🙂

  11. sideburnjim on October 31, 2013 - Reply


  12. Thanks always a good read and always enjoy it Neil.

  13. Meridith Baxter-Birney's Attorney on November 1, 2013 - Reply

    Great month, great read! Thanks, Neil. Looking forward to the next one!

  14. david odk on November 4, 2013 - Reply

    Nice watch, man, like always. Thanks for doing this!

  15. Lookin good! Prices in general do seem to be down for the year, even though the grails are still pulling serious loot. Re-issues and everyone being broke might
    be factors. Seems like a good time to buy and not sell if you have the cash. Thanks Neil!

  16. Thanks Neil..look forward to this every month..the 90s stuff would blow up right when i switch from collecting 80s stuff..thats how it goes i guess..thank you for puttin’ in work!

  17. Hey Neil,

    Where a been? Missin eBay watch big time. It’s nov 2013 now.

    Need ya back!

  18. NoComply on November 15, 2013 - Reply

    Thank you your awesomeness! Looking forward to the upcoming months homey.

  19. else3573 on December 1, 2013 - Reply

    That’s one of the nicest Gators I’ve ever seen. Beautiful colorway…The Jason Jesse Sungod and the Salba Voodoo (one of my favorite graphics too) are both stunning.

  20. Smakutus on December 8, 2013 - Reply

    I’m the one that sold that red bug.. I sold a nicer green one that was also pictured in the ebay auction for $1500 off ebay..

    • Smakutus on December 9, 2013 - Reply

      That Bug was from 88 too not 86.. It’s a year after all those checkerboard ones.

  21. Last summer I saw that blue Agent Orange deck at a neighborhood yard sale. Some little 10 year old kid had bought it before I got there. He had no idea who Agent Orange was but was absolutely unwilling to part with it, no matter how much money I offered.

  22. The red grosso demon was skated for a few minutes and has one ply of tail wear that was touched up with an nail polish that was a very good match.

  23. Josh Deetz on January 5, 2017 - Reply

    The Street Rocket was originally NOT a George Wilson, but my signature model Street Tech launched in ’85 and stopped at or around ’88. It was the first modern street board Z-Flex made.

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