eBay Watch: April 2011

By House of Neil on May 15th, 2011

I tell you what; April 2011 was one of my favorite months in a very long time. We had a ton of not only great looking decks, but some interesting ones too: decks you don’t see too often or decks with an interesting history. Months like this almost write themselves because I enjoy looking at them. Unfortunately May is shaping up to be just the opposite. There’s been very little I’ve seen in the first half of the month that excites me, and next month’s column might be a dog, and that’s a shame because I do believe that May 2011 will be the 100th episode/issue of Baywatch!

Also, for any of our readers in Canada, I have an article in SBC Skateboard magazine. It’s short and they don’t spell my name right, but it’s there!

I’m having a hard time picking a music selection this month because there’s just too much good stuff out there. Do I pick The Cobra Skulls, The Arrivals, Fabulous Disaster, or The Menzingers? But no, here’s only one logical choice this month, and it’s the new album by Smogtown, “Incest & Pestilence”. Anyone of those bandlogos could have been featured though, so pay attention all of you that are stuck in the 80s and say there’s no good music today. There’s an absolute ton of great punk and new wave (in the Rezillos meaning of the term) out there today, you just have to get out there and find it. These bands need and deserve your support. I try to bring new (some not so new!) bands to your attention every month, so use that as a springboard if you want. Look up the bands on iTunes and investigate the “Listeners Also Purchased” suggestions too.

XXX So, now onto Smogtown. I thought they had split up years ago, but it turns out that Guitardo had left and they went underground. Chip Beef then left but Guitardo returned, and they released a single, and then the new full length “Incest and Pestilence”, their first full length in almost 10 years. Yes, that’s right, the fuhrers of the new wave are back baby! These twelve brand new previously unreleased songs take right up where Domesticviolenceland left off and are filled to the brim with their patented OC suburbanite beach punk fury. There’s not much more to say: it’s SMOGTOWN and the Beach City Butchers are back with a bang! You want an example? Try the prettily titled “I want to fuck my chick in the skate ditch”: “I wanna do a little slide I wanna do a little grind I wanna catch a little air off her behind”! It’s classic Smogtown, believe it.

60s, 70s, early 80s.

The 70s auctions were buzzing in April! So much great stuff went off that I felt bad cutting out some of it, but I have quotas and so enjoy what you get!

First up this month is this Sims Dave Andrecht “Concave” stinger, and I put that in quotes because it actually says, “Concave” in the graphic, and that differentiates it from the earlier, flat version. I have shows this deck a lot recently, but not in this rad fluorescent pink and blue colorway; normally it’s green! It is in solid used condition, with some tail wear, some scratches and it’s drilled for nose and tail. It sold for $495.

Next up we have another Sims Dave Andrecht, this being the “New Wave” stinger from a couple of years later: 1981ish. This was part of their “E” series of decks, the E standing for Epoxy. Sims was using this technology through 1983. Like the deck above, this one is in good used condition. It was drilled for nose, rails and tail, and looks remarkably good underneath. The topside isn’t quite so clean, but still, it looks great for a 30-year-old deck. It still has its original stickers: Indy, Sims, Town & Country, Rip City, and the classic “No Bozos”. It would look better with them removed, but it’s still good. It sold for $355.

Here’s yet another Sims, this one being the Greg Ayres S-Ply complete from 1979. It comes complete with Gullwing Pro trucks and Kryptonics C-70 wheels. This thing is massive, measuring in at 30” by 12”. Notice how the Andrecht in the first picture has says Concave in the graphic: this one doesn’t, showing it’s the earlier flat pig. It’s in great condition with some minor scrapes and scuffs, but overall it’s very bright and basically killer in every respect. It sold for $1,704.

Here we have a Powell Peralta “Brite Lite” team deck from 1980. The seller claimed that it was a Jay Smith, but unless I’m insane it clearly isn’t: his had the Jay Smith splatter over the Powell logo. This is the generic team model, but that isn’t to say that this isn’t a rarity because it is. The deck was obviously set up but doesn’t have many scratches or dings at all. It is very faded however, and the top appears to have had all color removed. Maybe the top was always natural wood, but I thought they were bright yellow top and bottom. Whatever the case it is a rarity, and it sold for $2,000.

Going back to Sims we have this Mike Folmer “S-Ply” stinger complete from 1979. Now this is as clean as a complete gets! It has Indy Stage Is and original Gyros with the metal core. Seriously, the trucks and wheels look totally virgin, and this whole thing is just a superb piece of skateboard history. It sold for $810 on a whopping 53 bids.

And the hits just keep on coming! Here’s a Z-Flex Jay Adams undrilled fiberglass beauty all the way from 1976! It’s in beautiful unused condition, and in a very rare yellow and red tie-dye colorway. It was purchased directly from the owner of Z-Flex, and has been in the hands of a British collector for decades. Due to the nature of fiberglass, it is translucent when held up to the light, but not transparent as he claims! Now that would be a trick! It sold for $2,520.

So this one went big too! It’s a Kryptonics composite team deck from 1978, made for them by a ski manufacturer using the same techniques and materials used in high-end skis from the period. It was years ahead of its time, and to find a totally mint one like this is unusual. This one also has the green bumper around the edges instead of the more common black, making it even more rare. It sold for a large $1,750.

So we’ve all probably heard of Powerflex wheels from the 70s, but did you know that Powerflex also made decks? Well they did and here’s the proof. Actually they had a few fantastic pros back for a short time including Jay Adams and Bobby Valdez, but they were in the pre-graphic years, so the only difference would be the signature on the bottom of the deck. Everything else stayed the same. This is a NOS team model, and it sold for $199. The wheels wells are beautiful.

Here’s a G&S ProLine 500 deck from 1979. It also comes with tiny Gullwing Phoenix trucks (or “mounts” as the seller calls them) and what looks like green Kryptonics. The deck itself is in great condition. It just needs some cleaning to bring it back to tip-top shape. The graphics here were beautiful when new, looking more like a high-end piece of furniture than a skateboard deck! It sold for $479.

And finally from the 70s this month is this Santa Cruz “logo” fiberglass complete from 1977. It comes complete with Bennett Pro trucks and original YoYo wheels. It’s basically mint/NOS, having been ridden round a garage a few times, but that’s it! It sold for $310, which is a total bargain. I’m betting the trucks and wheels alone would have fetched more than that if they’d been auctioned separately. As it was, this completely slipped under the radar!

And finally from the 70s this month is this Santa Cruz “logo” fiberglass complete from 1977. It comes complete with Bennett Pro trucks and original YoYo wheels. It’s basically mint/NOS, having been ridden round a garage a few times, but that’s it! It sold for $310, which is a total bargain. I’m betting the trucks and wheels alone would have fetched more than that if they’d been auctioned separately. As it was, this completely slipped under the radar!

Let’s start off the 80s section this month with this Brand X Anthrax deck from 1987. Zorlac had their Metallica line, so I guess Anthrax decided they needed a skate deck and they chose Brand X. Now, this wasn’t the official Anthrax deck: that had a different shape and graphic. This one is a prototype that was given to band members to figure out the correct graphic and shape. This one belonged to Joey Belladonna(?) who didn’t skate so it’s in great shape. So there you go. It comes with the original letter from the head of their record company. It sold for $1,200.

Now here we have another band deck. This is the Mad Diaz Bad Religion “Suffer” deck from 1988. Actually I’m totally guessing about that because I have no info on this deck or the company whatsoever, and the seller offers no information. All I know for sure is that it’s NOS and that it sold for $2,800. Dude!

And here we have a mint Alva “Dagger Tail” from 1984. The shape is superb and the graphic is simple but classic. The colorway is great too: the green stain is far better than the white or black. And don’t get this confused with the Alva Dagger complete, which I featured last month. It’s a completely different deal. It sold for $1,525.

Here we have a Santa Cruz Claus Grabke “Holding Back Time” from 1989. It’s mint in shrink and in a great blue stain with red, yellow and green main graphic. This deck can look cheesy and cheap sometimes because of the colorway, but this one is great, really outstanding. It sold for $406.

Here’s a deck that I haven’t featured in a while! It’s a Powell Peralta Tommy Guerrero “Iron Gate” in black dip. It’s full size and mint in shrink. What more could you ask for really? If you are after the Iron Gate, then this is the one that you had to have. It’s a great looking deck from one of street skating’s pioneers. This one sold for $565 on 23 bids.

So let’s pull out another “common” deck out that we haven’t see for some time. Yes it’s a Powell Peralta Tony Hawk “Chicken Skull” from 1987. It’s full size, seven ply and in a neon green. I am sick and tired of this graphic, but even I have to admit that this colorway is pretty kickass. The greens and the red just work really well together. It’s vibrant and flawless and it sold for $1,624. Yes, that is a lot of money considering you can see numerous chicken skulls on eBay every month.

But here’s one you don’t see every day. It’s a Jimmy’Z deck from 1987. Not content with being the hip alternative to Vision Street Wear on the clothing front, they decided to release a range of decks too. The shape is actually pretty decent, looking like some of the Alvas of that period. There’s a new version of Jimmy’Z because I saw a store at Woodfield Mall, but I have no idea if it has any relation at all to the brand from the 80s. This deck sold for $400 on 21 bids.

Here’s a Schmitt Stix John Lucero “X1” deck from 1985. It’s been gripped and has been drilled for rails and tail, but is in great shape overall. The green stain is deep and rich, and the graphic is almost three dimensional on top of it. It’s one of the best colorways for this graphic that I’ve seen, and overall this is a really nice looking deck. It sold for $499.

Here’s a Santa Cruz Tom Knox “Ghoul” from 1989. This is a deck that you used to see everywhere for less than $100, but they have dried up over the last few years, especially mint specimens like this one. I really like the deep red/brown stain, and the blue cowl and red and yellow flames really pop on that background. It’s an excellent colorway, so the $399 doesn’t surprise me.

You want true 80s graphic excess? Well feast your eyes on this 1985 Kryptonics “High Energy” team deck. The demon has apparently cut his own head off, and not content with that, he is gonna stick it in your face and stick his tongue out too! He is also sitting in a pool of body parts, so this deck gives you all of your 80s skull and gore in one place. It’s truly stupid, Pushead without the skill or invention. It looks like the doodling of a disturbed 14 year old! Still I remember it well because it was so silly, and others must too, because it had a bunch of bids and sold for $213 despite the fact that it has been used and the colorway is pooh.

Here’s a Walker Skateboards Mark Lake “Nightmare” from 1985. Actually, it’s not just any Mark Lake deck, this was actually his, and the auction includes a picture of him riding the deck. So the custom griptape underneath etc. was all put on by the man himself. It’s in good shape overall, and although the color looks like bleached out salmon, the seller says that it’s hot pink, so that might help too. It sold for $360.

Here’s a classic complete from 1984. It’s a Sims Lester Kasai ‘Splat” with Trackers and Madrid Fly wheels. It’s in really solid used shape, with very little in the way of major damage. The colorway is superb: the red stain works great with the pale blue and the fluorescent green. The green and red wheels are a nice touch too. That’s the kind of stylish touch that most skaters wouldn’t even consider today. It sold for $275, which seems like a steal for a complete of this quality.

Ooh, now this is nice. It’s a Santa Cruz Micke Alba “Animals” deck from 1986. Now this is an unusual one for me, because this was a used deck that has been painstakingly restored back to original mint condition. I don’t know how bad the original deck was, but this think looks beautiful. The colorway is just superb, and it would look amazing on any wall. All I know is that this one looks far better than the white deck featured on AOS. It sold for $255.

Oh no, not another Zorlac Metallica deck! That must be about the 4th one in the last 4 months! I promise, no more after this one for a while! This is the first Metallica model from 1987, and features the customary weird ass sidecuts and strange color choices that made Zorlac legendary! This one has never been gripped, but does have some storage dings and scrapes. I would bet that it looks better in person than in these washed out photos, but that didn’t stop it from selling for $1,500.

Here’s a Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen “Mutt” from 1983. No it’s not mint, but sometimes a board that has been setup has far more character and is more interesting than a factory deck. This is a case in point. The tape around the nose and tail must have helped for grab tricks, as must that small nose bone on there. It has Indy freestyle trucks and first gen Bones freestyle wheels in two different colors. Even though the deck looks natural in this picture, it is actually a weird silver dip. The angle and the light just make it look natural. Everything is in good shape here, and this classic piece of freestyle hardware sold for $910.

So here’s another gory Kryptonics team deck from 1985, but this time we have the better-known Ripstik. This one has never been mounted, and is in NOS condition, which is a rarity. The graphic is simple and in your face, but much like the one earlier it makes no sense. Why would a skull be bleeding? Anyway, I’m sure it did its job and grossed out middleclass mothers in the suburbs in 1985, and that’s what it was designed for. It’s sad that the Godoys rode for Kryptonics at this same time, and they had to use the same generic shape for their first pro model. This Ripstik sold for $576.

Oh Kilwag, this is going to make you unhappy! Here we have a Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp IV, but this one is on the foam deck that they pushed for a short time in 1987. The decks were made of some kind of weird foam construction that was supposed to make them light, but actually made them thick, heavy and stiff and unrideable basically. The graphic was actually a big sticker on the bottom of the deck. They only came in the one colorway I believe. They also made a black Keith Meek “Slasher” model in the foam. Kilwag and I saw these at a stall in Mattoon IL mall in summer 87. He bought the Roskopp and I bought the Meek. I threw mine away about 3 months later, and I don’t know what he did with his. I’m betting he wishes he’d have kept it, because this sold for $710.

Ha, another blast from our past! Here we have a combo deal, a Sims Screamer deck and t-shirt from 1984. The deck is in decent used condition with wheel burn marks and scratches around the edges and fading. The t-shirt is a medium and has seen a lot of wear, so much so that it’s basically shapeless now! But together this makes a really nice package. I’ve always loved this graphic for some reason, and seeing this brings a smile to my face. It sold for $175.

Here’s a really nice Powell Peralta Skull and Sword complete from 1984. It’s the generic team model, not the Ray Rodriguez version, but still it is quite excellent. It comes complete with Indys and Bones Threes and Powell plastics. It doesn’t appear to have been ridden much at all, because the wheels and trucks are almost pristine and the deck just has storage marks really: even the grip is clean. It’s an iconic graphic, especially on the silver dip. Just look at those wheelwells! I’d even leave the stickers. It sold for $575.

I can remember a time when the Zorlac Double Cut team deck would fetch biiiigggg dollars, but no more apparently. This one is in good used shape, basically looking really good underneath apart from all the dirt! The worst thing is that the owner tried to remove the griptape but did a half-assed job, so the top looks like shit, and is probably sticky too. Look, if you plan on removing griptape you have to be prepared to do it all the way, and if you’re not, leave it. It takes time, hard work and patience, and involves a hairdryer, a thinner of some kind and a razor blade. This one sold for $350, but it could have been more.

90s-present day

Up first in the 90s-modern day section we have this Flip “Motorhead” team deck from 2000. It is # 57 of only 60 made as giveaways at the 2000 ASR show. It was given to somebody at the Westside skate shop by Jeremy Fox and has been there since then. It also comes with a matching Motorhead t-shirt. It sold for $775.

Here’s a Powell Peralta Frankie Hill “Bulldog” from 1990. It’s NOS, full size seven ply. It has some storage marks but looks pretty damned clean to me. The seller says that it’s in a black stain, but it looks dark blue to me! Whatever color it is it is highly desirable and it sold for $1,427.

So here we have a Life Brennand Schoeffel “Vista Hotel” from 1991. It is mint not in shrink, and in a black stain. From a distance this looks bland and dull, but up close it’s actually really interesting because all of the rooms feature different graphic characters from the biggest pros of the day. The Hensley guy is sitting by the fire hydrant, there is a Danny Way VW garage, there’s a Natas cat, a Rick Howard skunk, Gonz’s fat guy, Mike V elephant, Mike Carroll Calvin, etc. etc. There are tons of them in there. It sold for $340.

This is one of those decks that normally I wouldn’t have featured because the photos are so completely crap, but it’s really rare and most have probably never seen it before. It’s an Alva Fred Smith from right before Alva ceased to exist in 91 and changed to New School. Just check out the funky Alva logo! I’m not sure what the main graphic is supposed to be (a white rabbit racing a tortoise?), but I do know that Bod Boyle doing a fastplant is a sticker and not part of the graphic. It’s complete with white Ventures and Variflex wheels. It sold for $173.

So last month we had a Social Distortion “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” deck for the first time in years. It sold for an astounding $2,025, so you could have bet money that a bunch more would have showed up the next month, and sure enough we had at least two, both NOS. First up we have the top one that’s been signed by Mike Ness, and it sold for $1,200 on 16 bids. Below that is another that sold on the same day, but this one went for $830 on 8 bids. I’m guessing that subsequent ones will go for less again. It’s good to be first!

This is a World Industries “Stick-O-Rama” deck from 1990. The deck originally came with a set of stickers of pedestrians, skaters, cops and robbers etc. that you could place on the deck. This deck is NOS but is missing the stickers. It sold for $639.

Here we have a SMA Julien Stranger “Flying High” deck from 1990. It’s mint in shrink and in the natural colorway, which is great for this graphic. I guess Natas came up with the original graphic concept and it was finished by Jim Phillips. It sold for $522.

Here we have an H-Street Chad Vogt “Madonna” everslick deck from 1994. She looks great in this picture, and although I’m not a fan of slick decks in general because I think they look cheap and crappy, you can’t argue with something this hot. It’s mint, which makes it super rare, so it sold for $1,200.

And here’s the other end of the slick spectrum. It’s a Plan B Danny Way “Alien” deck from 1992. The deck is just plain ugly in every way. You could have done something really cool with a graphic from Alien, but this is just dull. It’s NOS, never gripped or setup, and I’m sure that’s made it very desirable for Way collectors, but me no likee. It sold for $651 on 30 bids.

Assorted Crap

So this month we start this section of the strange and the obscure with this box of unopened skateboard cards and stickers from the mid 70s. There are 36 unopened packs in the box, so who knows what you might find in there? These cards were made by Donruss, but I’m sure that there were many different companies trying to cash in on the craze back then. The cards sold for $83.

Does this metal skateboard look familiar to you? If you said yes, then you must have seen the 80s move “Gleaming the Cube” starring Christian Slater. Now I’m not going to get into the details of the movie here, but suffice it to say that it’s a favorite of most 80s skaters, only coming slightly behind Thrashin’. This is one of the props sued in the movie. Notice I said one of: there have been a lot of irate S&A readers saying the colors of the wheels aren’t right etc. They made any number of boards for the movie, and this is just one of them. It is in heavy diamond steel plate, and the movie details have been stamped into the metal. Yes I think it’s real. Why would anybody go to this trouble to fake a prop from a crappy movie? It sold for $416.

Throughout skating’s long history there have been toy-store boards, mostly of crap quality, with the names of random kids shows or movies on them. Here is an example of one from the 80s, this one being for Mad Magazine. Mad was an acquired taste: kids who loved it really loved it, but others didn’t get it at all. Put me in the latter category. But anyway, here’s the complete crappy skateboard all the way from your favorite drugstore growing up. If the shape and extras look familiar, then you have been paying attention and you know your crap 80s brands, because the thing is indeed a Nash. It’s been used twice so is nearly mint, and it sold for $110. But did it go to a skate collector or a Mad collector?

So you love Mike Vallely. Just love him. Wanna skate like him and be like him. So what better to fill you Mike V woody than this custom jacket that Mike V had specially made and wore throughout the Revolution Mother tour? It’s from Mike’s personal collection of course, but no word on whether it comes with any bloodstains. I kid, I kid. It sold for a large $650, so let’s hope it’s being put to good use.

Now, just like the Hawk shirt last month, sometimes an auction goes off that seems insane, and I get the link sent to me from like a thousand people. Such was the case with this mint set of Road Rider riser pads from the 1970s. Yes they are mint and almost 40 years old. Yes they are translucent and pretty, but they are riser pads. They are the very essence of function over form. I guess if you are building that top-shelf era complete you would want risers from the 70s, but I would imagine any risers would do. Like anybody would pay $153 on vintage riser pads! Oh wait, somebody did? What the fuck?

OK, to go with those vintage risers, how’s about this vintage Sims Pure Juice Bowl Rider wheels from the same seller. These are totally mint, never seen asphalt or concrete. They are as giant and as pretty as they come, much like Cameron Diaz. I bet she’s from the 70s too! They sold for $525.

The hits from the 70s just keep on coming, and this one will have you all screaming, “What the hell is that thing?” Why you silly, it’s a Skircle, everybody knows that! Actually, it’s labeled underneath as “The Asphalt Ski”, so I guess you were supposed to stand on it facing forward, feet together ski style. And then you would wipe out in quite astounding fashion. It is 11” in diameter so has virtually no wheelbase, and is made of aluminum, so when you have broken your leg and are lying on the ground, it just might slice your throat on the way by too. The trucks and wheels are by MarcoPolo, so you know it’s quality. What a disaster of epic proportions! It sold for $210.

So we have somebody’s sticker collection being sold as one huge set! There are 336 stickers from the 70s and 80s, and the highpoints include 16 Road Rider stickers, 13 Park Rider stickers, 48 SGI X-ray wheels stickers, 38 Rob Roskopp 3 stickers, plus toms of Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz and Kryptonics. The set sold for $1000.

Now here’s a really nice crewneck Powell Peralta sweatshirt from the very early 80s. It’s got the old dragon logo small on the right front chest, and the large dragon on the back and a sword design down each arm. It’s been worn and has some small holes, but basically looks super clean. It’s a size medium, but it is a great piece of history. It sold for $494.

OK, everybody remembers the totally shit toy skateboards from the 80s, right? You have your Nash, your Valterra and Galaxy etc. etc. Well they do have a certain kitsch value, and were often some folk’s first skateboard. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that they were total cheap Chinese junk and are never to be taken seriously. So imagine my surprise when this Valterra ‘Skate Zombie” from 1985 sold for $305 on 22 bids. It’s official; the skate world has lost its effing mind.


Let’s start off the Bargains section this month with this Schmitt Stix John Fabriquer “Wizard” complete from 1989. The trucks are Indys I think, and the wheels are by Acme. It’s in average used condition, and has been well skated as you can see. The graphic is almost all there however, and it would make a decent cruiser or would look OK if stripped and cleaned. The huge sticker on the tail needs to be removed of course. It says “Willard the sound of fuck” who were some 90s grunge crap from Seattle. Anyway, it sold for $38.

Here’s a Stereo Mike Frazier “Tower” deck from 1995. It’s actually a very rare deck, only 400 of these ever being made. It’s NOS, never been gripped or setup, but it does have storage marks, scratches etc. It sold for $81.

Here’s a Powell Peralta Tony Hawk “Birdclaw” from 1989. It’s a full size with no forest background, and is in decent used shape. The worst damage has been from the removal of the stickers: unfortunately because of the natural wood, the stickers have left a lighter shadow. I’m not sure why the crab sticker hasn’t been removed because that distracts from the graphic, as do the yellow rails. Remove that crap, oil it and you will have a nice hanger for $90.

So we saw in the 90s section that a NOS Hill bulldog goes for over $1,400, so, it’s pretty incredible that this used complete went for only $70 the same month. Yes it’s not perfect by any means, but I’d give it a 6.5/10 any day. The graphic is almost all there, and is still bright. There is some nose and tail wear, but not too bad. It certainly isn’t thrashed or even close to it. Again, removed the Trackers and OJs and you’ll have a used grail for only $70.

This one is so great that I’m still amazed by the price. It’s a Hobie Super Surfer longboard complete from the early 70s. The deck is in really nice condition, as are the original trucks and wheels. I really don’t know too much about it, so maybe somebody else can fill me in (Del?). But I do know that I love this skateboard, and its price: $37!

Here we have a Vision Joe Johnson “Arab Circle” complete from 1987. It comes complete with white Gullwing Pros and black Kryptonics, plus all plastic; tail, rails copers and lapper! The tan, blue and burgundy colorway is superb, and it appears to be in decent used shape, but it’s tough to tell below all that plastic! It sold for $91.

Here’s another Stereo deck, this one being a Jason Lee “Shadowgraph 2000” from 1996. Much like the Frazier above this was part of a very limited run, and like that one it is not featured on AOS. I really like this deck: the colorway is understated, and the graphic is simple but strong. It’s really very sophisticated, and very affordable at $67.

Now here’s the opposite of sophisticated and understated! It’s a Sims Kevin Staab “Mad Scientist” from 1986. It’s in average used condition in a very average colorway, and comes complete with trucks with mismatched hangers and baseplates and unknown wheels. The deck is beaten up with lots of delamination and cracks etc., but the graphic is all there. Remove the trucks and the Venture stickers and you will still have a decent hanger for $69; remember, this deck can go for over $1000 mint.

So here’s another Stereo deck from 1996, and this is a team deck and probably my favorite of the lot. It’s the “Space Bummer” deck, featuring a marooned astronaut blowing his brains out. It’s got a classic 1950s comic book feel, and I really like it. It sold for $57.

And finally this month we have this Hobie Greg Weaver “Woody” complete from the early 70s. It has unknown trucks and Power Paw wheels, and appears to be NOS. The deck and wheels are super clean, and even the clear griptape is unmarked. It’s an exceptional early 70s complete and it would give substance to anybody’s collection, especially for $86!

See ya next month.



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  1. CCKEN on May 16, 2011 - Reply

    Neil great picks, aways amazed when they cross that $1,000 line. The sims Folmer is a sweet complete,nice wheels.

  2. talentlessquitter on May 16, 2011 - Reply

    Damn,second to comment! 😉
    It’s a good day with the new Watch.
    I think may will turn out fine,don’t worry.

  3. Jason on May 16, 2011 - Reply

    “Why would anybody go to this trouble to fake a prop from a crappy movie? It sold for $416.”

    I do believe you asked and answered your own question.

    Thanks again for the article, it helped make this Monday bearable.

  4. talentlessquitter on May 16, 2011 - Reply

    I love that Anthrax deck,even if it is just before ‘my time’!
    Can’t believe the heap of money for the Frankie Hill deck. I love the guy but I never liked that graphic. Maybe his appearance in the latest Concrete Wave stirred up the price just in time?

    Gotta love those Stereo graphics. I’s a personal thing but I always considered pre-’96 production decks collectible. I guess I should make that pre-’97.
    I like the “Space Bummer” too. ‘It’s got a classic 1950s comic book feel, and I really like it.’ In your face,Cold War!…….Oh,sorry….
    Both the Stereo Lee and the Space Bummer are in the Disposable Bible,on the same pages. It’s time you stopped relying solely on AoS and started reading the Bible,son. Funny to see how those two differ in dating the decks on a lot of occasions.

    Griptape is to stand on with your feet.the Mullen is gripped on the underside for doing lots of caspers.It is very common to see a fs deck having way more scratched edges on the topside.
    Next month;another Mutt,with wheelwells nonetheless!

  5. Jason on May 16, 2011 - Reply

    I think the fascination with the Frankie Hill model comes from obsessive viewing of the Propaganda video.

    It does this pan up of the board so when you put on the video as a kid and are all excited to watch some skating, this graphic is essentially the first thing you see.

    Maybe seeing this graphic on ebay and such evokes that childhood emotion of excitement over watching the video and makes the graphic larger than life?

    • talentlessquitter on May 16, 2011 - Reply

      I guess it goes for any collector that childhood emotions play a big part in purchasing a deck. But it takes a lot of excitement before I think of pulling out $1400. I have watched prices go up the last few years and the PP Hill seems to be one of the biggest ‘growers’,without either being a classic graphic or being the pinnacle of great screenprinting.

      …Lot of money for a Grabke with a hole for a clock drilled through it and not even in the middle.

      I get Mad Magazine!

      70’s skateboarding cards can be seen here:


  6. Livmo on May 16, 2011 - Reply

    Thanks for another article. Great memories of boards gone by, yet not sure I understand the difference between a logo and a team deck. Weren’t they all logo decks before graphics came about?

  7. Hells yeah, I would have loved that Sims Screamer combo. That was my first deck! I think, or was it the Powell ratbones?

  8. Thanks for another great ebay watch!
    I hust had to write a feature on my blog about it.
    Check it out:


  9. Thanks Neil, and happy 100th post !

  10. Great read again!

    The Lester deck is a great color combo

  11. Chief Inspector on May 17, 2011 - Reply

    The Skircle: best board ever. Smogtown: Not the best band ever. Get it soated out, geezah!!

    • The Skircle would go nicely with my Techni-ski

      New Smogtown album!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hOly cOw! So Stoked. Get it right, Smogtown rules the wasteland (on the west coast at least.)

  12. Jekill on May 19, 2011 - Reply

    Hey Neil, that Andrecht colorway is the “Concave” rev. lettering and colorway that Bernie Tostenson gave to Concave series. The green-yellow one is always the first, flat edition.
    I loved when graphics were so strongly linked to the rider and the specific model, not like from 83 on, were the same graphics were screened in multiple colorways… could you imagine a SIMS HOSOI in red and black instead of white? Well… hops, they actually just made it…

  13. Dr freedom on May 19, 2011 - Reply

    Another good month.. the Brite Lite didnt sell either, its back up now for 900

  14. I wonder if that Skate Zombie board has any concave?

  15. Acceler8blue on May 25, 2011 - Reply

    I’m the new owner of the Sims Screamer deck featured above, along with another Screamer I’ve owned for many years. I have a question: My first Screamer has a true pig shape with round nose and shallow wheel wells. Its also a little bit wider than the deck featured above which has a more egg shaped nose and bigger wheel wells. Why the difference? Did they change the shape during the years of production, or is one a ‘team’ deck?

  16. Three on May 27, 2011 - Reply

    Hey, I have a Powell Peralta dealer folder from ’85, store window sticker and another sticker inside, along with pages with all the graphics and dimensions of the upcoming season’s product at the time, hard to put a value on, but I just wondered if any had gone by before on ebay or elsewhere?, it’s a red Plastic ring binder folder, black and white glossy pages inside, a zine and the stickers?

  17. Sick and Tired on May 27, 2011 - Reply

    Hey Niel,
    Do you ever get sick and tired of putting shit on what some people find appealing? You seem to have an over opinionated view on everything. It would be appreciated if you could do what this site should be set up to do and provide impartial information on some old classics. What you think is worth something might differ to what I think it is worth. If you don’t like a Hawk, I don’t care. If you want a variflex, I don’t care. I just want a little info on what is around.So shut up and deliver the info. DICK

    • Houseofneil on May 28, 2011 - Reply

      I’ve got an idea for you: if you don’t like what i do, stop fucking reading it. Nobody is forcing you to look at it each month. Until you start paying me to do it, I don’t take orders from you or anybody else. So either enjoy it for what it is and be thankful i do it every month, or just go away. No wait. Better yet, why dont you start writing your own monthly column and then you can do it exactly the way you want it done. But i’m guessing you won’t.

    • santacruise on May 28, 2011 - Reply

      Sick and Tired is just bullshittin’ you. I bet he knows you. You’ve been punk’d.

      • houseofneil on May 28, 2011 - Reply

        you think? I’m not so sure. I get these kind of letters from time to time. It’s always the same crap. I like how he knows “what this site should be set up to do”. If I’d done just straight descriptions of hawks and mcgills I would have given up on this like 8 years ago. That would have been boring and tedious for author and reader.

      • It’s probably someone who bought or sold something Neil said was overpriced.

      • talentlessquitter on June 8, 2011 - Reply

        That’s right,’Niiiiiieeeeelll’.It’s a bloody prank.
        Rick,Mike and Vyvyan say hi!

    • @ Sick and Tired – If you want impartial info, just do a search on eBsy for vintage skateboards, otherwise kick back and enjoy the column like everyone else does.

  18. I enjoy what Neil writes. Hey he’s blunt and most importantly pretty spot on with his views/pricing on these boards. I agree with JKp – probably someone who paid way too much for a deck on evilbay.

  19. Chris on June 5, 2011 - Reply

    I’ve been checking ebay watch for years now Neil, but never commented before. Personally i can’t wait for you to put it up every month, it really makes my day!

  20. Effing Mindless on June 10, 2011 - Reply

    Yep I did it..it was a no brainer.. literally…As Neil suspected the “Skate Zombie” took my virginity..needless to say Iv been a slut ever since…It started there in the 80s and never stopped….I floated over a 6′ hip this morning…Years ago I bid 35$ on a zombie…it sold for 36..This time I added a 0. and as The Oracle Neil somehow called it out again… When the auction ended I turned to my wife and said “Iv lost my effing mind. The board actually does have concave..1/4” deep and comes in three shapes that Iv seen. Thanks for all the time time and effort you put into this killer site Neil. Its one of the only sites I care to visit

  21. Natas666 on June 21, 2011 - Reply

    @ sick and tired you sound like a royal fucking Cunt. When somebody takes the time to research and write an article, it is their right to offer there opinion. It is also your right to disagree with that opinion, but to insult the author for offering his opinion on an article that you read every month for free is fucking rude. Fucking Cunt.

  22. HAWKFAN 666 on June 22, 2011 - Reply

    hey guys,
    fucking cant get enough of ebay watch.
    just discovered this site recently and fucking love it!!
    how much longer till the May installment of ebay watch gets posted?
    thanks Brendan

  23. There is a surf shop in Cape May, NJ called “Summer Sun” and it’s been around forever. That dude has a bunch of those Jimmy Z decks hanging on the wall. I remember them being there in the 80s and I saw them again for the first time in 20 years last summer.

  24. natashusband on June 26, 2011 - Reply

    Is that you Natas? That tough talk is making me hard. Swear at me again you sexy thing

  25. I have a sweet spot for the “holding back the hands of time” deck – mid life crisis maybe ?

  26. Fernando diaz barriga aka mad diaz on March 4, 2017 - Reply

    Hi I’m fernando diaz barriga disiner and created of the badreligion suferboy skate board it looks great on your site any way if you whant to get back at me you can thanks fernando diaz barriga aka mad diaz

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