Ryan Lay Remembers The 1997 Back To School CCS Catalog

From CCS, AKA California Cheap Skates, ironically now located in Oregon.

There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned nostalgia, right? You know when you hear that song that instantly transports you back to a time where you can almost smell what you ate for dinner that night? Well CCS catalogs happen to have that same effect on skateboarders. We all grew up with them, and so many of us bought our first boards, shoes, or videos from them. We’re constantly hearing people’s stories about the catalogs, so we joined forces with our friends at The Look Back Library and after they traveled the country, sourcing tons of our vintage catalogs for us, we now have an arsenal of memories to share! For our first look into the past, we grabbed CCS team rider Ryan Lay to talk about a 1997 Back To School catalog that was from the era when he first started skating. If you have a good CCS story, or any old catalogs, feel free to send us a message! We want to hear them!.


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Broken Kingpins?

Broken Kingpins, single bearings, loose nuts, extra mounting hardware, grip tape scraps, stripped axles, cracked t-bolts (yes!), copers and other assorted junk that didn't make the front page. just because we don't have time to write about it doesn't mean we want to deprive you of the opportunity to waste your time. Look over your shoulder though, I think your nosey co-worker is about to bust you.

Broken Kingpins: Because the name "Junk Drawer" was already taken.

Yeah, this is just reposting. Now go read the good stuff.

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