$9000 or best offer

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and have a truck as big as the hole in your wallet, why not pick ups this bowl / spine / mini ramp combo? It looks like it’s well built and would be fun to ride. Does anyone ever actually buy giant used ramps like this? The price might be reasonable, but the whole thing is just so impractical to move. If you buy this, I think I’m out of town the weekend you’re moving it, but I should be back in time to help you ride it.


Insert tab A into Slot B

The shot in the top frame of a newly completed skatepark in the UK looked pretty clean and made me want to find out more about the spot. In the course of looking it up I saw that the builder Four One Four Skateparks, are using the CNC process to cut transitions and horizontal some supports, especially on bowl corners. It’s interesting that they use a stepped completely horizontal approach in those bowl corners. Notice that where the surface meets the back braces are not perpendicular. Instead they rest on two adjacent corners. I’m not sure if that makes in difference in the longevity of the bowl, but it’s got to make the design and assembly process a hell of a lot faster. I’ve always held wooden bowl builders in high esteem, and this approach means any monkey could assemble it. It’s a case of nostalgia vs. progress, but I can’t imagine there are that many ramp builders out there with access to big enough CNC machinery. Some of the shots on the site make it look like the surface isn’t included in the CNC process though, so there’s still room for John Henry on the ramp building floor. This park is part of “building 2” at Adrenaline Alley in Corby, England.

Avast ye scurvy vert dog

Carhartt Europe converted a small ship in Hossegor, France to a bowl, or they made a bowl look like a ship, I’m not exactly sure. Old Man Army threw a BBQ and Confusion Magazine was there document it. Confused about about Confusion? Confusion has risen from the ashes Concussion:

Confusion is an underground skateboarding magazine with a primary interest in DIY skate spots and skater built concrete parks in local scenes all over the world. The magazine also covers sub-genres of these underground scenes with a partial focus on somewhat undiscovered music, art and hardcore surfing.

An issue recently showed up in my mailbox, and although it’s only #2, Jonathan Hay hasn’t forgotten everything he learned from Concussion. Check it out. Video after the jump.

– Thanks to Jeff Roenning for the tip. And possibly someone else that I forgot.

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Blackriver Bowl, Bavaria

You may remember Blackriver as associated with expensive fingerboard trucks, but they skate life sized terrain as well in Bavaria. (Now it make sense that $75 fingerboard trucks come from the land of BMW.) Photo sets on Flickr, or catch some vid after the jump.

– Thanks to Martin Ehrenberger for the tip.

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Time Lapse Theater: OMSA Bowl

Mixing it up a little in Time Lapse Theater. This week we have the factory bowl wooden pool replica courtesy of Dietches at OMSA. Somewhere in Germany.

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Cardinal Sinners

Cardinal Sinners Club

Here’s a couple of shots of another private indoor spot in Virginia known as the Cardinal Sins. I’m not sure how the name applies to this spot. Maybe some of the sinners will chime in.

– Thanks to Chip Atkins for the pics

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Jersey Orange Bowl

Some folks are looking forward to the Superbowl, while others in the New York/New Jersey area aren’t phased by a Jets loss, they are more interested in an Orange Bowl. Private indoor spot sent in by Eric G. I like the weird and angular volcano thing in the center. Did anyone realize that enlarge-o-rama is working again?

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