Tulalip Tribal Skatepark

John Aguilar sent in some photos of a recently completed (OK, February of 2016) Debra Barto Memorial Skatepark, located on the Tulalip Reservation, near Everett, Washington. It is named in honor of the woman in the tribe who pushed hard for building it. John said this Grindline park is a good time as long as it’s not being overrun by scooter and BMX kids. Yes, that bottom feature is supposed to look like a canoe.

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The detritus of spring on windy day in the Bingen, Washington skatepark. A small tree blew down while we were there.

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The ditch is not the skatepark

If you approach (or leave) Daubenspeck Skatepark in Bingen, WA. from the right direction you’ll pass up this lovely ditch. This (Grindline) park is a good one in case you’re wondering, but you’ll get no pictures from me for now. Just one shot of the nearby ditch. I didn’t even see it until we were leaving. Unfortunately, we had an injured party so I didn’t stop to session. Looks steep and rough, but potentially lots of fun, right?


Hubbard Homestead Skatespot in Seattle

Steve Ping from DesertPipes.com shot some photos of the newly completed Hubbard Homestead Skate Spot located at 11203 5th Ave NE in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. It’s still behind fences and the official grand opening is allegedly December 5th. It looks like Newline is credited wight the design concepts. There’s a firm in charge of the larger park complex, but I’m not sure who built the skate spot, as Washington law somehow prohibits a design and build situation. Bobcat says this spot has been in the works for 5 years. Hubbard Skate Spot backs up against a Target store, so if you forget your pads, helmet, or skateboard, you can run right in and buy it.

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Show me your deck in Seattle

Local Seattle artists using the skateboard deck as a canvas. Opens August 14, 6-10 PM at True Love Art and Tattoo with DJ Fistfight and “refreshments.” Show runs through September 7th.

Featured Artists: John Cristcitello, Kerstin Graudins, Scott Dalrymple, narboo, Claudio Duran, Starheadboy, Carolyn Hitt, Dave Enriquez, Benjamin Hubbard, Clifton Yates, Scarlet Luartes, Jesse Narens, Aaron Winnenberg, Jason Middleton, Chris Summerville, Chad Ronilo, Rhodora Jacob, TattooBeetle, Joey McChan, Ian Duca, Christopher Hunter, Ksera, Carlos Aguilar and several others.

– Thanks to Heidi for the tip.


Advantage in

Spotted on a public tennis court in Seattle, not to far from the college.


Orcas trip

I haven’t been to Orcas Island in a million years, but this is the year, I swear. As soon as I learn inverts. I love Orcas, did I mention that? Here’s a Landyachtz video featuring downhill, park riding and a metric ton of lifestyle footage.

– Thanks to Billy Bones for the tip.

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Indoor spot coming to Everett, Washinton

It’s (going to be) called the Garage, and it just got funded by Kickstarter. They’ve got 16k for building materials, now I guess it’s time to build.

Sedro-Woolley Bully

There’s a new skatepark opening about an hour and some change north of Seattle in a town called Sedro-Woolley. The grand opening is Saturday
October 13, 2012. Hey wait, that was two days ago! There’s a facebook page a grainy webcam. Who built this? There’s a Grindline shirt in one of the photos. Lots of construction shots in extended interval time lapse formatfrom Bob Rock.

– Thanks to John Aguilar for the (late) tip.

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