Reagan Lives

On a recent east coast sweat safari,the GVK’s had a 6 hour layover at Reagan International in D.C., so we hopped the Metro and headed to see the sights. As we exited the Metro station Jack spotted a rad little skate spot with a federal government-sized skate stop. This did not deter him from trying to skate it, even though it was really close to the guard tower. One of the guards actually said, “He’s pretty good. How old is he?” I’m always surprised with what Jack gets away with from airport terminals to the Holocaust museum. If you and I tried to ride the places he rode, House Speaker John Boehner would have us thrown into Git-mo. Barge and Destroy – GVK

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They’re gonna need a book

If the current crop of serious artists who also happen to be skaters continues grow, the art historians are going to have to invent a new term for this type of art. Is there a term for postmodern examination of a specific act and the related, revered artifact, shared by one large tribe? (Feel free to call it Kilwagism, if you need to.) Cynthia Connolly is curating a show called Skateboard Side Effects at a place called Artisphere in Alringtopn Virginia. The image above is Richard Vosseller’s ‘Physical Manipulations of Structural Surfaces – A Homage to Skating.’ A videotape of a closed session is on display in the gallery. No word on what else is there, but admission is free. If any of our East Coast readers attend, give us an update.

UPDATE: Pictures up on Born Ugly. Art by Tim Bearse, Rick Charnoski and Coan Buddy Nichols, Sean Greene, Richard Vossler, Lia Halloran, Ben Ashworth, and Mickael B. And yes, that ramp structure is actually skateable.

UPDATE 2: Added video of the art being (gasp!) skated.

[Photo: Jay Westcott]

– Thanks to Kelly Robertson for the tip.

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