Tyler Martin for Sector 9

I was going to say “I like this kid” but he’s a grown man for the love of Hosoi. Check out his new video part for Sector 9, it’s got a good mixture of street, transition, ditch, diy and skatepark terrain. The guy that looks a little like GVK in the doubles section is actually his father, Larry Martin.

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Bridge to Bridge

Elias Parise on his upcoming project in conjunction with his position at Dreamland Skateparks:

Bridge to Bridge is a view into the world of skatepark building and more notably, the evolution that exists between renegade DIY projects and local government funded skateparks. This short documentary, Bridge to Bridge gives a glimpse into the amount of effort, passion and sheer dedication it takes to construct the nation’s largest covered skatepark and the key players that pour their sweat and blood into the making of these vast concrete structures.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Dieta Skateboards in Estacada

Dieta Skateboards in Estacada, Oregon = Diestacada

Built by Dreamland and located in Estacada Oregon, Frank and Johnny enjoy a morning skate session at Wade Creek skatepark. Filmed and edited by Daniel Evans, additional footage by Spencer Knuttila.

Video after the jump.

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Um yeah

UM YEAH FILMS Presents – “Cuatro Suenos Pequenos” (four small dreams) – A new skate film – Visual Audio Experiment by Thomas Campbell. This 21 minute movie was shot entirely on 16mm film in a dream scene scenario that blends reality, surreality and a skate adventure starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse. This film captures Javier Brushing his teeth,slobbering on his pillow, bedding down with a beautiful brunette. Also Javi running into Madars Apse in his dream, they skate over volcano’s,thru the woods and into cities of Spain,The Canary Islands,Mallorca,The Basque country and California.This film has a completely original soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Basque super group “Chiwoks”.And besides the usual unusual camera perspectives you expect from a Thomas Campbell film. French Fred is also is on board Lending his iconic visual wizardry to this cauldron of the bizarre, beauty and gnar.

And now you low as much about this project as I do. I had a hard time picking one still frame to represent this post, I would watch the trailer if I were you. This looks very interesting. They had a showing in Paris with the band who scored the music performing the soundtrack live. The worldwide release is in February. Preorder a book/DVD edition at umyeaharts.com

[Source: Juice]

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Tom Bender - Fun While it lasted

Fun while it lasted

Riding my bike home from work the other day I saw a guy with a fancy camera filming some skateboarding, so I stopped to talk to Tom Bender. He’s premiering a video in Portland this sumer called Fun While it Lasted. You can watch a short trailer courtesy of Transworld and another compilation of offcuts and extras after the jump.
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50 / 50

Larry Martin did 50 tricks on his 50th birthday. Not too shabby old man. I’m doing the same thing on my next birthday… but I’m uh, I must be turning 6.

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There’s a meme for this

Now that this is a thing, I’m quitting my day job so I can finally pursue my dream of starting an entertainment channel and social networking site entirely devoted to accidentally hitting animals while downhill skateboarding. It’s going to be called i-roadkill, or ZuubSplat, or something similar. I expect you all to bankroll it via kickstarter. You owe me.

[Source: Unofficial Networks]

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Gift of mud, part 1

A Gift Of Mud: Episode 1, featuring Mark Scott, Tavita Scanlan, Dave Tobin, Jessica Starkweather and Mark Conahan. From Elias Parise

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Basement Miniramp

Whoa, Mule.

It just takes a little getting used to, and for the next day you can’t skate in a regular sized spot without a little residual hunch, but it’s a lot of fun. MC’s basement ramp video after the jump. It’s a little out of focus, which is either because of the low light, or the fact that I didn’t have my glasses. Nothing to do with ineptitude. Nothing. It’s all “eptitude.”

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