Still More Skateboard Scene Ads

In this round, not one, but two ads for Alley Cat, some very boring text-only ads from Cardiff Skateboard Shop, and Dolphin Skateboards, plastic skateboards from Alpine Sports, and the creepy, faceless skateboarder of the South London Skateboard Centre.


Even More Skateboard Scene Ads

I added six more vintage skateboard advertisements to the Skateboard Scene magazine gallery. This time we’ve got sterling silver necklaces, some mystery boards from Reflex Action, more mystery boards from American Oak Company, Californian skateboards from Scarbourne, plastic GT Coyotes, and Britain’s answer to the American Kryptonic, the Ulon Speedwheel.


More Skateboard Scene Ads

I added four more vintage skateboard advertisements to the Skateboard Scene magazine gallery. Included are some Ace-Flyer Chuck Taylor knock offs, Alta Sports skateboards with a “fantastic set of safety equipment,” the Great British Skateboard from Beadle, and a subscription plug for Skateboard Scene magazine, “the radical read for radical riders.” Enjoy.


Vintage Ads from Skateboard Scene #1

I just added a couple ads to the Vintage Skateboard Mag Ad Gallery. These come from a magazine you’ve likely never heard of titled Skateboard Scene. It’a UK publication, and as such comes with lots of UK-centric companies and products. I love old skateboard ads from the 70’s, and finding this mag made me feel like a kid again. Not necessarily because of the age of the publication, but more because it was filled with all kinds of product I had never seen before. There wasn’t a copyright date anywhere in the magazine, but thanks to VintageSkateboardMagazines.Com I can say it was published in Winter of 1977. This magazine is doubly wacky. It comes with all the usual wackiness of the 70’s and adds the UK skateboarding industry outside perspective. Check out the first two ads in the gallery. Large scan of the cover after the jump.

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Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension #4

View this issue in the  Zines Gallery  or visit the  the archives

Sidewalk Skateboard Mag

S&A in Sidewalk

Skate and Annoy was mentioned in last month’s issue of Sidewalk Mag via Jim Thompson’s Scene Zine column. Thanks for the love from the UK. Some older Scene Zine are archived online if you are looking for more ways to avoid work or school. If Mark and Neil ever find out they don’t need me, I’m sunk.

Rainbow Ground

Reader D.I.Y. from the U.K. This spot first started with something called the rainbow ledge, a curb that kind of looks like a rainbow. It’s apparently mostly a one man operation, or at least it has been in the past. I don’t know where this guy finds all these curved preformed concrete curbs, I want one. There’s some videos after the jump, but you might as well head on over to the Rainbow Ground to catch all the pictures, including construction phases.

– Thanks to G-S-E PC for the tip.

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SOTW 5-9-11: Barnstaple

This week’s Shot of the Week is a Thom Bleasdale photo of Robert Mead at a skatepark in Barnstaple, North Devon. Check it out.

Gnarly Gnome

Asda Superstore, the UK equivalent of a Walmart is selling these skateboarding garden gnomes for £5 a piece, which begs the question, why make a skateboarding garden gnome? Well, why not? I actually think it’s kind of funny, although It would have been better if it looked like a garden variety (ouch) gnome. I’d like him to be less conspicuous, just standing there with his board against his side. Still, if I was in the UK I’d pony up 8 bucks for one of these. I mean. look at this web site… You’re damned right I watermarked that photo.

– Thanks to Andy Turner for the tip.

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