Syck Trix

Like broken glass in the sea, a lot of my sharp edges have been worn down under continuous onslaught. Times have changed, and I no longer burst into laughter when I see things like this skate trainer / ollie trainer called Syck Trix. It’s basically a skateboard with two air bladders replacing the trucks. It’s primarily geared towards little kids and possibly even old men. Syck Trix looks like it came onto market around 2014. It’s really easy to dismiss and ridicule these types of devices, because after all, what better way to learn than actually doing it on a real skateboard? The concept of skateboard training may be foreign to the majority of skaters, but now that parents and kids are seeing guys like Ryan Scheckler, that flying tomato guy, and even Tony Hawk, making a living, many parents and skateboarders are going to find value in something like this. Who can judge the quality of fun that a little kid is having because he used a training device to progress faster than he normally would have?

– Thanks to Boy Ipoh at for the tip.

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Pro Trainer

Another skate trainer to file in the category of probably helpful but extremely unnecessary unless you’re trying to get into the Olympics. Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Gentry’s Pro Trainer.

The Pro Trainer allows you to build confidence in your flip and catch techniques while at the same time add that extra steez in your style before you bring it back to a bolts landing. Creating muscle memory is what skateboarding is all about. The Pro Trainer is perfect for giving you that real deal sensation of what the board feels like coming back to your feet after the flip, the spin, or both. This machine is capable of doing lots of variations of tricks. It has a smooth bearing rotation on all axis points which allows the perfect smoothness while spinning and flipping your board. It’s proudly manufactured in the USA and built to last forever. Certified by the Pro Riders. Once a trainer… always a trainer! If your unable to skate physically due to injury, then have a seat on The Pro Trainer and continue to practice your tricks for hours while watching our Pro Entertrainment Video Rides through various skateparks. Reabilitate your injuries and aches while you relax and slow it down. If it’s rainin… your trainin!

Honestly, this should be a video game controller, but at $2,500, that’s probably not going to fly. I’m willing to trade my virtually NOS NordicTrack for one of these…

– Thanks to Foul Weather Pete for the tip.

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SkaterTrainers are actually a decent idea if you’re into the whole “training” aspect of skateboarding instead of just going out there and doing it. If that’s your mentality (no judgement) then these might be for you. There are plenty of training devices out there for other sports like tennis and baseball, why not skateboarding? One thing setting these apart form other ollie trainers, you can actually sort of roll on these, as seen in one of the videos. So they have the ability to bridge the gap between stationary and moving. Still, $25 bucks seems pricey for four pieces of simple extruded rubber, but they have to pay for all the forms right? Shipping is free right now if you’re curious. I was really ready to lay into these guys when I first saw this a couple weeks ago, but I sat on the post too long and they’ve since removed some absurdly ridiculous content that used to be there. How about a page titled “Your bearings are dangerous” that offered to remedy the situation by selling you the absolute best bearings for a beginner. I think they were ABEC 3 or something. They had a couple other product pages like that with advice on the best wheels for beginners, which they were ready to sell to you. It was shameless, selling generic skateboard components under the guise of safety and performance. It was so over the top, I almost felt they were intentionally trying to be funny. They must have had a change of heart because all those pages are gone now. Not only are the links gone, but I had one page bookmarked and it’s not there anymore… I’m glad they repented, but it’s hard to for them to be credible after that. In the many video “product reviews” it’s amusing to hear “I got my first set of skater trainers” because it sounds like a potty training device. Product shots and videos after the jump.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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Spooner boards. So, uh… these are plastic, I think. They come in a rainbow of colors and two sizes, freestyle and “pro.” Another learning aid. Spendy too. About the same cost as a real board, but I guess you won’t, you know, wear it out. Also available in a snowboard model with built in Krainkers. As Mark said, nobody made it easier for MC to learn how to skateboard.

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Safe New Way to Skateboard

Taking a break from people reinventing the skateboard, here’s the umpteenth take on reinventing skyhooks, ollie bands, straps, etc… Krainkn was “invented” by Kevin Rains – get it? K-rain-kin! Guess what? You’ll never believe this, not in a million years. He’s on kickstarter. What’s actually hard to imagine is the fact that he has allegedly squeezed a patent or two out of this idea that dates back to the 70’s and has even been updated in the last 5 years or so. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it looks fun (shocker!) but come on man, you’re detracting from kickstarter programs that are actually interesting, like the Molecule Synth.

– Thanks to Sarib for the tip.

UPDATE: New videos added since the old one disappeared.

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Wheelbone connected to the…

The Wheelbone is blowing up. I suppose if you are going to go with the training equipment method, this weird rubber device that looks like a marital aid makes more sense than a special set of soft trucks. $20 gets you a sort of board condom that is ribbed for her pleasure. And speaking of marital aids, check out how the logo throbs on the web site. It’s very lewd, yet strangely enticing. Go ahead, it’s OK to experiment while you’re in college. Are you feeling vaguely confused? It might have something to do this inexplicably strange boardslide shot. Seriously. Check out the throbbing Wheelbone logo.

– Thanks to Aaron for the tip. [Source: Skateboarding Sucks]

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Banshee Bungee

I was at a spot recently where I joked that I could have used one of these bungee cord launchers. At Gabriel Park here in Portland there is a love seat on a banked wall. I’ve tried on several occasions to make it over and even come close, but the trouble is, it’s an uphill push. There’s a fine line between loose enough to make it and too tired to get enough speed. Trouble is, if I used a bungee cord to get the speed to make it, I would get much satisfaction from making it. I suppose if you are trying to get a photo or video footage for your sponsor this might make sense, but it rubs me the wrong way. Then again, it looks like it has the makings of a good dork session., and I’m not above using the same technology to launch a glider. Banshee Bungee.

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