Sedro-Woolley Bully

There’s a new skatepark opening about an hour and some change north of Seattle in a town called Sedro-Woolley. The grand opening is Saturday
October 13, 2012. Hey wait, that was two days ago! There’s a facebook page a grainy webcam. Who built this? There’s a Grindline shirt in one of the photos. Lots of construction shots in extended interval time lapse formatfrom Bob Rock.

– Thanks to John Aguilar for the (late) tip.

Indoor en La Tabacalera

An artfully done video of indoor skatepark construction in an old tobacco factory in Madrid, Spain with mostly recycled materials. It’s a bit long but it’s interesting, the soundtrack on middle timelapse section section had me cracking up. Check it out.

– Thanks to Sarib Khalsa for the tip.

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Time Lapse Theater: Show Me Pools backyard project

Chris Lynch turned me on to this St louis area backyard project, the pool that cannot be named:

After hand digging, hand mixing over 650 bags of concrete, hand stacking aforementioned concrete, 63 feet of tile, and 15 different types of coping; the pool that cannot be named has reached completion.

And Actually, that was almost eight months ago. I had this labeled saved as a draft and eventually forgot about it. There are three videos, in order of completion from Show Me Pools, and the middle one is a time lapse movie.

UPDATE: Added another video with skate footage, which is slow motion for some reason. GVK must have been the filmer… Thanks to Tim Jamison.

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Pool build time lapse

A bit of stretch featuring this BMX only facility on Skate and Annoy once, let alone twice, but I’m a sucker for time lapse construction movies, and this spot is cool. Check it out after the jump, some before and during footage, and lots of footage of guys on bike – not skating but still killing it.

– Thanks to MC.

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Childhood dreams come true

My first summer on a skateboard was spent on a yellow plastic banana board with red urethane wheels. Soon after figuring out how to roll down the driveway and make a turn onto the sidewalk, the second order of business was drawing obstacle courses and imaginary hazards with chalk on the driveway. In the late 70’s the idea of the skateboard pinball course was commercialized as the facilites known as Skate-Ball, which seemed like an idea that was kind of silly, though I’m sure fun, but it doesn’t live up to the full potential of the concept. Enter this crazy ramp funded by Moutain Dew in New Zealand. (?) It cost about 500k (New Zealand) and has computerized sensors and software to activate the lights and notes and somehow, the scoring. The whole thing was used for an invite only contest last Saturday but will be open to the public for three weeks afterwards. Massive waste of money? You bet, but If i lived anywhere near that I’d be in line to ride it. Videos after the jump. If you’re still in the mood for more skateboarding obstacle course action, check out this old 2008 post on the Japanese game show Unbeatable Banzuke.

– Thanks to Michel Skart Poulin for the tip.

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Time Lapse Theater: OMSA Bowl

Mixing it up a little in Time Lapse Theater. This week we have the factory bowl wooden pool replica courtesy of Dietches at OMSA. Somewhere in Germany.

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Time Lapse Theater: Bennet Project CO

This installment of Time Lapse Theater is from the Bennett Project, courtesy of Conspiracy Skateboards and featuring the Team Pain crew.

– Thanks to G.J. for the tip.

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Time Lapse Theater: Herman’s Hole

I’m officially starting a new tag. I can watch time lapse videos of skate terrain construction all day long. This one is from Herman’s Hole.

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Time lapse vert ramp

Here’s a quick time lapse video of a modular vert ramp being assembled and ridden for an EA Skate 3 commercial shoot.

[Source: Spohn Ranch]

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