Mondo Gecko is a Shredder

Random guy standing next to me in line at the airport. I believe this is Mondo Gecko from TMNT, wearing a Ramones shirt. Radical!



Insert “Your Llama” Joke

Upscale temporary tattoos from Etsy. Your llama is so fat…

– Thanks to Kris Van Dessel for the tip.


Poor Life Decisions

Zach Friendly gets tattooed by his buddy Rusty. He may make poor life decisions, but at least he’ll get a free t-shirt out of the experience, and his face immortalized on Skate and Annoy. I’m very humbled. Thanks for your support Zach!

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He went to the corner store and never came back

I was standing in the beer aisle in the hipster grocery store and I cracked wise about the 80’s music playing over the PA. It was vacillating between hair bands and pseudo new wave. I guess new wave is a type of hair band as well. The guy stocking the shelves started telling me a story about a DJ playing Journey at a hip hop show when I noticed he had a tattoo with a Rodney Mullen graphic on it. You don’t see too many freestyle tattoos, so I commented on it. Then he shows me his Lance Mountain Future Primitives tattoo on one leg and Grosso graphic on the other. During this exchange I noticed his Green Bay Packers tattoo, which made me think of Wisconsin and the Turf, launching a whole other conversation… We could have shot the shit all night if he didn’t have to get back to work and I didn’t have to get dinner. Nice to meet you Jason!

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Escape and Destroy

An inmate at a minimum-security facility in Watsonville walked away and escaped the grounds Thursday morning and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help finding him.

Stakeout the nearest DIY spot – Case solved. At least he didn’t get a company logo tattooed on his face. – Thanks to Coulter for the tip.

[Source: Kron 4]

DP tattoo

There’s a picture of a tattoo of an iconic photo of Duane Peters on a Swedish skate blog called Old Bastards. No information on whose tattoo it is, I translated all the comments and they’re mostly about when the U.S. Bombs are going to be playing in Sweden.

[Source: OMSA]

Skate and Annoy tattoo

I gotta believe this is coincidence. I’d love to claim inspiration, but I would think if someone got the idea from our zine they would have let us know. This was found in the mugshot section of the Smoking Gun. Don’t get any ideas, an S&A tattoo will get you absolutely nothing but my eternal bewilderment.

– Thanks to Ben Reese for the tip.

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