Skate or Cry

It may be hard to imagine a scenario where Simpsons merchandise would still have hipster cred, but Gummi Venus has managed to pull it off. The Simpsons are heavily played out, but Gummi Venus has created some cool merch. The weird thing is, the entire business model is based on unlicensed products for a TV show that is still active and still has it’s own merchandise. Sure, the Gummy Venus stuff is better, but it would seem like only a matter of time before they get shut down. Anyway, here’s Maggie Simpson riding a skateboard. It’s by far not the best work of Gummy Venus, but it passes.

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ISkate Ikea spoof

Welcoming Session Killer to the site as a new sponsor, that is in no way whatsoever just me with a new paypal account. Help support Skate and Annoy, go buy this shirt that is so clever it will make you want to punch me in the face. If you could buy a miniramp kit from Ikea, you can bet that it would be cheap, look sorta nice, and then fall apart after 6 months. $25 post paid in the USA.


The Surprise in the Collection

There’s some buzz about a large collection of skate memorabilia up for sale, not only because of the size of the collection, but the method and price. Right now the only way to see it is via Instagram. The seller reportedly is asking $125,000 for the entire lot, and is unwilling to break it up piecemeal. So far the seller has not been identified, but the collection includes a statistically abnormal concentration of gear from Skatemaster Tate and Adrian Demain, which may provide some clues. Is this interesting? Yes, but the thing that really fascinates and intrigues me is the inclusion of a mega-rare, but ultimately valueless (except to Neil and myself) Skate and Annoy t-shirt in the middle of the collection. This is probably second iteration of a design that went through 3 changes. The first batch was screen printed in a house on a makeshift rig with water based inks printed on cheap Hanes undershirts bought in 3 packs at local discount warehouse/clearance type of store. I imagine I screened less than 2 dozen. The version in this collection is likely the second iteration, and may have been printed on slightly higher quality shirts, but again, would have been limited to two or three dozen total.

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Skaters Against Homophobia

I saw a color version of this floating around Facebook, so I tried to track down the original which it turns out was done by Ben Jensen, and was not a specific response to sad events in Orlando. It’s been out for at least 9 months, and you can get them at Antique Skate as well as No Gods No Masters.


This old shirt

This is a cool old tracker shirt. Producing halftones was a mechanical process back in the day. It took skill and training to be able to do it correctly. Not sure if this is 70’s or 80’s era. Probably early 80’s at the latest.


Master Blasters

Licensed Masters of the Universe prodcuct via Threadless. I never cared for that cartoon, but I can appreciate a good remix. Skeletor and She-Ra on a skateboard. She-Ra has som custom Air Jordans.

– Thanks to Pig City for the tip.

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Comin’ in hot!

Not only hot, but hot and gross, as in Gross Graphics.


McDonalds Skateboard Club

Join the McDonalds skateboard club! The age of this shirt is unknown, but the style and fashion says 80’s to me. The seller claims this was sold in a Sears store, which seems highly unlikely, or at least unusual. I can’t ever remember seeing fast food branded clothing sold at a department store.

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Buckwheat Lasek

It’s the Buckwheat B. Rad O-Tay Skate Club T-shirt. I can’t read a copyright date on this, but it was surely produced after Eddie Murphy popularized the “O-tay” saying in his portrayals of Buckwheat on SNL. Those Buckwheat skits aired from 1981-1984, and forever on reruns. Two cast members are making the most of the u-shaped slide, but Buckwheat is getting the short end of the stick with that bent freestyle board. This appears to be officially licensed “Our Gang” merchandise.

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