Miami Art Week – Infinity Plaza

As part of Miami Arts Week, Mana Common has sponsored Infinity Plaza, which is a skateable art installation by Andrew Schoultz. It’s a permanent installation, although some of it appears to be made out of wood, so we all know how long that’s going to last. It opened on December 1st, so if you are in the Miami neighborhood (Mana Wynwood Convention Center 2217 NW 5th Avenue) you can check it out. If not, check out some pictures of the installation after the jump. The wall that looks like the tank has blasted hole through it has an interesting quality. It almost looks photoshopped in most of the pictures, but the detail view reveals it’s just a trick of the eye cause by high contrast decoration.

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Another Random Chicago Spot Check

Bridge launch ramp and/or bank in Chicago. Watch out for those bolts. Someone point me to a skate photo of a spot like this.


Pop Up Launch Ramp

This traffic stopping barrier in an alley in downtown Chicago can be raised and lowered. When raised, it’s almost got more of a wall jam or pole jam angle than than a launch ramp. Still, it’s got potential. It would be funny if they had to put skate stoppers on a car stopper.

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Midwest Skateboard Terrorists from the 80’s

Here’s an excellent time capsule of skateboard harassment from a local Springfield Illinois news channel concerning a proposed ban on skateboarding downtown. Local business and civic leaders speak out against “skateboard terrorists” in advance of the ban, which ultimately passed. The video was digitized from a decrepit old VHS tape, so there are tracking issues and the sound doesn’t always sync right, but it’s still a good watch. One of the skateboarders makes a reasonable request for a public skatepark to serve the needs of the population, and they did get one after only 25 years.

– Thanks to Nick Rudd for the tip.

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Red star for you

House of Neil spotted this not-made-for-skate terrain outside Macy’s in Schaumburg. Looks… like so much fun, and not even marked yet. Let the countdown to skatestoppers begin.


Love Lost

They mayor of Philadelphia lifted the ban on skateboarding in Love Park for a handful of days in advance of the whole thing being torn down for a complete overhaul. So while the gesture was definitely appreciated by the locals and many people who travelled hours to get a session in, let’s not kid ourselves. If it wasn’t being demolished, the skateboarders wouldn’t have gotten any concessions. Red Bull produced a video, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s only 2 minutes long. This really pushes the old adage that something is better than nothing. Is almost nothing better than nothing?

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Random Spot Check: Oregon Zoo Edition

The Oregon Zoo has been doing some architectural landscaping and exhibit re-design. I’m pretty sure this is a bust, even if you pay your $12 to get in.


Tony Hawk Foundation Auctions

There’s an auction group online benefiting the Tony Hawk Foundation. Alongside opportunities to hang out at the Tony Hawk headquarters or have a Birdhouse session, there are also some items from Tony’s personal collection. The standout gem is Tony’s 2nd place trophy From the 1989 Savanah Slamma II, signed of course.


This month’s roundup of gratuitous Portland Timbers references

On the left we have Jeep Renegade skateboard themed advertising on the SB Nation network of sports related blogs, this time seen on Stumptown Footy, the one dedicated to the Portland Timbers. On the bus ride home from the Timbers match in Seattle yesterday I noticed these giant, highly skateable curbs at the Toutle River Rest Area on I-5 South.

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