Shred the Lard

Shred the Lard with Bacon Skateboards at Baconfest in Portland on Saturday, September 8th. It’s an 80’s style “streetstyle” contest with rails and a spine. $5 to enter, winner takes all. Will there be a jalopy as well? I hope so. I think it was actually illegal to hold a street contest without a beat up old car on the course for a year or two there. Remember streetsyle? The layout may not have been “authentic” street, but you can be damned sure the trucks on the trophies weren’t backwards.

Footloosed on Saturday

Check out the Unheard Skate Supply indoor facility (formerly known as SE Indoor thing) that I keep forgetting to post pictures of. Why, it’s a session and a Bacon Skateboards video on Saturday, May 19th at 1913 SE Haig street in Portland. Sponsor Luv.

Sponsor Luv: Travis Augustine for Merde

Merde-y Merde merde. Travis Augustine flows on flow in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Holy cow, I guess the skatepark is still open. What’s the sitch, Egbert? “M.” “ake.” “Make.”

Sponor Luv: Rip City – Skate for free!

Skate and Annoy welcomes Rip City Skate to the site as a sponsor, so that means we’re going all longboarding, all the time! Just kidding. Rip City Skate has been in Portland since 2009 and focuses primarily on local Portland brands. “Rip City Skate supports local riders, events, and brands with the intention of promoting the Portland skate scene on a global level. Our crew destroys every type of terrain from street to downhill and we encourge all skateboarders to SKATE EVERTHING!” And by “everything” they even mean the shop. The bowl adjacent to the shop is now free to skate “while supplies last.” It may be torn down at the end of the month, so get some while you can. Here’s another view from the flipside. If you can’t make it to Portland,, Rip City does internet sales too.

[Photos: Earth Patrol Media]

Sponsor Luv: Merde in Battle Ground

A day in Battle Ground with Merde Sakteboards:

Jesse McDowell with some local BG skaters: Austin, Chris, and Old School Ken. Didn’t catch Austin’s buddie’s name, and I don’t know if people call Ken “Old School Ken”, but it seemed like he needed a nickname. Who doesn’t. I always wanted a cool nickname like “Skeeter”, or “Tony Bologna”, even though my name isn’t Tony. Either way, nice day in late October, so HAVE to take advantage of that, and BG is just that fun.

Catch it after the jump.

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Sponsor Luv: Cold War welcomes Gabe Stoltz

Cold War Skateboards welcomes Gabe Stolz to their team, and thanks Adam Perez for the video. Check it out after the jump.

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Sponsor Luv: Totally Evil…sort of.

Merde Skateboards is Totally Evil…sort of. Southern Oregon skating and some Shasta City too. Video after the break. Say your prayers.

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Sponsor Luv: Jesse McDowell on Merde

Jesse McDowell works a mean trowel and rides for Merde. Egbert had this to say:

Jesse has been riding for us for about 5 months now, I think. Whenever he was in town, we’d try and get some filiming in, but he’s a pretty busy guy…building parks and what not. Either way, welcome aboard Mr. McDowell! We’re happy to have you as part of the family.

Catch the sponsor luv after the jump.

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Sideways Sponsor Luv

Midwest tour from Lifeblood Skateboards. These guys are rulers. Check it out, let them crash on your couch. The per diem is pretty slim. Technically not a sponsor of the site, but have I mentioned how much I like Johnny Turgesen? And Midwest uber alles.

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