SOTW: Christian Hosoi

This week’s Shot of the Week (Who am I kidding? It should be “Shot of the Month”) is from Lorrie Palmos. Nostalgia is great, but moves like this never go out of style.This shot made me smile while wading through a sea of noise on Facebook.

SOTW 6-11-12: Tony Besabe in Stuart, Florida

This week’s Shot of the Week comes from Ben Warren courtesy of Octopus Manufacturing, home of the Goat Ramp. (Stands for Goes On A Trailer.) It’s a kick flip by Tony Besabe in the heart of Stuart, Florida. if Stuart could talk, what would he say?

SOTW 10-24-11: Chris White at Burnside

This week’s Shot of the Week comes from Micah Breshears, and it’s Chris White, as seen at Burnside. Much better on the enlarge-o-rama.

SOTW 12-20-10: Alex Schuurmans

You can tell by the infrequency of the SOTW updates that it’s not a high priority. So it’s by that token that the same photographer has the shot two “weeks” in a row, more like a month. When I saw this shot of Alex Schuurmans hitting nose sliding the banister inside of Rip City I had to jump on it. It’s another Dabe Alan shot. Alex Schuurman is supposed to be on the flow team at Merde. What’s the holdup Egbert? Move this kid up to the next level or someone else will, like maybe the company who makes those nice looking boards immediately on the other side of the stairs. Check out this week’s Shot of the Week.


Shot of the Week 6-22-09: Downhill bomb

This week’s Shot of the Week is Casey Morrow bombing a hill in the Dalles, Oregon, on something called the Skyline. Holy cow, it’s a guy on an extended wheelbase skateboard doing downhill on Skate and Annoy. Guess what haters, it’s all SKATEBOARDING! This is a cropped version of Carl Warren’s original photo. Check out the full frame Shot of the Week.

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