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As a rule, if I decide to post a product release video, you’ll find it off the main page in odds and ends section known as Broken Kingpins. It has to have pretty bombastic footage or be highly entertaining to make to the font page. This 3 minute clip featuring Silas Baxter-Neal from Adidas made me laugh, and so here it is.

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Who’s Goofy?

I’m combining two goofy posts into one, featuring Goofy and Mike V. Who you calling goofy? I’m certainly not calling you goofy, Mr Vallely, Sir. What we have here are two items that are only marginally related at best, because they both feature the Disney character known as Goofy. There’s a glutton of Goofy products with skateboards, only one of which I’ve featured here before. I’ve got others on deck though. (I slay myself…) On the left, original artwork and press proofs for an 80’s era Aladin lunchbox featuring Goofy and the gang at a skatepark. On the right, someone auctioned off Mike V’s season pass to Disneyland.

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Milk, Milk, Lmnade

LMNADE is a design-driven lifestyle brand specializing in fashion and hard good products that focuses on vintage beach/boardwalk culture.

“Roll, Bounce, Skate.” – The Lmnade brand is aimed at young women who want to roller-skate, skateboard, and bounce? They actually have a couple of cool novelty boards and some cruisers, plus roller skirts. To promote the product they use lots of lifestyle girls doing everything with a skateboard that you could think of, as along as all you can think of is sitting on them and holding them, and not you know, actually skateboarding.

You know, I often think about trying to add female voice to the staff here at S&A, but seeing as how I keep posting stuff like this, I don’t know that anyone would want to.

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Hobby King Helicopter

Hobby King wants to sell you a Quanum Nova RC helicopter so you can shoot skate videos and other Extreme™! footage. They’ve got a demo video, but curiously, the skate footage appears to be mostly stable shots with little tracking.

– Thanks to Rich for the tip.

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SkatersTape, it may not go up to 11, but is has the word “skater” right in the product name, so you know it’s going to work better than something like duct tape. It starts at $6 a roll, and if you buy in bulk you can get a case of 12 rolls at a discount for just $6 a roll. SkatersTape is so dedicated to passing the savings on to you that they’re using the same 2 recycled low res action photos on every page. If you forget where to buy it, just scan the handy QR code infinitely repeated on the roll, like a modern day version of the Gator graphic… Just squint your eyes. Do you remember Gator? Do you remember QR codes? “If you use skaters tape every time you skate, you can keep your shoes looking like new.” Could they make such a bold claim if it weren’t true? After extensive testing we found that SkatersTape did indeed keep our shoes looking like brand new shoes covered in obnoxious duct tape. But why stop there? Why not make an entire pair of shoes out of SkatersTape? How about a wallet to hold your credit cards so you can order more SkatersTape. Make an iPhone case to aid in scanning the QR code for the web site. While you’re at it, fashion a pair of skinny jeans so you don’t wear out the ass and knees when bailing on all those 20 stairs. OLD man GVK keeps his vert shoes on life support for years, and with SkatersTape he’ll be able to stretch that to decades.

– Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Skate Crate by Blockhead

Dave Bergthold started Blockhead skateboards in his garage in 1985. Since then he’s had a kid, worked on the TV show Built to Shred and had a minor relaunch of Blockhead handful of years ago. While there are bigger plans for the Blockhead brand in the works, Bergthold just is launching a new project called the Skate Crate via Kickstarter. It’s an updated version of the fruit crate scooter, the forefather of the skateboard. It’s essentially a vintage styled cruiser with a removable crate and handle bars attached. There are three graphics available, blue you have the option to design and build your own. Because it’s a Kickstarter project, there are some cool incentives to donate, including Blockhead t-shirts and a great looking cruiser in it’s own right.

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Merchandising of memory

The two works are Unknown Pleasures and Closer. And that’s it. Everything else, is merchandising. Merchandising of memory.

Chances are,if you see anything with the name Joy Division on it that isn’t music, a book or a movie, it’s a bootleg. The quote above is from the 2007 documentary Joy Division which you can (and should) watch for free on Hulu, at least for now. The quote appears in the last few minutes of the film and the speaker is off camera so I’m not sure who it is. The image of a Joy Division inspired skateboard is superimposed over a famous band photo for a few brief seconds during the quote, which I thought was an unusual choice. It could have been used as commentary on Joy Division’s cultural appeal spanning the decades from the 70’s to the new millennium, implying the music is still modern. They might have chosen a skateboard because it looked more interesting than a bootleg t-shirt. Then again, maybe the skateboard in question was designed by an astronomy fan.

REVISION: The Hacienda sells licensed Joy Division coffee cups. Err… right.

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It has always been my dream to bring you the latest in 2007 cellphone skateboarding technology. Remember flip phones? This unauthorized Gator wrap. comes from Skinit. I think this came from Danimal, but I have no idea. Once again, going through an attachments folder for an email program I no longer have. A portion of the proceeds made from each sale will go to people with no social conscious.


Sweet Cheeks

Bali Batik Boyshort from Sweet Cheeks, a company that isn’t designed to give dudes a reason to photograph girls in their underwear, it’s run by two time Olympic medalist snowboarder Hannah Teter. Sure, you may have seen her in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but she’s also a social activist. At least 40% of each panty sold by Sweet Cheeks is given to charity. Above, that’s Burton team rider Gabi Viteri. Sweet Cheeks is based in Portland BTW.

– Thanks to Joey for the tip.

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