Party Dude

It’s a hamburger riding a a skateboard that I’m pretty sure is a pickle. This drawstring bag was spotted in the cheapo section at Target.

Syck Trix

Like broken glass in the sea, a lot of my sharp edges have been worn down under continuous onslaught. Times have changed, and I no longer burst into laughter when I see things like this skate trainer / ollie trainer called Syck Trix. It’s basically a skateboard with two air bladders replacing the trucks. It’s primarily geared towards little kids and possibly even old men. Syck Trix looks like it came onto market around 2014. It’s really easy to dismiss and ridicule these types of devices, because after all, what better way to learn than actually doing it on a real skateboard? The concept of skateboard training may be foreign to the majority of skaters, but now that parents and kids are seeing guys like Ryan Scheckler, that flying tomato guy, and even Tony Hawk, making a living, many parents and skateboarders are going to find value in something like this. Who can judge the quality of fun that a little kid is having because he used a training device to progress faster than he normally would have?

– Thanks to Boy Ipoh at for the tip.

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ISkate Ikea spoof

Welcoming Session Killer to the site as a new sponsor, that is in no way whatsoever just me with a new paypal account. Help support Skate and Annoy, go buy this shirt that is so clever it will make you want to punch me in the face. If you could buy a miniramp kit from Ikea, you can bet that it would be cheap, look sorta nice, and then fall apart after 6 months. $25 post paid in the USA.


Stay Fresh Pony Boy

Stay Fresh Air Enhancements has some skateboard imagery in their line up of auto air fresheners. They have traditional scents like cherry, Piña Colada, and sandalwood, and in the case of the Fred Smith “Loud Ones” logo, something called Blood, Sweat, and Beers. The only thing missing from this line up is a set of double capped Pro-designs with leopard skin spandex that smells like pad-rot.

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2015 Powell Christmas Ornaments

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, what are you doing reading this web site when you should be out there winning the battle against ISIS/Daesh through buying Christmas ornaments with skateboarding graphics on them? On Veterans Day you can say you fought with the Bones Brigade.


Sector 9 has baggage

Sector 9’s new Schlepp Tote kinda sorta did something cool with the wheels. It almost looks like a real skateboard wheel, but not quite. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the lathing looks weird and the axle nut is funky. They should have just used a standard wheel and an axle with the same lock nut used on a truck. Yeah, yeah, expenses…


Dome shot

It’s Earth Day, so if you want to listen to your old 7″ singles you might consider picking up one of these 45 Dome Shots, a collaboration with Maple XO and John Cardiel. Earth day?? This should have been a collab for Record Store Day.

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Local Oregon boy makes good, breaks my heart

Kevin Kowlaski has a new pro wheel model with Bones. My heart isn’t really broken, I’m just slightly bummed out because I’ve been sitting on an “Oregon Skate Parks” graphic that riffs on our Oregon State Parks logo for three years now. Then one day I walk into a skate shop and see that Kowalski’s model on Lifeblood beat me to it. I’m more of an ideas man than an action man…

I haven’t even watched the video yet, but it’s not even a limb that I have to go out on when I say prepare to be stoked.

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McDonalds Skateboard Club

Join the McDonalds skateboard club! The age of this shirt is unknown, but the style and fashion says 80’s to me. The seller claims this was sold in a Sears store, which seems highly unlikely, or at least unusual. I can’t ever remember seeing fast food branded clothing sold at a department store.

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