Portland hates CCS?

The Willamette Week has a piece on the acquisition and relocation of mail order giant CCS by local Portland business Daddies Board Shop. The title of the article and accompanying video, “Portland’s Skate Community Isn’t Stoked for CCS” is a little misleading, as if there is a broad outcry when there likely isn’t even a broad awareness. In fact, of the three businesses interviewed besides Daddies, one had nothing negative to say, and the other two were skateshop owners that were pretty reserved, more or less of the opinion that it will have no real effect on the the Portland skate scene, or even their businesses. This is a position I agree with, as I mentioned back in December. Bringing the physical location of CCS to Portland is likely to have zero impact on local businesses. The really big news here is that Daddies owner Darren Horowitz looks like a Seth Rogan impersonator! (More editorial and the video after the jump.)

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5 Days of Ohio: Loyalty to Fickle Skateboards

This is day 3 of 5 Days of Ohio posts – for no particular reason. This came in from reader Jeff Haynes:

When I think of Ohio, I think of G.S.D., Donnie Humes and Smelly Curb Zine, the Dayton Visitor’s center, and most recently Fickle Skateboards. What makes this Cincinnati skate “company” different is that Lew Ross is known to drive to Canada to pick up veneers, presses his boards in his workshop, and does all production work d.i.y. from pressing to printing to shipping.

It looks like Fickle has been around since 2009. Even while early boards were made by Pennswood, the DIY spirit was still going in those early trucker hats that look like the logo was spray painted on with a stencil. Fast forward to today, and Everything is done in-house, even the pressing and screen printing of the boards.

Still need suggestions for 5 Days of Ohio.

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Remember 50 on 50? 40 Year Old Janitor does 40 Mini-Ramp Tricks at Jolly Roger Skateboards.

I just reached the big 4-0 so I figured I would see what 40 tricks I could pull off on our mini-ramp last night. Warning: there are no McTwists or flip tricks in this video. I am really not much of a Birthday person but if you want to give me a gift come by and buy yourself something nice from the shop.

– Thanks to Tim Jamison for the tip.

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Rip City PDX grand re-opening

Rip City Skate grand reopening on Friday. This thing should be skateable by then. Yeah, it’s a blurry cell phone shot, sorry. Maybe there’s something to those Nokia commercials. The new location is kind of accross the street from Jiffy Lube. It’s basically a half a block south of NE 33rd and Sandy Blvd.

UPDATE: Added a little video of the event.

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New Sponsor Luv: Skate Farm

Merde Skatebaords corporate bigwig Mike Egbert hates Portland, and everyone who skates there. That’s why he’s moving back to Klamath Falls. Actually that’s not true. He is moving, but he loves Portland. He had this to say about his new venture:

Basically, I’m just trying to establish a skateshop in Klamath. I’m just starting out with an online shop so kids down there can see what is available, as I’ll probably be selling gear out of my car until I can get a retail space going. I’m from there so I want to help their scene however I can. There are a lot of ripping skaters in Southern Oregon. I’d like to just help those dudes get some coverage/due. I’ve never ran a store, so I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I think I’ll learn pretty quick. I’ll just try and focus on what unheard carries, for the time being. Once i get established, i want to bring in more brands that i’m stoked on. i’m a big skate nerd, so i’m partial to particular brands.

Skate Farm is a good name, lends itself to all kinds of imagery. I don’t know how Mr deep pockets is going to swing it, he’s already into S&A for tow separate advertising accounts. Also, be forewarned if Egbert ever asks you to film something there’s a good chance you’ll get injured.

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GVK #57: Shrunken Head

Mike And Justin succeed where few have. The have been in the skate retail business for 5 years know. According to the Government. If you can stay in business that long you are a success. Well no matter what the government or Shaun White says I like these guys. All though I have only spent an average of maybe 10 dollars a year there. They are a hit with the skate crowd. Tune Drop out and spend some money here… Help start the economy and buy something GVK Out

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Toxic Summer

Toxic Skate in Vancouver is having a summer kick of bash this Saturday. It’s indoors so even though summer is still MIA from Portland, you can still skate. Saturday, June 19th, 3-11pm.

Sidewalk Surfer

I found this great flyer somewhere on the Interwebs™, but my spotlight comments got wiped out so I can’t credit the source. I’m sorry, so sorry… that I was, such a fool. I think this is from the early 70’s.

UPDATE: Sidewalk Surfer is online. The web site says they’ve been in business since 1977


Foiled by clowns

Rip City’s indoor bowl is almost finished, but the sessions are not going to flow freely until an arrangement is reached with the next door neighbors. It seems like the construction and skating is just too much noise for the business that shares a wall with them. What sort of business needs a cap on the decibel levels? Are they doctors, lawyers or accountants? It turns out the spoil sports operate a juggling supplies operation with mostly online sales. Nope, you heard right. Skateboarders are disturbing the jugglers. At this point in the post I’d like to publicly heckle my friend Shawn Fendick for owning juggling supplies and a unicycle. Am I some sort of clown that amuses you? Yes.

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