It’s Getting Weird

Normally I might push this post off to the Broken Kingpins section without comment but the Tubuloids video for It’s Getting Weird connected with me on a primal level. I think GVK missed his calling. Their album on Beer City Records doesn’t come out until October, but you can preorder it now.

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Wheezing Maniac – Complete Discography

I can imagine that a lot of people (including myself) waited for a release like this by Wheezing Maniac, an obscure band out of San Diego that was featured on the soundtrack for H-Street´s Hokus Pokus video with two songs (“Dollar on a platter” and “Don´t come close”). Sadly, this is NOT an LP or CD release, but just a bunch of audio files that can be downloaded via iTunes and probably some other sources. It´s just my guess that this is the complete discography of the band, and hopefully it´s authorized.

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crossfires out of control cd

THE CROSSFIRES – Santa and the Sidewalk Surfer (1964)

To be honest, I am not a big fan of Christmas songs, but this one is different. THE CROSSFIRES recorded this novelty kinda tune in late 1964. It´s a story about a shopping-mall Santa and a little boy with a huge list of things he wants for Christmas, but listen for yourself.

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The Coastliners – Big Mike, the Sidewalk Surfer (1965)

The first half of the 1960s were the hey-days for Surf Music with a high percentage of bands being from California. Many of those bands also wrote songs about Skateboarding or what then was known as “Sidewalk Surfing” (I counted about 30 releases so far from that era, including bands from other genres). But there were also bands from such “exotic” places like Texas.

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Hot Lunch: She Wants More

New video from San Francisco’s Hot Lunch for the song She Wants More. Catch it after the jump.

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Piccola Pupa – The Skate Board Song [1965]

Thanks to the Facebook-Site “Skateboarding Hall o Fame” for finding that rare video from 1965, featuring italian-born Piccola Pupa on the microphone and Wendy Bull on the skateboard.

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jfa detail

JFA Skateboards

Do you remember the catalogues that came with the old JFA records? Most of them also offered JFA skateboards in various sick shapes. I always wanted one of those, but they don´t pop up that often nowadays and I am pretty sure that I don´t want / can´t afford an original one. Read more

The Raging Peasants cover small

The Raging Peasants – Ballad of the headless skateboarder 7“

Sometimes it´s really weird what kinda artists recorded songs about skateboarding or let´s say at least with a connection to skateboarding.

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Big Boys on NPR

You won’t learn anything new about the Big Boys here, but it’s noteworthy that NPR picked up on the re-release of Industry Standard.

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