Unreasonable Expectations

Thank you, private property owner, for greatly overestimating my skills, and indeed the skills of most of the skateboarding population, when it came time for you to decide whether or not this ledge needed to be skate-stoppered. That’s very kind of you, I couldn’t possibly. You’re too kind.

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They’ll skatestopper anything

Since you can still ollie onto the transition, I have to assume this skatestopper in Portland near Providence Park was installed to prevent 12″ rail slides, so I’m probably the only one this would dissuade.


Reagan Lives

On a recent east coast sweat safari,the GVK’s had a 6 hour layover at Reagan International in D.C., so we hopped the Metro and headed to see the sights. As we exited the Metro station Jack spotted a rad little skate spot with a federal government-sized skate stop. This did not deter him from trying to skate it, even though it was really close to the guard tower. One of the guards actually said, “He’s pretty good. How old is he?” I’m always surprised with what Jack gets away with from airport terminals to the Holocaust museum. If you and I tried to ride the places he rode, House Speaker John Boehner would have us thrown into Git-mo. Barge and Destroy – GVK

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I went to college

A college somewhere in Seattle. Kind of funny that they’d rather bolt on a bunch of chunks of aluminum and spray paint a stencil on this ledge than let someone skate it.

Skate stoppers on a jersey barrier?

On the way to pier 62 in new york, this caught my eye. An attempt to skate proof a jersey. Now I have seen it all

– Thanks to Kevin Cann for the tip.


I was at a children’s birthday party (you know, looking for dates) that was outside. I noticed one of the skate stoppers was a little loose, so as I sat there and made polite small talk I just kept wiggling. After I got it home I rummaged through a pile of allen wrenches I had left over from assorted trips to Ikea. It turns out I had a handful of them that were the right size. I tried to rig up a drill to make a small hole in the tip to accommodate the nipple (Hee hee!) but I couldn’t get it to work. All my bits were already chewed up and I couldn’t make a purchase in the small end. Somewhere, someone i China is manufacturing theses modified allen wrenches. Finding them on the internet is like looking for a needle in a haystack . I may give it another go with a new drill bit. Until then, Enlarge-o-rama.

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Upscale skate stoppers

Spotted outside the Rose Garden Arena in Portland. At least it doesn’t look as crappy as the metal ones.

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