Skate or Cry

It may be hard to imagine a scenario where Simpsons merchandise would still have hipster cred, but Gummi Venus has managed to pull it off. The Simpsons are heavily played out, but Gummi Venus has created some cool merch. The weird thing is, the entire business model is based on unlicensed products for a TV show that is still active and still has it’s own merchandise. Sure, the Gummy Venus stuff is better, but it would seem like only a matter of time before they get shut down. Anyway, here’s Maggie Simpson riding a skateboard. It’s by far not the best work of Gummy Venus, but it passes.

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Skateboard Stomp

Bart Simpson skateboard sightings are a dime a dozen. The best part about this ticket-spewing, foot-operated version of the classic electronic game Simon is the supporting Simpsons cast members on skateboards. Milhouse and Martin are flailing as can be expected, but check out Nelson’s confident, tuck-knee style. Current bid is only $100, but that 300lb shipping weight is a buzzkill.

– Thanks to Josh at Beach Party Attitude for the tip.

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Krusty Kills it!

Bart Simpson rides a skateboard. Yes that’s the oldest of skateboarding in pop culture news, but this shot of Krusty the Clown jumping Springfield Gorge is a major scoop. I don’t think you understand the magnitude of this discovery people! I’m starting my Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech tonight! Bonus Simpsons detritus after the jump, including DVDs and fingerboards.

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Back to the Futurama

Two of the best animated shows ever. Family Guy… meh. It has it’s moments, but it’s not in the same class as these two. This is actually part of a panel from a Fururama comic book where the Futurama cast is trapped in a Simpson’s comic book by evil floating brains. I found this over at Insane Journal after getting sidetracked while doing a image search for Stella Stevens on a skateboard. It was a fruitless search, but I did find illustrations of Fry and Bart Simpson skateboarding together. There’s even a Back to the Future plug. Let’s analyze that. A real movie reference in a comic book that takes place inside the universe of a different comic book. Now if only there was a skateboard in The Venture Brothers.

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Bart Bling

I don’t know much about this possibly diamond encrusted Bart Simpson pedant found over at the DJ Mobeatz blog, except that it’s attached to a free download for a fabulous hip hop track by Gucci Mane. It’s so great I can’t stand to listen to it.

– Thanks to Chris Gannon for the tip.


Per Welinder reference or coincidence?

Episode 21 of season 20 of the Simpsons, titled “Coming to Homerica” aired last Sunday night. I didn’t catch it, but fortunately Jake Ferranti, AKA Jakeandannoy tipped me off. About 10 minutes into the episode on Norwegian immigrant paranoia, Bart and Milhouse encounter some Ogdenville skaters of Norwegian descent. Jake thought this might have been a tip of the hat to Per Welinder, but Per is from Sweden, so who knows. Maybe it was a nod to the European ski jumpers and not freestylers.

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