A History of Skateshoes

Simple Footwear presents a brief history of skate shoes. Yes, the timeline goes past 1997. It’s a pretty lightweight history, certainly no Made for Skate, but is interesting in that a Simple shoe does not appear on that timeline, and they paid a guy to make vector illustrations of 44 shoes from other companies.


Fly Paper Vans Reissue

I was never a fan of these, but you sure did see a lot of them. The Madrid Flypaper version of Vans hi-tops have been re-released. As recently as 2014, an original pair of Madrid Flypaper Vans in a different color way sold for $2200!

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DC Dumps Dyrdek

As part of QuikSilver’s bankruptcy restructuring, DC shoes is dropping Rob Dyrdek as well as it’s entire BMX team. For the longest time Dyrdek’s name has almost been synonymous with DC. Is it like Nike declining to deal with Michael Jordan? Is it interesting? What does that mean for skateboarding? Absolutely nothing.

[Source: Ride via Shop Eat Surf]


“To elongate the endurance of a skate shoe”

Before you get your panties in a bunch, this is just a concept for a removable ollie guard for your shoes, kind of like those old Totes™ brand rubbers my dad made me put on my dress shoes as a kid when it was raining. Unlike a lot of the other concepts in Benjamin Beck’s, it looks like he might have actually made at least one of them. I say “might” because he might be as skilled with Photoshop as he is with whatever 3D modeling package he uses.

– Thanks to Boy Ipoh for the tip.


Gali shoes skate frog from Israel

At first glance you might assume this was a poorly illustrated millennium era skateboarding frog wearing sandals no less. It looks like there are hub caps, which could either be a half-assed reference material used for the illustration, or actual wheel covers which existed on some clay wheel era Nash boards and were also sold as separate accessories in the 70’s. (Ad link coming later). Then I looked at the (long expired) auction info for this poster and it was in the 1950-1979 subcategory of shoes, so there you have it. My guess is early 70’s. Gali was/is a chain of stores in Israel that also manufactures it’s own shoes. According to Hadassah Magazine, besides making skate sandals for frogs, they are also the sole (har, har) supplier of boots to the Israeli military.


Kickers Skateboard Team Sticker

Kickers looks like it was the 70’s equivalent of Sketchers, only slightly more hip. May not be anthropologically qualified to make that statement, so I depend on UK readers to chip in here. Although that is Rod Stewart in heyday, who was much cooler than Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling, Britney Spears and even Wayne Gretzky. It’s unclear whether the Kickers shoe brand ever had an actual skateboard team considering the lack of functionality in those high heeled shoes that look more at home on Slade or Rod Stewart than they do on anyone riding a skateboard. They did have a sticker though.

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Adidas Skateboarding Silas ADV

As a rule, if I decide to post a product release video, you’ll find it off the main page in odds and ends section known as Broken Kingpins. It has to have pretty bombastic footage or be highly entertaining to make to the font page. This 3 minute clip featuring Silas Baxter-Neal from Adidas made me laugh, and so here it is.

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Disposable, yet Indispensable

Disposable, the definitive book on the skateboard graphics is about to be released 10 years after it’s original print date. There is no difference in this edition from the previous edition, but this also marks the first time the book has been in print for 4 years. How do you celebrate this? Well you could buy the book (everyone should have it), or you can buy the Disposable Nike Dunk Disposable shoe. If pre-Hosoimas commercialism has got you down, you can read this Chris Nieratko interview with Sean Cliver on Vice. I’d send you over to Cliver’s blog, but it looks like he hasn’t updated it in a couple of years. He’s active on Twitter though.

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Nostalgia Wars

Now that Disney owns the franchise, Star Wars merchandise is in every… well I guess it’s always been heavily merchandised. Two major skateboard brands in one year though, that’s highly saturated. Now you can put on a pair of Star Wars themed Vans while riding your Star Wars themed skateboard. They made a video commercial to promote it, I don’t know if it’s airing anywhere besides the interwebs, but the best part is all the cameos. In fact, lets list them in the comments, shall we? Just leave the running time and the personality in the comments, one lucky skate-archaeologist will win a free Star Wars themed Skate and Annoy T-shirt, which is to say a regular Skate and Annoy t-shirt that my dog slept on, leaving the impression that a Wookie wore it. Ok, that last bit can be optional. I’ll send you a clean one if you want. You can enter as many times as you want, one cameo per time code, and no repeats please. If somebody is called out already then that person won’t be counted again. The commercial is well enough done, although they probably should have been set in in 1977 or 78 instead of 1980 to be more historically accurate.

UPDATE: I’ll take historical inaccuracies as well as cameos for entry into the t-shirt drawing.

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