Hubbard Homestead Skatespot in Seattle

Steve Ping from shot some photos of the newly completed Hubbard Homestead Skate Spot located at 11203 5th Ave NE in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. It’s still behind fences and the official grand opening is allegedly December 5th. It looks like Newline is credited wight the design concepts. There’s a firm in charge of the larger park complex, but I’m not sure who built the skate spot, as Washington law somehow prohibits a design and build situation. Bobcat says this spot has been in the works for 5 years. Hubbard Skate Spot backs up against a Target store, so if you forget your pads, helmet, or skateboard, you can run right in and buy it.

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Show me your deck in Seattle

Local Seattle artists using the skateboard deck as a canvas. Opens August 14, 6-10 PM at True Love Art and Tattoo with DJ Fistfight and “refreshments.” Show runs through September 7th.

Featured Artists: John Cristcitello, Kerstin Graudins, Scott Dalrymple, narboo, Claudio Duran, Starheadboy, Carolyn Hitt, Dave Enriquez, Benjamin Hubbard, Clifton Yates, Scarlet Luartes, Jesse Narens, Aaron Winnenberg, Jason Middleton, Chris Summerville, Chad Ronilo, Rhodora Jacob, TattooBeetle, Joey McChan, Ian Duca, Christopher Hunter, Ksera, Carlos Aguilar and several others.

– Thanks to Heidi for the tip.


Advantage in

Spotted on a public tennis court in Seattle, not to far from the college.


SOTW 3-25-13: Seattle Vert

This weeks Shot of the Week is near and dear to old GVK’s heart. It’s Payton Moriarity wearing the vert mantle and forging ahead for the youth of skateboarding. It brought a tear to Steve’s eye, mostly because he realized he’ll never be that good. Full frame after the jump, bonus shots at Cold War Skateboards. Photos by Marshall “Stack” Reid.

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The best art causes pain or mental anguish

From the upcoming Bumbershoot music festival in Seattle, a scheduled art installation called ‘Skaters Gauntlet’:

W. Scott Trimble’s sculptural installation is a fantastic obstacle course that includes a 360-degree skate pipe, skate bowl extension towers, a freestanding quarter pipe, ramps over obstacles, and more impossible structures that would taunt the most seasoned and reckless of skateboarders — if they were allowed to skate on it.

As Bobcat pointed out, “…basically, not only are they going to close Seaskate for Bumbershit…. they are going to build an ‘art exhibit’ and not let skaters ride it.Time to rile up the Daggers.”

Help Marginal Way DIY park get 25k

…and all you lose is a little Facebook anonymity. Seriously, I almost wasn’t going to do it because you have to grant the Pepsi app access to your wall and a bunch of other info. You can bypass Facebook and register with the Pepsi site to vote as well. What’s all this voting? it’s another installment of Refresh Everything where people vote on which ideas to fund. This whole thing used to be a innocuous way for Pepsi to promote their name and do some good will until the corporate archdemons at Pepsi figured out a way to let you “power vote” by entering special codes found in bottle caps of certain Pepsi products. Scumbags….

But seriously folks, the cause is good. Vote now to help get money for Marginal Way DIY park in Seattle. The video is amusing. It’s hard to be angry around cute kids and a Desmond Dekker soundtrack.

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Marginal Exposure

Marginal Way photo exhibition and fundraiser for the Marginal Way Skatepark! Check out photography by Josh Becker, Dan Barnett, Jimmy Clarke, James Greely, Ki Kopkau, Marshall Ried, Tara Sanborn, Eric Green, Joe Hammeke, Brad Shows, and Micha Shapiro.

MINI RAMP JAM, silent auction, RAFFLE, and BBQ!

June 24th 6-11PM at The Piranha Shop 1022 1st Ave S.

Ahh, your mother wears combat boots…

…which will come in handy this weekend if she wants to work on these DIY projects. Marginal Way in Seattle has a benefit this Saturday Sunday and Brooklyn Street Skate Spot in Portland is having one this Sunday, which is Mother’s day… so yeah, bring your mom I guess. Saturday. Flyers and video scrapbook of BSSS through the various phases (courtesy of KC) after the jump.

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Marginal Way auction/benefit…

Marginal Way benefit auction 6-10 at Electric Coffin, 1020 S 1st Ave, Seattle Wa.

Like the flier says, Electric Coffin is hosting a benefit art show for Marginal Way. Mob Grip tape has provided sheets of grip tape for artists to paint on and will be sold for no more than $50 buck the night of the event. Plus there will be a raffle including prizes from all the sponsors, Sno con, Foundry, Electric Coffin, Mob Grip, Creature, Independent, Band Vibes, and Spacecraft.

Come out and Party and buy some killer art! Got some great artist lined up for the show!

Also refreshments will be on hand for the event.

In case you don’t know Electric Coffin has moved, still in pioneer square (ish) but now on first down by the stadiums. 1020 1st ave S. So come see the new space (not in a basement).

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