Do I have any rights?

Julien Stranger goofs on San Francisco’s real-life version of Perd Hapley, Stanley Roberts. On first watch, I assumed it was just a guy pretending to be on the news, but I’ve been assured he’s a real TV reporter. Apparently he’s got a regular 5 minute spot that airs a couple times a week. His schtick is recording people “behaving badly.” Judging by this clip, his threshold for bad behavior is really low. Julien’s segment is really short, but I got sort of hypnotized by the rest of the video. I kept expecting Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim to show up at any point.

Thanks to Scott Springer for the tip.

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Four decades from the morgue in SF

SFGate has posted some pictures in a feature called Four decades of skateboarding in San Francisco. It’s part of their Let’s Go to the Morgue! series where they dig up old photographs from the San Francisco Chronicle. Better versions of the picture, along with a little commentary are on the SFGate blog. The earliest photo dates back to 1964, and the last one is from 1994.


It’s payback time

Sometimes I get PR for industry events, and sometimes I take them up on their offer to attend the event under the guise of “covering it,” which usually means I get in free with my kids, and we all enjoy it for the most part. It’s fun, but I’m not paying for it, and I can take it or leave it each time. Sometimes I feel guilty, not for the big corporation, but for the freelance PR agent that gave me the press credentials and got essentially nothing from it. I hope that doesn’t affect your job performance review. To make up for it, here are some photos from the San Francisco stop of the Dew Tour. Thanks to Lorrie Palmos for sending these in. You might remember her from her long standing “Shot of the Week” that’s been up since June. It might be time to retire that part of the web site. (The SOTW curator spot is open!)

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Hot Lunch: She Wants More

New video from San Francisco’s Hot Lunch for the song She Wants More. Catch it after the jump.

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I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Another Mayer Hawthorne video, this one with buttload street skating. Mayer Hawthorne must dig skateboarding.

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Saturday San Francisco to Seattle

In San Francisco this Saturday, City Underground, which is a combination of World Cup Skateboarding contest, music festival and tattoo parlor. Some of the bands include Face To Face, Circle Jerks, Jughead’s Revenge, La Plebe, Adolescents and Hightower. Meanwhile, in Seattle, Marginal Way DIY skatepark is having a fun-draiser in the form of the First Annual Taco Feed. All you can eat Asada Tacos $10 dollar plates and a skateboard pinata. Also this Saturday, the John Doe Zine 21st Anniversary Skate Jam in Cheyenne Wyoming skatepark at 1pm Mountain time. Don’t forget about the Portland area park slalom contest.

San Francisco flyer – Marginal Way flyer – Cheyenne Wyoming flyer – West Linn flyer.

– Thanks to Tom the Weirdo for the tip.


Skateboard as band gig flyer

Best idea ever. Some gently used decks were repurposed into flyers for the band Hot Lunch. Eric Shea explained how it all went down.

My pal Bart unloaded a grip of decks that he didn’t want any more for me give to the neighborhood kids at Potrero Del Sol skatepark here in SF – the ones who needed boards. And I did give away like four of them but out of the four only one kid said “thanks” (and that was because his sister made him say it). The other kids just yelled at me and demanded that I give them more free things. So I thought maybe it would be better to do something different with the remaining decks. I cut a stencil for my band’s next show and spray painted our name and the gig info on the griptape. Then I went around the Mission at night with a drill and some wood screws, putting them up around various wooden telephone poles ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) After each deck was up for a day and a night, I’d post a pic on various forums telling people to go find ’em and take them! One of the decks had a perfect shape for my needs, so I set it up and made it the “hardest deck to find” It was such a fun way to give away decks to people who wanted them enough to unscrew them. And we got folks out to our show – lots of heads turned out! So far I’ve seen four random people skating around on these decks.

Check out Hot Lunch on MySpace.I beleive these guys cover an obscure soundtrack song from Skateboard Madness. “Hardest board to find” was spotted at a nice looking pool. Video after the jump.

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Help the SFA build more skateparks

Sunday the 15th is the San Francisco Skatreboarding Association (SFAskateboarding.org) third annual shindig to raise money for skateparks in San Francisco. The focus of this event is the Waller Street Skatepark. Bands, skate videos, DJ’s, alcohol… sounds like fun.


San Francisco SoMa street plaza renders

There are a bunch of renderings of the Newline street plaza project found over at Deluxe. I don’t know if it’s the low contrast color palette or what, but I’m having a hard time getting a feel for this park. The Newline site has some renders too, but they are smaller and harder to visualize. There’s general overview of the project at the San Francisco government site, be forewarned it’s a PDF file.

– Thanks to Eric Shea for the tip – he says the new park is dangerously close to the Zeitgeist bar.

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