Downhill Disco

Check out Dan Bourqui’s Downhill Disco edit:

The Downhill Disco is an yearly San Diego event which mixes disco music with longboarding, downhill skating, jump ramps and even a smaller megaramp like gap. It also features a mini ramp jam, disco night and Sunday races that are not showcased in this video clip. The entire event feels more like a weekend festival than a contest.

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North County DIY skatepark

North County DIY Update

Here’s an update from the North County, San Diego project we posted about in January.

Coming along. Sold our shirts that you helped track down for me, that got us a half a truck of crete and donations of a truck each by two separate town residents who now see how cool the project is. This snake run style of the park has 5 foot radius trannys and there are will be no freebie grinds handed out… Skates fast and lose legged and every trick is gonna be worked for. First session today was fun!

UPDATE: Swapped the bail pic for a make.

– Thanks to Ryan Moran for the photos

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Wavves: Post Acid

Wavves are a San Diego that depending on who you read, is either a solo project with hired guns, the new sound, or a bunch of noise. Here’s a good place to start. They released the Post Acid single on Green Label Sound, which is a, uhm.. mp3 record label owned by Pepsi via Mountain Dew. Check out the 2010 vid and a 2009 album on Fat Possum with an old-timey looking skate photo on the cover after the jump.

– Thanks to Alex I for the tip.

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Bankrobber strikes again!

The skateboarding bandit has struck again. I’m going to declare it now. He’s a modern day folk hero. Clyde (his board is Bonnie). Just like Jessie James, I hear he’s cheating on Sandra Bullock. No new photo though, so we’re still at sqaure one as far as identifying his skateboard company of choice. The LA Times credits this phototo the FBI, but shouldn’t it really go t the bank or the company that manufactures the security camera. And seriously, it’s 2010. Is this the highest resolution security camera technology we have?

– Thanks to Tito for the tip.

He never hurt nobody

An individual with a skateboard and a gun robbed a bank in San Diego. We need your help in identifying… what kind of board he was riding! Ba-dump, crash! Nice one. Did I get you? Like I’m going to ask everyone to rat out this guy. As long as he sticks to the lyrics.

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

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