Faberyayo – Zomer Aan De Wand

This week’s installment of Dutch hipster pop music is brought to you thanks to Matthijs, who claims he isn’t into this sort of thing, but then how else would he have found it? At least I’m spelling his name right this time. As for Jeebus, all I have to say is Faberyayo, Zomer Aan De Wand, and I don’t know what that means.

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Hosoi booked

Which is misleading, because he hasn’t been busted, rather he has a book coming out titled Hosoi: My Life As A Skateboarder Junkie Inmate Pastor which is excerpted on the Huffington Post.(?)

– Thanks to Andrew Wahl for the tip

Jot and the gang on the 9th Commandment

I totally forgot about these cartoons. Trippy animations from the 60’s (ran through the early 80’s) with a religious message, made by the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission. Super progressive animation and the subject matter make for an interesting juxtaposition. Here’s part of an episode with a skateboard playing a pivotal role. I don’t remember this from back in the day. I don’t remember any individual episodes of Jot the Dot, actually. I say “part” of an episode because there is an implied ass-beating that isn’t shown, and it ends abruptly.

– Thanks to Nick Dawson for the tip.

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Jeebus Meme

I don’t know what the caption means, and of course, there’s no context or credit for the original over at Memebase.com. It’s Jesus H. Christ on the original (sin) wackyboard.

– Thanks to MC for the tip.

Skate Church Winner

It’s hard to tell from the article but I think this skate church set up is an annual event that last for a short period of days and not a permanent fixture in the Malmesbury Abbey that was more or less built by 1180 A.D.. Sure, the heating bill is a bit steep, but look at that view.. Location, location, location. Insert real estate joke here, wait, are didn’t I just use them all? But seriously, what an interesting venue. The event was secular, more of a community outreach than proselytizing scenario. Come for the skateboarding, stay for the architecture.

[Source: Prospect Magazine] – Thanks to Ben Reese for the tip.

Dude, you have no Quran

At first I thought this was typical media stereotyping of skateboarders, until I watched the video of the guy who actually said it. A skateboarder foiled one of the nutjobs who was going to burn the Quaran in a public park in Amarillo, Texas. I applaud the positive vibes, although I also recognize the nutjob’s First Amendment right to burn the Quaran, or any other book or national flag, provided he does so in a safe manner. Maybe you should get a permit to do that, like the Nazi’s did in Skokie. Speaking of fire, I was at the Smokejumper visitor center in Missoula, Montana recently. I highly recommend it, fascinating stuff, but the point is, during the tour I observed that some smokejumpers, aside from being gnarly dudes (and gals) doing burley, dangerous work, they are also into street skating, the Misfits, and of course, longboards.

– Thanks to… everybody and their brother who sent this in.

[Photo: Amarillo Citizens Against Repent Amarillo]

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A priest, and a Morman skateboarder walk into a skateshop…

I got a hundred tips about this skateboarding priest (right), all of which I failed to follow up because I assumed it was the two guys on the left that I had squirreled away for a while, no idea where I originally found it, but it’s could easily have been here. So here it is, a wacky Hungarian priest who obviously spent some time on the board before he was ordained. How about the Morman Church trying (on some level) to be hip? They’ve got a well done video featuring a guy named Josh Maready talking mostly about skateboarding, and a little bit about the Mormon church. He’s so articulate and normal that he almost makes Mormans seem cool, or at least sane. Check it out on Mormon.org. and because the heads in SLC doesn’t believe in allowing embedded video, I’m going to add a 2006 video of an Australian reverend cussing out some skateboarders in front of a church. He ended up resigning in 2007.

– Thanks to Zach Olsen for the tip.

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DIY Skate Church

Just another skate church, so I wouldn’t normally feature it were it not for the fact that this one is youth led, and well, this horribly awkward photo they used to illustrate it. Actually, as far as skate photos go, it blows. But if you look at the enlargement, something about the guy in the background watching this kid flail is appealing. Read about it in the Seattle Times.

– Thanks to Heidi Randall for the tip.

Double your fun

While I applaud the simulation of the wide angle lens, (The artist is really in touch with skateboarding!) I feel the need to suggest that Jesus could use a bottle of Nair, or maybe he shouldn’t have shaved his legs in the first place. Hand-holding at the skatepark? I’m ambivalent. Guy curious?

[Souce: Pleated-Jeans]

– Thanks to Ben Reese for the tip.

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