Upcycled tools

Let’s see… got an axe to grind? Want to throw down a few hammers? Tools with handles made from used skateboards and tennis racquets! Some of them are quite beautiful. Get yours modestly priced at Copemans Corner.

– Thanks to Rich for the tip.


If it ain’t a brake light, don’t…

You know, from earlier today… same joke. You might have missed this if you weren’t reading the comments of this post. Independent baseplate as motorcycle brake light fixture. Cool. As seen on Pipe Burn.

– Thanks to Charles for the tip.


Baretta rack

Spotted on the streets of Portland outside an art store. That tank and logo style matches one I saw on a ’78, but those wheels and styling makes me think this is from around 1980 or so. So what is this technically, moped or motorcycle? Oh right, there’s a chopped skateboard on back for the rack platform seat!. Put some urethane on that son, it will last longer. UPDATE: I think I found the original owner of this thing online:

Thanks to Dwayne Hoster of MopedArmy, I have found a Minamagnum! A Baretta 38 that has been ‘converted’ into a Puch Magnum, also a few pictures of a Baretta Magnum

It’s hard to notice with all the other stuff going on int picture, but there are actual pedals attached to this thing, so it’s officially moped.

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Vinyl for Life

A 45rpm record spindle adapter made out of recycled skateboards. Found on sale at Ebay. Kind of nifty.


Maple Hang Tags

These are garment hang tags for Maple XO, made out of skateboard veneers that have been etched and cut with a laser. Pretty damned cool. Hang tags are a little bit too high brow for the stuff I hawk, but damn, I wish I thought of it myself.

[Source: Oregon Screen Impressions]

At long last

Skateboards made from laminated, recycled skateboards. They probably aren’t going to win any “pop” contests, but how can you argue against this one? It’s faultless. Iris Skateboards are made by George Rocha, who among other things worked on the Dreamland crew for a while.

[Source: ESPN] – Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

Deck Stool # 2

I’ve featured Deckstool way back in 2008, but they’ve added new designs since then, and it’s worth it because how often do you get to use “#2” and “Stool” in the same post title? I’m pretty sure this is not how they envisioned their publicity opportunity.

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Ichi Banana

One more thing to add to the list of items made with recycled skateboards, a banana seat with a wooden base from Ichi Bike. I was ready to write this off as more hipster fodder, but for some reason I started poking around on the site checking out the custom bikes and eventually ended up at Rat Rod Bikes. I gotta be honest. I’m becoming obsessed with bikes lately, basically since I found the skaterack made by Fairdale. It got me stoked to start riding my bike to work. I may be in the market for a bike stand, but I’m not about to abandon Skate and Annoy, any more than usual that is! How may bike parts can you make out of recycled skateboards? Seat and fender makes at least two.

– Thanks to John Drummond for the tip.

Selling the hole!

It’s getting pretty hard to think of new ways to sell old skateboards now that goods made from recycled skateboards are a hot commodity. Maple XO has figured out a way to make use of the part of the skateboard that isn’t actually there! That’s right, mounting holes.

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