2015 Powell Christmas Ornaments

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, what are you doing reading this web site when you should be out there winning the battle against ISIS/Daesh through buying Christmas ornaments with skateboarding graphics on them? On Veterans Day you can say you fought with the Bones Brigade.


Powell Christmas

I would have thought the Christmas edition skateboards would have lost their appeal by now, and frankly, I don’t get it. They must be popular since Powell keeps issuing them, along with some Bones Brigade Christmas ornaments. Actually, they looks like they still have a 2013 edition board available. I do “get it” of course. People want to buy limited edition items and Powell wants to make money. Skateboard collecting is an odd thing. I can’t imagine anyone else makes Christmas-themed performance sports equipment that is fully functional and intended to be collected.

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Happy Missed Marketing Opportunity

St. Patrick’s Day graphic from the Powell Peralta page on Facebook. Honestly, I’m surprised there was no limited edition board to go with it.


VCJ / Jim Phillips bootlegs

The left deck is an ‘Autex Sports’ complete. The graphic is a crazy mix of the Rob Roskopp 3 from ’85  (designed by Jim Phillips for Santa Cruz)  and Powell’s famous Ripper (by VCJ). It all looks pretty ridiculous: a violent Ripper seems to have eaten the monster and is almost strangling himself with a chain, acting all clumsy and the flames make no sense at all. The right ‘Alpha’ deck is clearly a counterfeit of Rodney Mullen’s Mutt deck from 1981, it even says ‘Mutt’.  The board was relisted on eBay, since it ‘only’ reached $200 in the first auction, but that wasn”t enough for the seller.

Thanks to christopha80  for the tip and Omar for the pictures.

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Stacey skates

So yeah, it’s strictly product placement time here. Unpaid, to be sure, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a recent picture of Stacy Peralta on a skateboard. For some reason I remembered he had knee or hip injuries that were keeping him off the board. It’s good seeing him on a board. Here’s one that came with the announcement of (the second version) of his Hipster model, the Hipster 2. Although I don’t see a goatee on that action shot. I don’t know…


Powell Peralta business cards

These are business cards for Powell Peralta, which are excellent in an of themselves, plus they have the added benefit (or detraction, depending on your point of view) of being reminiscent of the Feederz album “Ever Feel like Killing Your Boss?” which was covered in sandpaper that meant it would destroy any record cover it came in contact with. Likewise, if someone gave you this business card you probably would want to put it in your wallet or pocket next to your phone. The even went the extra step of adding a kicktail. If only they took this attention to detail and applied it to some of their rereleases. And it it goes without saying (except I’m saying it…) that these obviously remind me of the Maple XO hang tags.

[Source: Card Observer] – Thanks to Boy Ipoh for the tip.


Ho Ho Whoring it out

Powell’s got three Christmas themed items on sale for the holidays, not one, but two different Vato Rat skateboards and new this year, Ripper ornament. That ornament is only 6 bucks. I’m getting one.

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Reissue day

These Powell Peralta reissues are just the tip of the iceberg of what Stacy is pushing in connection with the Bones Brigade documentary. A few items are already sold out. I have… mixed feelings about this. I don’t begrudge these guys the right to make a living, but it seems a little excessive and counterintuitive to the legacy. I don’t know if they need the money or not. Maybe they realize their shelf life is limited at this (amazingly) late stage in their careers, so they’re just trying to get one last payoff. Check out the goods.

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The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars themed Powell tribute t-shirts. Darth Vader and Rippers available at Shirtoid. Mike McGill skull and snake available at Society6. Yes, young Powelladawan. Ouch. Sorry. That was weak.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip. He really should have his own blog by now, but hey, he makes my non-paying job easier, so thanks!

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