(DOS) Trusty Bowl Open house

Portland’s DOS Bowl is going through some changes. The new name Trusty Bowl, reflects the new management – Trusty Switchblade. The bowl will now be open to the public on certain days, including a monthly BMX only night. The changes are necessary to keep the whole thing afloat year round. Membership dips drastically in the spring and summer, and the guys on the lease have to foot the bill. If you want specifics, you can ask all the questions you want at the Open House this Saturday, April 5th from 5-8. Members only party afterwards.

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BSSS Postmortem

Check out the definitive postmortem on Brooklyn Street Skate Spot over at Curb Cut magazine. And that’s the last you see of BSSS here on Skate and Annoy, until the next time I post something about it.


BSSS Eulogy

Here’s a eulogy for Brooklyn Street Skate Spot, no words, just photos from some of the last sessions. As I write this, I don’t think the actual demolition has begun yet. Fence hopping is a reality. Thanks to Shawn Reinert for the photos.

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Mt Tabor Downhill Challenge on Sunday

The 3rd annual Mt Tabor Challenge is this Sunday in Portland, Oregon. Open class requires an “old school” tuck. There’s also classes for Masters, Groms, and bikes (no pedaling). Details on PDX Downhill. If you’re not familiar with Mt. Tabor, it’s a fairly mellow but fun closed route that isn’t very technically challenging, unless you start at the very top and have to dodge pedestrians and cars after threading the needle (gap between gate and pole) to pass through the parking lot at the top third of the course. Even if you start lower, you can still get going fast enough to get hurt though. Full flyer and illustration of the tuck after the jump, plus bonus footage of last year’s event courtesy of KC. Yes, there is a Major Media event happening the same day.

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Skate Skavenger

Skate scavenger (excuse me, sKavenger) hunt in Portland this Friday in Portland. More info at Let’s get bent out of shape about it!


Full pipe transfer

I’ve seen people joke about dropping in off the roof of Pier Parl’s full pipe, but even then not in such a potentially sketchy line. Willis Kimbel as shot by Garric Ray. Worried about what happens when he lands? Check out the full animated sequence at Thrasher.


GVK #85 Great Unheard Miniramp Swindle

Watch this episode of  Grovers Video Korner  or visit the  the archives


Brooklyn Street Updates

Here’s a few photos of recent work at Brooklyn Street Skate Spot thanks to Pete Lewis at Foul Weather Press.

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Switchbacks Challenge

Downhill race in the Portland area on Sunday, part of the Switchback Challenge series from the folks at PDX Downhill. As of the time this posting went live, there is no date or location listed, but it is Sunday, March 17th at SW Madison Street and Court in Portland. Contact Rip City Skates for more info.

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