Skateboard Swap Meet Vitamin Water Wheels

Skaters for Portland Skateparks held what I hope is the first of many Skateboard Swap Meets on Monday. It was free to enter, and setting up a table only cost a very modest $10 with a 10% of sales set as a suggested donation towards the Powell Blvd Skate Spot. The picture above was taken early on in the event, and it did get quite busy. As most other vendors there, I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up really enjoying it. I hope they make this a monthly or semi-monthly thing. I expect it become popular and quickly outgrow the space we were in at Luck Labrador Brewing. Minors were allowed, either because the event was in a separate room or maybe because it is also a restaurant. I unloaded a bunch of potential landfill from my basement. There was some interesting stuff there including boards from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, stacks of old VHS tapes, art, and shirts. Game Stolz had some of his own Oregon-pressed Chupakabruh Skateboards as well as these Vitamin Water-branded promo skateboard wheels that were from about 5-7 years ago. That stuff belongs right here on Skate and Annoy. Bonus: I finally figured out who Gnarlie Copinghagen is.

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Junk Jam Footage

Lowcard has footage of the Junk Jam put on in by Jivaro and others a couple weeks ago. Don’t let the edit make you think this was sparsely attended,because it was packed full of people, and a lot of fun, even for old-timers. I have to take issue with Lowcard’s description of the venue as an “underutilized schoolyard,” because if you actually live in the neighborhood you’d see it packed with kids on occasion, even when school isn’t in session. Of course, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some permanent skate fixtures. Junk Jam was rad. All kinds of things to skate for all skill levels.

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Burnside Fundraiser

Changing times ahead for Burnside with new construction within spitting distance. It will interesting to see if the locals can make it work with their new neighbors, who are undoubtedly going to be used to a less Burnsidey atmosphere. The property taxes are definitely going to give the owners some clout with city hall. In the meantime, Burnside needs lights, and they’ve got quite a ways to go to reach their target, so consider donating.



Khunamokwst skate spot is a lot of fun. It’s small, and tricky to navigate when overrun with kids, but everyone seems to love it. There’s a problem with the sprinkler overspray, but when have landscapers and skateparks ever worked well together? Some kids can’t seem to walk the extra 40 feet to the nearest garbage can, which is unfortunate. Then there’s the somewhat arbitrary placement of skate stoppers on the outside of the park. I get it. They’re trying to protect pedestrians from errant skateboarders on the outside ledge. It’s still amusing though. You can session the hell out of this one specific section of the continuous outside ledge, but not the largest stretch of it. Even though it’s the same ledge… on a skatepark.

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Nonstop Hef Hop

Portland brewery Hopworks has traditionally been bike-centric in their marketing. Recently I heard they were trying to engage skateboarding more. I thought I saw an image of Sasquatch riding a skateboard a few weeks ago but I can’t find it. It might have had something to do with their Sasquatch Strong Ale or possibly Abominable Winter Ale. Now there’s Nonstop Hef Hop, featuring a bunch of “playtime” activities on the can, some more athletic than others, I mean seriously, corn hole? I have not seen this beer in the wild, but I’m looking forward to collecting the skateboard version of this can, even though the art direction in this series is a little sterile. What they really need to do is establish an advertising presence on some sort of local Portland-based skate blog, if such a thing exists.

– Thanks to Pete Lewis for the tip.

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Cully Neighborhood Spot Pour

Rain did not slow down the first pour of the newest skatepark in Portland. Billy Tavita Jasper and others on the Evergreen crew were hard at work. Please appreciate the new R.E.I. skatepark tent tarp which can not be deployed without a backhoe. G.V.K. out

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Burnside Fund Matching Emergency!

Burnside is getting new neighbors who are reclaiming some of the territory in the north parking lot, but on the bright side, the developers have agreed to match donations up to $5000 for further park maintenance. The downside is that this post is horribly late, and the deadline for donations is on Halloween, which is tomorrow. Right now there is only a paltry $280 in the kitty. This is a golden opportunity to double your money and help fund Burnside.


Skate Khunamokwst

You’re looking at a new Evergreen Skateparks skate spot that is included the brand new Khunamokwst Park being built in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland. What is a Khunamokwst? It’s a Chniook wawa word that means “together.” It’s actually the first park in Portland’s system that has an indigenous name, and has a fairly routine pronunciation. The larger park is scheduled to open in Spring of 2015, and although the skate spot should be completed much sooner, it seems unlikely that the fences will come down to allow skating before the whole park is finished.

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P-Town Throwdown 2014

It’s an 8.5 mile race, partially downhill. It’s also a food drive. Starts Sunday at 10am. Details at the event page.

10th Anniversary – Mt.Tabor to Sellwood Park Skateboard Race!

This event is a charitable food drive for OREGON FOOD BANK to help the hungry in Portland. Registration and Food collected will be at the lower parking lot on the North side of Mt.Tabor Park. (Next to the bathrooms and basketball courts). Raffle tickets for prizes will be given only to RACERS who have signed the liability waiver.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED! No helmet = no raffle ticket, no racer number.

REGISTRATION and MEETING SPOT – 10am – http://goo.gl/maps/38Sc

This is the original course used for Portland Pusher #4 in 2005, the Annie Ross Open from 2006-2010, and the last three years of the P-Town Throwdown. The route is 8.5 Miles through lower S.E. Portland. First 5 miles is mostly slight downhill with two 6-10 block sections of steeper downhill including 3 traffic light signals to watch for. As a city bike route there are very few stop signs along this course, but please be aware of traffic at all times. The last 3 miles you enter the bike path leading you South along the Willamette River towards Sellwood Park. RAIN OR SHINE!!! – Course Map

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