Every pool in Los Angeles

Gizmodo reports on a project from tow MIT researchers called The Big Atlas of LA Pools. It is exactly what it sounds like, a catalog of every single pool, in the Los Angeles basin. It took 74 books and about 6000 pages to show all 43,123 pools with related data, like area, dimensions, water evaporation, lot price, and crime rates of the neighborhoods. No word on on whether those crime rates include trespassing in said pools. These volumes don’t appear to be for sale though, Gizmodo reports the volumes have only been printed once, allegedly at a cost of $3,700. The Big Atlas of LA Pools was not started to incur the wrath or aid a generation of upcoming young Salbas, it was started out of curiosity, after repeatedly noticing pools on approach to LAX. After watching the these videos, check out this 2008 Google Maps screen grab of an airplane flying over a pool on approach to O’hare airport in Chicago.

[Via Jim Goodrich on Facebook]

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Some old Nudebowl Footage I posted today on my FB…

I don’t know how all this works yet, so I am going to try and post a link. This is some footage I digitized from a 1989 Nude Bowl Session with myself, Lester Kasai, and Richard Salazar AKA Sal…

Maybe after I do 10 or 20 bonehead moves like posting this, Randy will teach me how to put a proper link up…

Editor’s Note: Here’s the link He has a YouTube account now, video after the jump.

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Dead pool

I thought there might be a skateable pool behind the fence, so I held my phone up and angled it over the top. I guess 1 out of 2 ain’t bad, and it is technically skateable now.

Skreech in the News

Skreech in the New York Times? Why not? He’s already the subject of one (possibly two?) documentary film. So the The New York Times is right on top of the (latest) recession-as-silver-lining for pool skaters story, so my condolences to everyone in California because it must be officially over now. (You are a child of Summer and Winter is coming…) Salba quote? Check. How does he do it? Must be a state law. Reporters have to declare it at customs. I see you’re doing a story on pool skating, can I see your Salba Documents? Watch the trailer for Dragonslayer after the jump.

[Photo – Billy Runaway]

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Product placement

Near I can tell, this video is like a DVD extras talking about Bones Wheels footage shot in Florida. Idon’t know if the actual Bones footage as seen the light of day yet, but check out that product placement on Seth Levy. South Florida Pool Invasion from Drew Perlmutter after the jump.

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The day the laughter died

Every once and a while I remember to put some actual skateboarding on this site. I’ve been sitting on these photos for a couple of years. This was in the land of the Swoosh, in fact, almost in it’s shadow.

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Firebaugh Fred’s benefit bash june 26th

Fred’s family has a permission pool and has always gone out of their way to accommodate the skaters that session there. Unfortunately, their house was destroyed by fire recently. The skateboarding community is trying to give a little back this Saturday with a benefit bash at the bowl. Any money raised goes directly to Fred’s family. The location is 7385 Road 6, Firebaugh, California. Check out the flyer.

SOTW 6-14-10: Rion Linderman

Oregon local Rion Linderman joined the team at Addikt skateboards. Here’s a shot of him down south at Curtis’ pool in Sacramento, working for the man. Check out the Shot of the Week.


SOTW 1-25-10: Brandon Morris at Buena Vista

This week’s Shot of the Week comes from Colin Walsh. Whether or not he rules depends on what side of the bed he woke up on that morning. This is Brandon Morris at the Buena Vista pool in Watsonville California. Brandon loves Watsonville so much he had it tattooed on his legs. Are those NOS Airwalks or did they bring back the old logo? Man I hated that logo and those shoes when they first came out. (No offense, Brandon.) Hey look kids. it’s Pabst Blue Ribbon! Check out the Shot of the Week.

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