Tony Alva interviewed by Playboy for some reason

Tony Alva talks about what it means to be a renegade both in youth and as a middle aged adult. Part of their Renegades series, this is original content from Playboy Magazine, which seems to be trying to reinforce itself as lifestyle guide for aspiring, hip, professional men, just as it did in the 60’s. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t looked at a Playboy since, you know, shortly after the Internet was invented.

– via Eric Smith on Facebook.

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Eli Reed skates the Playboy Mansion

Eli Reed dealing with the age old problem that every street skater encounters at least once a session: Random girls in bikinis laying in the middle of your run up.

[Source: High Snobiety]

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Friday T&A on S&A. This is dumb. Not Badass.

“Badass skateboarding” from Playboy, which is neither badass or anything other than embarrassing for all parties involved. One girl appears to know how to skate, while the other two have “action” scenes that look like they were shot at speeds approaching 2mph. Entirely safe for work video after the jump, although the domain name may be blacklisted. Highlight of the video is actual vintage equipment.

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

Friday T&A: Bunnies

I can’t believe that senile old bastard still makes these gals wear those stupid bunny ears. It’s not sexy, it’s sad. Playboy hostied a benefit for the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (Diffa) That’s a Birdhouse / Playboy skateboard.

[Source: BizBash] – Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

Friday T&A on S&A: Playboy

So the weird thing about this Palyboy TV video of nekkid girls skateboarding isn’t that they actually know how to carve in a bowl, ( one of them at least ) but that SkateLab is trying walk the tightrope between marketing products for kids at Target and Walmart, and providing a backdrop for adult videos. This Playboy TV sequence is pretty asexual, but I’m pretty sure there has been at least one really adult film made there. I thought I posted about it but I couldn’t find it. Helmet’s off to the management though, in theory that shouldn’t be a conflict of interest at all. For anyone keeping track, this isn’t Playboy’s first foray into naked skateboarding.

– Thanks to Marek Litinsky, Greg Baller and Aaron Shims

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