Love Lost

They mayor of Philadelphia lifted the ban on skateboarding in Love Park for a handful of days in advance of the whole thing being torn down for a complete overhaul. So while the gesture was definitely appreciated by the locals and many people who travelled hours to get a session in, let’s not kid ourselves. If it wasn’t being demolished, the skateboarders wouldn’t have gotten any concessions. Red Bull produced a video, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s only 2 minutes long. This really pushes the old adage that something is better than nothing. Is almost nothing better than nothing?

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$9000 or best offer

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and have a truck as big as the hole in your wallet, why not pick ups this bowl / spine / mini ramp combo? It looks like it’s well built and would be fun to ride. Does anyone ever actually buy giant used ramps like this? The price might be reasonable, but the whole thing is just so impractical to move. If you buy this, I think I’m out of town the weekend you’re moving it, but I should be back in time to help you ride it.

SOTW 3-12-18: Denny Guenther at Woodward

This week’s Shot of the Week features Denny Guenther from Raleigh, NC, although the photo was shot in Woodward, Pennsylvania by Jer Warren.

Teacher caves to peer pressure

John Monaghan is a teacher whose students hassled him into send in a few pictures of the old-timey days back in Brookhaven, PA, circa 1978 when he was a local at Cherry Hill and down the beach at Rehoboth, DE or Ocean City, MD.. If schools still in session you can let the little brats know you’re a star on S&A and finally command their respect! When I was a kid we had to skate uphill both ways on a gravel road to the…

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Stack the vote for a skateplaza in Bethlehem

There’s a thing called the Pepsi Refresh Project that is advertising disguised as public service, still, a great idea nonetheless. At least this form of advertisement does someone else some good too. Ideas are presented, and people vote on the project that deserves to get the cash, in this case, 250k.
Homebase skate shop is spearheading an effort to get the rest of the Bethlehem skate plaza funded. Right now they are in about 11th place. All you have to do is go to this Pepsi Refresh page and cast a vote tied to your Facebook login or an optional Pepsi login, which to me suggests you can both, as long as you have two email accounts. So Skate and Annoy readers, let’s add another drop in to the bucket of support already given. We may not have the draw of the Berrics, but we can still help out. It won’t cost you anything but 20 seconds of you time. Do it now, or at least befre the end of the month.

Philly indoor

I’m 37, I’m not old

Another newspaper story, this one from The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the shocking fact that people over 30 years-old are regularly riding skateboards. There are some interesting details about how they organized and paid for their indoor facility and I did enjoy reading:

“Skating doesn’t make you a skateboarder,” he says, quoting Lance Mountain, a skateboard legend in the ’80s. “Not being able to stop skating, that makes you a skateboarder.”

Flying Floors at Philadelphia International Airport


PHL is the airport code for Philadelphia International Airport, the same place you can find this 1988 installation by Vito Acconci, called Flying Floors. These cellphone snaps are courtesy of 1998 Tom Jacobs, via Brian Baade. There’s another overview shot here, and here. As long as we’re blowing it out… U.S. Airways area, Terminal B. That’s one hell of a roll in. I love public art.


News Flash: Skaters love FDR

As seen in the Philidelphia Enquirer: A skateboarding paradise at FDR Park. 1,649 words on how much they love it.

– Thanks to Doc Murdock for the tip.


Saturday Night Benefits

Two benefits at opposite ends of the country this Saturday. In Portland there is a benefit bowl contest fro Taylor Appelo who was one of the two (Hey Clay!) skaters in PDX who were jumped by four jocks at a MAX station in Portland. Taylor’s got a broken jaw, missing teeth and a mountain of medical bills. The contest entry fee and the spectator fees all go to the medical bills, plus there’s a pirate’s chest of booty being raffled as part of your entry fee. This is a daytime event. Registration at 3pm, contest at 4pm. Details at the Department.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the private facility known as the Warehouse is having a fundraising bash to cover the costs of operation. Skate Rock legends McRad will be playing with a couple other bands and a DJ too, plus food, beer, etc…. Flyers and bonus vid of the Warehouse after the jump.

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