Santa’s Sports Affliction

Without the description from the seller, I would have assumed this was an 80’s era Christmas ornament with some extracurricular tchotchkes attached to it. However, the auction lists this 7″ tall Santa as dating from the early 90’s, and that it is in fact NOS from “St Nicholas Square” at Kohls. It seems a little suspect, with the soccer ball awkwardly attached to his armpit, and a plastic skateboard that looks familiar. He reminds me of those cartoons where an unfortunate rube swallows a magnet and starts attracting all kinds of metal objects. Only Santa knows for sure.

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Alley Oop Holiday

This blown glass Christmas ornament was made in Poland for a company called Radko. I’m not sure when it was made, but it’s model number is 1014187, and a random sample of a 2015 model is 1017693. The seller says it was retired, but it doesn’t turn up under it’s official name of “Alley Oop Holiday” anywhere on the latest web site, including the retired ornaments. The original domain name was registered in 1996, and the last update (at this time) was 2013. I only mention this because the domain name on the hangtag appears to belong to someone else now. I’m sure nobody cares about this. Let it go… and look at the pictures of a tiny skateboarder riding a gigantic skateboard.

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2015 Powell Christmas Ornaments

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, what are you doing reading this web site when you should be out there winning the battle against ISIS/Daesh through buying Christmas ornaments with skateboarding graphics on them? On Veterans Day you can say you fought with the Bones Brigade.

Squirrelly Christmas ornaments

It looks like a rat, but I think it’s a squirrel. My wife got this post x-mas on clearance last year. Too many pics after the jump.

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Beaver on a skateboard

This Christmas ornament is from a company called American Greetings. This is their 2009 “Son” ornament, as you can see from the bottom of the beaver’s shoes. The hook is on one of his shoes, but he balances fine on his board without it. I managed to get a decent picture of this because I didn’t break it in the process, unlike the last time I photographed an animal skateboarding. Enlarge-o-rama.


Skateboard Raccoon

From Hallmark, circa 1985. I’m not sure who made the decision to have the Raccoon on a skateboard, but I’m glad they did. there’s a shot of the box after the jump. Depth of field is too shallow in this shot, but I dropped the ornament and broke the wheels right after I took this so that’s as good as it gets. It’s the day before Christmas and my tree already looks like it is about to spontaneously combust.

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One footed rocket air?

You will receive this unique Christmas ornament featuring a boy doing a trick on his skateboard… …This will be a big hit with any young skateboarder you know!

Another in a long string of Christmas ornaments, this one on eBay for an hour or so more. Made by the Kurt Adler company


Still more Xtreme-mas

I’m beginning to feel like there might be enough to make a skateboard-only Christmas tree. One time the missus and I decorated a tree entirely with plastic bugs and rubber snakes that we bought in bulk and used a fishing line and a sewing needle to make the loops. You have to heat the needle tip over a lighter to make it go through the bugs without destroying your thumb. It occurred to me that I’m always making these type of posts too close to the actual date that they pertain to. Believe me when I tell you that someone will contact me in six months, asking where they can buy one of these things. Listen up. We don’t sell them, and if they don’t show up on the links I’ve provided, then I can’t help you out any further. Bah, Humbug!

– Thanks to Daddy Yo for the tip.

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Even more Xtreme-mas

Digital print on demand services don’t really count as mass produced items, but there are a bunch of skateboard Christmas ornaments available at Cafe Press that like most of the fare found there, ranges from well done illustrations (in rare cases) to what is essentially clip art, with a catch phrase if you are lucky! There should be some sort of fine for any meathead who uploads clip art to Cafe Press. I’m going to strike it rich honey! They’re just giving away these drawings! I know, add a “No Fear” to it! As Dr Brad is fond of saying lately, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Even the nice illustrations look cheesy on the mockups. maybe they are better looking in real life.

– Thanks to… (Drumroll please) Daddy Yo for the tip! Part two coming later.

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