Maps to the Skaters… Holmes!

Does anyone remember this guy from way back in the beginning of the Oregon Skatepark boom? So far back, in fact, that this is a scan of a photograph taken with actual film. I think we only had Newberg (where this was taken,) Ausmville, Lincoln City, and Waldport when this was taken. Of course, Burnside, and the first version of Pier Park. Maybe Brookings too. Was his name Chris? He took an old airport shuttle van and tried to make a go of operating a skatepark tour shuttle service. I don’t think it worked out.

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Hey Troutdale Punk

Check out these fundraising stickers made in the style of vintage steel-wheeled skateboard decks. These stickers benefit the Troutdale skatepark efforts, and you can get yours in person at Cal Skate or by via Paypal to tylerjaycole at Please provide your mailing address and verify which sticker(s) you’re ordering and how many when making payment using Paypal… Small stickers are $2.00 each, Large stickers are $4.00 each. Here’s atop, use the “Friends and Family” option so there’s no service fee for Tyler, and all the funds can go towards the skatepark.


Not in my backyard?

Northeast Bend, Oregon skaters are stoked to get a new skatepark in Rockridge park, but not too stoked on the proposed Evergreen design, described as a “lunar landscape.” Here’s the thing, they just want a regular skatepark, and not a throwback to some terrain not really seen since the 70’s. I remember similar pushback to the modern snake run that was supposed to happen in Gabriel Park. In the end the design changed on the fly during construction and we got the best of neither worlds. However, Gabriel Park is still a fun park with a lot to offer. The Rockridge park design is unique, and would probably be a lot of fun to ride, but it won’t offer the typical skatepark experience. Northwest skatepark building companies have traditionally been on the forefront of unique designs and features, but there will always be those that just prefer predictable reliability. How do we balance the risk? Will locals adapt and enjoy? We won’t know for sure until it gets built. Would I want this if it was the only skatepark in my area? It probably wouldn’t be my first choice. In addition to an existing skatepark this lunar landscape, Bend is also planning a smaller skate spot.

[Source: KTVZ ]

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Troutdale Needs a Skatepark

Tyler over at wants greater Portland area skaters to be aware that the City of Troutdale has a significant chunk of funds available from a decade old parks bond measure that could be applied to a skatepark. He’s working with a committee (and Evergreen) to propose a 30,000 sq ft. plot in Columbia Park behind Reynolds High School. The best way to help this become a reality is to attend a Parks Advisory Committee meetings held the second Wednesday every month at the Public Works building in Troutdale (342 SW 4th St.) or to write in to the Mayor and City Council ( as well as Tim Seery, the superintendent of the Parks Advisory Committee.


Oregon Rippers

You’d think with all the amazing skateparks, backyard bowls and DIY terrain here in Oregon that there ought to be amazing skateboarders getting national coverage. It’s a shame, no an outrage that… Wait. What? Never mind. Here’s Frank Shaw killing it, as usual. Highlights? All of it really, but I like the appearance of venerable old Pier Park that starts about the 2:40 mark.

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Local Oregon boy makes good, breaks my heart

Kevin Kowlaski has a new pro wheel model with Bones. My heart isn’t really broken, I’m just slightly bummed out because I’ve been sitting on an “Oregon Skate Parks” graphic that riffs on our Oregon State Parks logo for three years now. Then one day I walk into a skate shop and see that Kowalski’s model on Lifeblood beat me to it. I’m more of an ideas man than an action man…

I haven’t even watched the video yet, but it’s not even a limb that I have to go out on when I say prepare to be stoked.

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Skate Khunamokwst

You’re looking at a new Evergreen Skateparks skate spot that is included the brand new Khunamokwst Park being built in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland. What is a Khunamokwst? It’s a Chniook wawa word that means “together.” It’s actually the first park in Portland’s system that has an indigenous name, and has a fairly routine pronunciation. The larger park is scheduled to open in Spring of 2015, and although the skate spot should be completed much sooner, it seems unlikely that the fences will come down to allow skating before the whole park is finished.

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Bridge to Bridge - Dreamland

Bridge to Bridge

Elias Parise has released the full length version of the Dreamland Skateparks promo titled Bridge to Bridge.

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BCSA Benefit Saturday, June 7th

BCSA skatepark benefit show this weekend in Corvallis, OR at a place called Cloud & Kelly’s Public House in downtown Corvallis. 21 and over, 3 good bands, all proceeds go to the skatepark project.  

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