High Times Guide to Un-Olympic Sports

The July 1996 edition of High Times features the pot smoker’s dude to un-Olympic sports, with New York City’s Ryan Hickey getting “high” air on the cover. I do not own this issue, so I don’t know what they had to say about skateboarding. Now that skateboarding is going to be an olympic sport, will they print a retraction?


It’s Officially Olympic time.

International Olympic Committee Announced street and park skateboarding events to debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  The IOC has some live video of the even with a horrible interface, but there’s an interesting bit where a reporter asks about the lawsuits in one of the so-called governing bodies of skateboarding, as well as anti-doping. The  Tokyo Skateboarding Commission sounds like a criminal investigation, but it is in fact, ” a partnership between the Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports and the International Skateboarding Federation formed under the guidance of the International Olympic Committee. The TSC is in charge of all aspects of producing the Skateboard Street and Park Terrain events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.” 

Now that skateboarding is in the Olympics, maybe we’ll finally get some skateparks built… oh yeah. Well maybe our top athletes will be able to earn a living… oh yeah… It’s all moot now.


Two Things To Make You Mad, One to Make You Happy

It looks like the long, protracted war is finally over as Skateboarding will be proposed for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, so it’s pretty much a fait accompli. The International Skateboarding Federation is excited about it. Who is in that federation, some notables for sure. Also, the Telegraph definitely thinks I’m too old to skateboard. On a positive note, four Canadian skateboarders are being honored for stopping a sexual assault and helping to apprehend the culprit.

(The image on the top left is from Mpora, who has a lot to say about the Olympic announcement but for some reason can’t bring themselves to actually link to it.)


Skateboarding Recommended for 2020 Olympics

ABC News and just about everyone else has reported that the Tokyo Olympic Committee has recommended adding skateboarding to the 2020 Olympics. This is by no means a done deal, the host country gets to recommend one or more sports, and Japan recommended 5, 6 actually if count Baseball separate from Softball, which you should. Baseball being the mens’ competition and softball for women. The other three are sport climbing, karate, and surfing. The International Olympic Committee will decide which if any to include in August of 2016. The chances seem pretty good however. Surfing conditions can’t be guaranteed unless they build an amazing inland wave facility, and how would the surfing community respond to that? Now that Street League has ironed out a decent spectator friendly competition format, (If you’re into that, not that there’s anything wrong with it…) we might just see skateboarding in the Olympics, whether you want to or not. Who is behind the push to get skateboarding in the Olympics? There’s a shady organization called the World Skateboarding Federation for one. Their web site appears to be down, so I can’t comment on the board members or their mission as I’m writing this post. All I have to go on right now is “WSF is actively working with many national federations and government agencies around the world to provide leadership and guidance to ensure a very positive experience for all skateboarders and their fans at the games.” Hmmm…. Remember when marijuana use temporarily lost a snowboarder his gold medal? THC is now officially on the banned list. Get with the times Anti Doping Agency. The High Times.

Tony Hawk on Larry King Now

Tony Hawk on Larry King and the Olympics

Tony Hawk has some inside association with talks to bring skateboarding to the 2020 summer Olympics. He thinks’s it’s going to happen. Meanwhile, poor Larry… It’s painful to watch Larry King try to be funny and hip with Tony Hawk on his show “Larry King Now” on Ora.tv. It looks like his new “network” is online only. You can watch the olympics specific bit as an outtake on Youtube. The entire 28 minute interview is online via Hulu, which means it could disappear at any minute. And speaking of Tony Hawk, I just saw part of a schlocky Billy Crystal movie that featured Tony Hawk wiping out in the middle of a vert run because a small child was peeing off the deck onto the transition during an X-Games practice. I am not making this up! It’s called Parental Guidance.

Read more


When snowboarders skate better

Sure, it looks fake, but that’s because it’s brand new and there is no frame of reference. The United States Ski and Snowboard Association has a training facility for Olympic athletes called, wait for it… The Center for Excellence. On the outside it looks like an outlet mall, but on the inside it’s got cross training equipment for snowboarders and skiers, including the bowl you see above, sent in by the folks at Skate Utah.

From what I hear Charlie Wilkens designed and built the bowl with some input from asst. pipe coach Rick Bower. If you haven’t seen Bower skate during camps up in Hood, not only can he kill it in the snowtube, he can put a hurt on the cement. Super nice guy too. Back section is for boardercross crew to work on pumping rollers and carving corners; unfortunatley for the skicross guys, they’ll have to strap on the blades for same effect. This is one case where the Olympics and skating can work together.

There’s a photo gallery at Universal Sports.

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