Brooklyn Street Skate Spot Happening

Brooklyn Street Skate Spot – Benefit / Contest / BBQ / Meeting of the minds…. on Saturday December 15th. Hope the weather holds out. Sponsored by no less than three local PDX skate shops Cal Skate, Shrunken Head, and Rip City. Maybe there will be a wrestling match in the cage at the top of the stairs too.


SOTW 7-9-12: Josh Dorsey

This weeks Shot of the Week is another one from Micah Breshears, this time it’s Josh Dorsey at the Albany, Oregon skatepark.

Evergreen Skateparks

Transworld Business has an interview with Billy Coulon of Evergreen Skateparks, the man/entity behind the huge concrete boom at Windells.

Bird is the word

Robert Selph in Albany, Oregon. Photo by Micah Breshears. Extra finger after the jump.

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Sponsor Luv: Travis Augustine for Merde

Merde-y Merde merde. Travis Augustine flows on flow in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Holy cow, I guess the skatepark is still open. What’s the sitch, Egbert? “M.” “ake.” “Make.”

Brooklyn Street Benefit Redux

What a difference a day makes; Some more information, a new flyer, and now the beer is free.

This Brooklyn Benefit will be to help fund a new miniramp section behind the back 4ft pocket to the sidewalk in the asphalt section. We want to try and raise $3,000, and although it will take a few of these fundraisers, donating (suggested) $8 will help BSSS get their faster! Please remember 21+, none of us want to be the asshole that has to turn you away.

Brooklyn Street Skate Spot is now going to be under Skaters for Portland Skateparks non-profit status which will make it easier for funding and accepting other donations!

When I went to school…

Youtube user Jopomojo has a couple 8mm transfers of late 70’s footage from the old skatepark in Olympia, Washington. It may look familiar to S&A readers who remember a past SOTW from Dan Hughes. (Hi Dan.) These stills have a nice quality to them. Digitized VHS transfers of 8mm film. Top shot look looks like mars. Hook me up with the red planet. I wanna get my hands on it… On the first day I’ll get some atmosphere. Who gets the noprize? Unrelated: For the record, I firmly believe I’m quoting Mr Cobain and not Miss Love in the title of this post.

[Source: Olympia Time]

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Sponsor Luv: Merde in Battle Ground

A day in Battle Ground with Merde Sakteboards:

Jesse McDowell with some local BG skaters: Austin, Chris, and Old School Ken. Didn’t catch Austin’s buddie’s name, and I don’t know if people call Ken “Old School Ken”, but it seemed like he needed a nickname. Who doesn’t. I always wanted a cool nickname like “Skeeter”, or “Tony Bologna”, even though my name isn’t Tony. Either way, nice day in late October, so HAVE to take advantage of that, and BG is just that fun.

Catch it after the jump.

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SOTW 10-3-11: Matt Lee

This installment of Shot of the Week features Matt Lee at a high school in Portland, Oregon. I’m trying to come up with a pun or play on words for No Child Left Behind, but it’s not in me. Noprize to the best reader contribution. Thanks to Joe Stevens for the photo. Enlarge-o-rama.

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