Tube Dude in Sarasota

Sarasota has metal stick figure sculptures called Tube Dudes sprinkled all over town. I haven’t been to Payne Park in a handful of years. I don’t think this Tube Dude was there during my last visit. The baseball cap and basketball in hand are a bit of a head scratcher until you read the plaque dedicating it to “Coach Dan,” who must have been a basketball coach… who liked skateboarding?

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Football Season is Over

Whenever I’m designing a custom football scarf for my favorite team, I make sure to check out the available clip art options, which for some reason include a skateboard. Ouch! Mein Text!


Footy Sk8r

Cheap fingerboards are a dime a dozen or in this case, $36 a dozen. The packaging on these cheap toys is worth more that the actual product. Fingerboards from China… I know. Who cares? I always like a good sports crossover, and this serves as your reminder to watch the USA vs Columbia in today’s Women’s World Cup. That match starts at 5pm Pacific time.

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Timbers Army Jacket

Tomorrow is opening day for the Portland Timbers MLS team. This jacket is sold only to members of the 107ist, the official organizing group behind the larger, much looser supporters group known as the Timbers Army. Normally I’d likely pass on posting another Powell Ripper appropriation, but this one manages to tie together 2 of my passions in an unlikely fashion, skateboarding and the Portland Timbers. This is the actually the fourth Timbers post on S&A, none of them gratuitous, including one from before the team was in the MLS. (If you’re keeping track: 1, 2, 3 )




I could probably post one Bart Simpson post a day for year without repeating, but don’t worry, I won’t. In case you’re wondering, Bartpourri is a potpourri of Bart. It’s a real word that appears at least twice on the Interwebs.

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The Crossover Gang

New-Ray Novelty made these pull back motor skateboard toys in 1988. And because kids have a short attention span, it’s not enough for them to do one ting at a time. They also need to play tennis, read a book or play baseball at the same time. They really ran out of ideas though. Sure, there’s a double of the tennis player in the set, but two of the figures are going to school; One is reading about apples and the other about a car. What, no football or soccer? Get yours here.

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Skate Hockey

Skate Hockey in the street has been going on since the 80’s but this might be the first documented occurrence of a Skateboard Air Hockey game, in the street… Spotted on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands by Doc Skate Rock. We need to coin a phrase for the practice of depicting unrelated sports on sporting equipment.

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Leggo my non-trademark infringing flying disc

An image of a dinosaur with a giant waffle tattoo, riding a skateboard, printed on a frisbee knock off. Someone was very confused in the marketing meeting that day. From Kellogg, circa 1992. Must have been something you had to send in box tops for. Now it will cost you $18.

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Patriot Games

Spotted at the New England Patriots Museum, AKA the Hall At Patriot Place. Thanks to Brian Baade for the picture.

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