7 SECONDS AT SVITAK’S – Episode #1 Chad Knight

We did Black Flag earlier today, so why not 7 Seconds?

ver the past ten years of having this ramp in my yard, I’ve had many amazing skaters come through and rip it. It’s a really hard ramp to skate. It’s not tall, has very tight transitions and it’s all pool coping. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the diversity of rider’s styles and different approaches to the ramp, so I just decided to start making short edits of the different people that come by to skate it. These videos are intended as nothing serious, just short, loose edits of a lot of fun and ripping! Then I figured, let’s give back to a band that has burned out many of my tape players over the years. And that’s why it’s called 7 SECONDS and will rightfully so always be edited to a 7 Seconds jam. Good music and skateboarding, that’s the way I like to live it.

So there you go, 7 SECONDS AT SVITAK’S. Rip it up!!
Kristian Svitak

It’s not actually 7 Seconds, or even 7 seconds, but it’s fun. Courtesy of Regulator Distribution. Make sure you stick around for the end.

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Footloosed on Saturday

Check out the Unheard Skate Supply indoor facility (formerly known as SE Indoor thing) that I keep forgetting to post pictures of. Why, it’s a session and a Bacon Skateboards video on Saturday, May 19th at 1913 SE Haig street in Portland. Sponsor Luv.

Mega Miniramp

Rubbing sleep from my eyes… whaaaaaaaa? I can’t find this anywhere except on the Facebook page for the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, France. If they have any information on it, it’s hidden behind lousy web design and/or my lousy high school knowledge of French, even though the post appears to be in Portuguese. 43 meters. I did get that much. Holy nuts. There’s the ramp, and then there’s the setting. Amazing. Oh wait, I forgot to do my “I don’t now art” joke. Uhm… I don’t know art, but I know what I like to skate. (…crickets…)

Bavarian Creme Part 2

Wunseidelramp turned out to be a hot topic last time around. Thanks to Martin for kicking down some photos and a video of the finished project, as well as a couple more construction photos to stir the pot again.

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Bavarian Creme

The Wunseidelramp (not to be confused with rampenbed) is soon to be 55ft (looks bigger than that) of miniramp fun in Kirchenlamitz, in north of Bavaria, Germany. The opening party is tentatively set at November 5th, 2011. Photos and semi-unrelated Bavarian miniramp video after the jump.

– Thanks Martin for the photos.

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Front yard action

I had a miniramp that was in my front yard once. It was pretty much my whole front yard. The platforms reached from the front porch to the sidewalk in front of the house. Of course it was only eight feet wide and and PVC coping. This ramp belongs to Micah Breshears who lives in central Oregon. It’s right next to his front porch, and so there it is.

Tron miniramp light show.

The Tron sequel opened this weekend, and somewhere in Australia they got the idea to match motion tracking with an overhead display, but this time instead of on the floor of an airport, casino or children’s museum they projected onto a miniramp. People keep asking what skateboarding has to do with Tron, and the answer is nothing, just as most skateboard demos at Seaworld, Six Flags, or halftime displays at professional football games. Looks fun, although, I’d probably eat it trying watch my own display. I’d probably eat it anyway… There are two separate videos from different sources after the jump. So nothing to do with skateboarding, but it did it’s job because we’re talking about Tron. Loved that arcade game. GVK saw the movie. He said it pretty good. I can’t believe he went to se it on opening weekend.

– Thanks to… Brian Martinez, JF, and Tom Bender for the tip.

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A small redecorating

I’m pretty sure we posted a picture of this ramp some time ago. It’s Chad from Small Beating. New surface, new concrete coping. Wheee! Man that looks small.

– Thanks to Theo for the tip.

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Reader D.I.Y.: It’s Free!

Ben Warren sent this pic of a ramp he built FOR FREE from donated and discarded materials:

The ramp is built out of wood that is anywhere from 15 years old to pretty new but it was all free! Thanks to the Dew Tour, Mesh Skatepark in Longwood Florida and some local donations! Im stoaked and i want to spread the word that if you just take some time and initiative, anybody can build something to skate with no cash!! Hell Yes!!!

So thanks to Ben, and hopefully this will stoke some of you out there to do a little scrounging and build something. Which reminds me of another successful scrounge (and I mean that in the best possible way…) from Florida, Tim Kulas. Ben’s ramp is in Casselberry, Florida. He sent me a link (www.hereforkicks.com) but it appears to be dead. Don’t forget about Enlarge-o- rama.

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