Jerry-rigged fun

This “miniramp” setup cracks me up. It’s created from some quarter pipes made for use in the street. If the metal kick plates weren’t enough of a giveaway, the rope handles and coaster wheels behind the platform make it obvious. I love that the flat bottom is just a piece plywood laying on the grass, soon to be dirt. I’m not sure which one is going to rot away first, the plywood flat bottom or the masonite on the surface. Still, the next time I see a session there I’m going to grab my stick and ask if I can join in. Notice the coping on the right is PVC. My first ramp had PVC coping too. Come to think of it, my first ramp was also in the front yard of a rental property.


Basketball, Golf and Skateboarding: 2 Fore 1

We’ve seen basketball once, and tennis not once, but twice. Here’s a California Rampworks build for Nike that combines basketball and golf terrains with skateboarding. The Nike SB Popup Skateboard Park was built for Go Skateboarding Day in 2014.

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Basement Miniramp

Whoa, Mule.

It just takes a little getting used to, and for the next day you can’t skate in a regular sized spot without a little residual hunch, but it’s a lot of fun. MC’s basement ramp video after the jump. It’s a little out of focus, which is either because of the low light, or the fact that I didn’t have my glasses. Nothing to do with ineptitude. Nothing. It’s all “eptitude.”

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The Formula is a video produced by OC Ramps and starring Dave Bachinsky, who is definitely a mini-ramp champ. Some crazy variations, with a revert everywhere you turn. The only thing Dave missed was airing off the extension onto the adjacent structure. I kept waiting for it but it never came. Shot over 6 months, it features 4 locations, despite the fact that description only claims three. The Berrics was also involved in this project. I hope they appreciate the huge, nay – massive bump in web traffic they will be receiving from that web link. I like to help out the little guys.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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7 Seconds at Svitak’s – Pat Duffy

Episode #7 of 7 Seconds at Svitak’s features Pat Duffy… killing it. I’m really liking this series.

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GVK #85 Great Unheard Miniramp Swindle

Watch this episode of  Grovers Video Korner  or visit the  the archives


Reader DIY: Garage Mini Maxi

Bryan from right here in S&A’s back yard sent in some pictures of a ramp he built in his garage.

Longtime reader here, just got back from Afghan and finished up the last corner of my garage ramp. Two main sides are 6ft radius and 4ft and 7.5 ft tall, house door side is 4.5ft radius and 2ft tall and garage door side is 3ft radius with 6.5ft tall near-vert wall. The newest corner has a 1ft tall roll-up to 4ft radius quarter to wall ride. The corner at the base of the 7.5ft tall section is a compound curve-based hip.

Looks pretty excellent. What are you using on that top layer?

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Another frankenramp creation, Barnside (unofficial name) is somewhere in the Kansas City area. Four videos after the jump. Chin Ramp indeed.

– Thanks to Dave Campbell for the tip.

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Hey daddyo, I don’t wanna go…

Down in the basement! Although if this was in my basement it would be a different story. Check out this incredibly tight (transitioned) mini bowl in Nate Latimer’s basement.

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