5 Days of Ohio: Condensed Flesh

I’m starting a week of Ohio-centric posts, one a day. There is absolutely no reason for this. I have a few lined up, but I could use some Ohio tips if you’ve got ’em. First up is Condensed Flesh, which is a video zine specializing in, but not limited to documenting the Cleveland, Ohio Skate/Art/Music/DIY scene. Episodes 5, 6 and 7 document the progression of the Funwall DIY park in Cleveland as seen in Stuck in Ohio. Condensed Flesh may be Ohio based, but episode 6 travels all the way to Bolivia!

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Round on the end and “Hi” in the middle

Stuck In Ohio, brings you The Definition of Ohio Skateboarding. It’s a skateboard specific part of a larger project. There are two things I like about this video; the attitude and the wealth of cool looking spots. Remember Surf Ohio! Also, We are all Devo.

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Remember 50 on 50? 40 Year Old Janitor does 40 Mini-Ramp Tricks at Jolly Roger Skateboards.

I just reached the big 4-0 so I figured I would see what 40 tricks I could pull off on our mini-ramp last night. Warning: there are no McTwists or flip tricks in this video. I am really not much of a Birthday person but if you want to give me a gift come by and buy yourself something nice from the shop.

– Thanks to Tim Jamison for the tip.

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Style Police

A skateboarding cop from Green Bay, Wisconsin who bought a board that was hand manufactured in Portland, Oregon by Subsonic Skateboards. Allegedly the board helps him connect with the community. Sure, OK, but the red and blue flashing LED lights he added are pretty silly on a skateboard, considering he’s supposed to be a man of the law and not a cartoon character. The little kids probably like it though. There’s video on The FOX News Orlando affiliate but they forgot to mix the sound in. Strange.

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Concrete Crusaders #1

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Everything will be forgotten

It’s been a while since I’ve covered the Kings Highway DIY project in St Louis. Much like BSSS before it, Kings Highway enjoyed an existence as an officially tolerated temporary DIY skate a finite lifespan. The crumbling bridge it rests under was built in 1936, and scheduled for demolition next spring. Amazingly, they’re still adding onto it as late as last week. Unlike BSSS, however, There are definite plans for a replacement… of sorts. The city is leasing an unused parcel of land to the non profit for $1 a month, but the non-profit has to pay $2,000 in insurance annually, as well as funding the entire construction. They are also losing the overhead coverage that they used to have, cutting down on the amount of time the park will be usable. You’d think a major American city with no public skatepark could do better than that. The locals have been actively fundraising though, and have even secured a 5k grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, bringing their total fundraising efforts to $13,000. They’ve even got a listing for material and other donations on Craigslist. I’m not sure that the before and after square footage evens out though. The new location and design appears to have more of a public park presentation, and way more sterile than the existing atmosphere. If the skaters are organizing and paying for everything, they ought to be allowed to build what they want. Doesn’t that seem just to you? Watch a short documentary after the jump. The primary aim seems to be explaining the vibrancy of of the spot to the non-skateboarding crowd in St. Louis.

– Thanks to Bob Metchely for the tip.

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Tony Hawk Foundation in Detroit

Here’s another video about the Detroit’s Ride It sculpture park, this one from the Tony Hawk Foundation, that just raised another 25k for the project. Portland’s own Evergreen Skateparks is there working on it.

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Hawk Foundation donates 30k to Detroit DIY project

The Tony Hawk Foundation donated $30,000 to expand the building efforts of
Ride It Sculpture Park, located in the wild, wild Midwest of the urban Detroit wasteland. Powerhouse Productions started the original product. I’m sure my friends are sick of hearing me say this, but I swear if I didn’t have kids and a mortgage, I’d move to Detroit. A man could reinvent himself there.

[Source: Evergreen Skateparks]

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7 Seconds at Svitak’s – Episode #5 – Bill Danforth

Holy cow. Bill Danforth doing his best Popeye impression at Kristian Svitak’s ramp. I had no idea BIll Was so… old. All those gratuitous pro models must be wearing him down. In all seriousness, I have nothing but respect for Bill, and I bought myself a handful of his Alva decks with the tri-tail. Loved that board. BIll Danforth. Grover knows him from his days in Michigan. Both those guys are hilarious. Hey Kristian and Regulator, you keep making these videos, I’ll keep posting every (other) of of them. Danforth’s got a model on 1031. Midwest uber alles.

UPDATE: Added Bill’s video part from the 1989 video “Young Gunz.”

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