Donate to the SOB’s At SOB

They’ve got the rest of the month to raise $17,000 (in addition to the $58,000 already raised) and then the Baltimore City Department of Rec and Parks will match their funds with a donation of 75,000. They also received a Tony Hawk Foundation grant, One thing that might help, add a Paypal button. DONATE, for the love of John Waters.

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Stephanie is a Fellow

Congratulation to friend of the site Stephanie Murdock, who was just was named a Baltimore Community Fellow, an award that comes with a hefty grant that she plans on using to help raise more money for Skatepark of Baltimore. This is an interesting twist on skatepark fundraising, based on her plans to develop a new skatepark as a place to positively influence at-risk youth through facilitating positive interactions and mentoring at a new skatepark-based community. At least that’s how I understand it, you can read more at the Baltimore Sun. BTW – The congratulations are for being a friend of the site, not for winning an award…

[Photo: Jed Kirschbaum, Baltimore Sun]

Killer Dork Sessions

Venerable 80’s east coast zine out of Maryland with one of the best names ever is online. I’ve had my internet eye open for it for years, but I’ve been lax lately as Killer Dork Sessions has been up for a while now. Lots of old photos and four hours of videos if you can believe it. Plus you can download some old issues.


S.O.B. Girls

Skatepark of Baltimore is selling a “Girls of Skateboarding” calendar to benefit the Skatepark of Baltimore. You can pick yours up here, and no, it’s not that kind of calendar.


More than one S.O.B. in Baltimore

Looks like the civil lawsuit against the Baltimore cop who has anger management issues when it comes to skateboarders (and RC car enthusiasts…) has been tossed out of court again. I thought the damages they were seeking were ridiculous, but I still think this guy doesn’t serve or protect the best interests of the citizens of Baltimore, even though he has been back on the job for several months.

– Thanks to Doc Murdock for the tip.

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