Forever Young

Grandpa has a long board, and a radical attitude. This is the March, 2017 issue of Prime Time, an Rhode Island publication described as a “contemporary magazine speaking to the mature market, caregivers & medical professionals.”

– Thanks to Poeser for the photo.


Boardup foldable skateboard

We’ve seen a variety of folding skateboards here, most of them DIY. BoardUp adds a new twist to that with a 2-way hinge mechanism that allows for a more uniform rectangular shape after folding. It looks heavy but the whole board is supposed to way less than 7 lbs. It’s smooth but there’s definitely some flex visible in the video. If transportations your bag, then this might be for you, although you’re probably not reading this web site. Kickstarter on the way…

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Downhill Disco

Check out Dan Bourqui’s Downhill Disco edit:

The Downhill Disco is an yearly San Diego event which mixes disco music with longboarding, downhill skating, jump ramps and even a smaller megaramp like gap. It also features a mini ramp jam, disco night and Sunday races that are not showcased in this video clip. The entire event feels more like a weekend festival than a contest.

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Presented without commentary:

In a quest to build a longboard based off the look of cars with big rims, we created the best riding and best built longboard; the DonkBoard™. Compare our DonkBoard™ to any other longboard at any Authorized Retailer and you will see the benefits immediately:

  • Improved & Faster Acceleration: Due to larger surface to grip area.
  • Nearly frictionless wheel and bearing outfit.
  • Less energy needed per push to cover the same distance than smaller wheels.
  • Better Board Control & Response: Yielding consistent handling.
  • No Wheel Bite (No Scrub, No Rub).
  • Enhanced Sportier, Upscale Look.
  • Unique 6 Inch (150mm) Aluminum, Deep Dish, Five Star, Wheel / Tire Combo: Essentially, Custom Rims for your Skateboard.

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No Grip Tape Needed

From the Wood Studio in North Carolina. This guy mostly makes beautiful furniture, and the occasional skateboard. The routered tops on GripCarve Longboards are supposed to negate the need for grip tape. Realistically, they look interesting and probably work in context with the situation you’d expect to see these boards. Coffee and Campus Cruiser? Yes. Downhill bombing? Not so much.

– Thanks to Matthijs (who can finally see this) for the tip.


Esurance and Trubrain

Esurance has a commercial out for pay-by-the-mile insurance, this one specifically tailored to Portland customers, though I’m sure there are other cities too. Not only is there some longboard action in the commercial, there’s a bit of wackyboard footage in it too. Then there’s truBrain, an energy drink the is also supposed to boot your brain. “The world’ first nootropic drink.” I don’t know what the means,I guess I need some truBrain. They’re using skateboarding imagery in social media marketing and on their web site.

– Thanks to Betsy Gordon for the truBrain tip.

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Yet another student design project turned into a Kickstarter. Bjorn van den Hout’s Chargeboard uses two dynamos in the rear axle to generate electricity and store it in the battery box attached to the bottom of the board. The battery box doubles as an iPhone dock with speakers, while the usb port can be used to charge a phone or other device. Goofy lifestyle shots aside, I actually think this is a good idea for those who use their skateboards primarily for transportation, campus cruisers, even campers and the like. However, there are two glaring problems with this. Chargeboard could use removable covers for the speakers, or the first pebble that kicks up or pudddle you run through is going to wreak havoc. Also, How to account for different size phones without a janky adapter that would be prone to rattling loose? I’d really like to see this concept adapted to a bike, although I’m sure it has been already.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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First “Longboard” Park

It’s certainly not the first gratuitous use of the word “longboard” as a qualifier. It really should be titled a “Downhill Skatepark” shouldn’t it? Does a board length under 3 feet preclude you from using this? Wasn’t this style of riding invented on “short boards?” When is someone going to build a Pigboarding park? You know, a skatepark built specifically for people riding Indy 215’s. Complaints about a stupid name aside, it’s cool concept. Don’t blame Landyachtz for naming it a longboard park, blame the city of Kamloops in British Columbia.

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Bahned for life

I thought Bahne relaunched it’s brand for the serious downhill competitor, at least that’s what I remember from a previous decade when when I was an irregular contributor and advertising connoisseur of Concrete Wave magazine. I guess it didn’t pan out because Bahne seems to be engaged in the role of toy store supplier, or at best, close out items for sale at Costco.

– Thanks to Stephen B for the tip.

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