Brian Anderson Playboy Interview

Brian might not be the first Anderson you think of when it comes to Playboy. How it all shaking out for him, post coming out in Vice? Turns out, very well. Read about it in his interview in Playboy. It’s a good follow up to an excellent video. I do take issue with the headline Playboy’s editor’s chose. It basically says, “Brian opens up about opening up.” I want to interview him about this interview, just so I can title the post “Brian Anderson opens up about opening up about coming out.”

Paul Fujita on Callin’ today

Catch long time Portland artist, activist, skater and the future of Cal Skates, Paul Fujita will be the guest on Callin’ on Colin today. Catch it live on the Interwebs at 2pm Pacific, or download the audio later on in the day. Skate and Annoy is proud to sponsor Callin’ on Colin, regardless of how poorly it is named, and whether or not Colin knows that we are a sponsor yet. That’s an old photo of Paul at Aumsville, circa 2004.


Wes Humpston on John Doe Zine Interview

John Doe Zine has ainterview scheduled with iconic Dogtown artist Wes Humpston today, live at 1pm Pacific. Click on the link to listen to it streaming, or call in at 347 633-9578 for a chance to ask a question yourself. I don’t know how Rich and Jim do it, but they are getting some big names and cranking these things out. The John Doe Zine interviews are pretty hit or miss, but if enough people know about them in advance, they could get consistently better.

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