Dis is how I sk8board

What more needs to be said? “band [sic] from X games for being to ‘X'”

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Eazy Duz it.

Eazy E shot by Mike Miller back in 1992, holding a 101 Natas Kaupas deck. There’s another photo of Natas holding a print of this photo floating around Facebook, credited to Miller, but I can’t find it on his web site.


Does it flow like an Ore-ida Potatoe?

This video is not nearly as annoying as I had assumed it would be, but that does not mean I’m going to buy/download/pirate Flo Rida’s Wild Ones album. I can’t believe that’s what he picked as his rap name. That’s the Goat Ramp in the top shot.

– Thanks to… How did I find this?

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I’m a hater

I made it through 46 seconds. I don’t think this is a joke. I mean, it’s a joke alright, but not intentionally. Enjoy “i’m a Skater” by Mac Jar & Monikape.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

UPDATE: Comments closed do to too much repetition. Way to offer a different opinion through, uh, mindless repetition. Don’t hate, REPLICATE.

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White Girl Wasted

White Girl Wasted by ElleMC, shot on location at Burnside by Dave Hupp. Hip Hop dressed as punk rock. Remember when you used to be able to tell what a band would sound like just by looking at them? I’m not complaining. Shut up old man! Video after the jump.

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Beastie Boys make some noise

Fortunately, there is some marginal skateboard related footage in here so I can present it here on S&A without making excuses… except I just did. It’s a trailer for the 30 minute extended version of “Fight For Your Right Revisited.” The Beastie Boys have a forthcoming release called Hot Sauce Committee Part Two which is good news but holy shit, watch this trailer! Try to count all the cameos without getting whiplash, I dare you. I don’t want to spoil Neil’s next eBay Watch, but a Beastie Boys deck recently went for a ridiculous amount of money. There’s a buzz already. Er, uhm… check it. Did anyone catch Iggy Pop on American Idol last night?

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Die Antwoord: Evil Boy

Die Antwoord is not a German hip hop tribute to Adam Ant, rather a freaky hip hop crew from Cape Town, South Africa. A liitle bit Flava Flav and a lot of Gummo. These guys make some crazy videos. Sure they try too hard, but it’s still riveting. The video for Evil Boy features a sculptural figure on a skateboard and a lot of phalluses. Guest African rapper tackles the ritual of forced circumcision that many tribal adolescents have to go through to become “men” in the eyes of their tribe. [See discussion here] These guys are kind of a train wreck, but it’s fascinating. Lead male vocalist Ninja sometimes looks like Joe Strummers’ long lost hillbilly brother. Still, I prefer the Stiv Bators song Evil Boy.

– Thanks to MC for the tip. Yeah, he’s that hip.

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More music vids

A couple more music vids with skateboarding. No, it’s not Rob Dydrek launching a rap career. He’s just making a guest appearance in the Mayer Hawthorne video for Maybe So Maybe No. Hey Stones Throw, hook us up. Second up is “Young Forever” by Jay-Z with a guest appearance by Mr Hudson.

– Thanks to Brian Baade for the tip.

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