Happy Halloween

Bones pumpkin carving by Fabio Issa.


Zombie Posters, + Sparks

The image on the top right was scoured from my hard drive, saved in 2006. It’s a model/figure called Extreme Zombie “Sparks” that is approx 18cm tall. When searching for a better picture not he inter webs, all I could find were these Extreme Zombie posters from Poster Lounge.


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Here’s a Halloween graphic form Beer City Skates / Records. Why? Why not? Maybe go buy some of their stuff.


Skate or Die or Shove-it!

Skate or Die…. or is it Shove-it? I can’t believe they trademarked Shove-it™.  The image used for this Halloween costume is just a serving suggestion, as the skateboard and kneepads are not included.

– Thanks to Josh Baker for the photo.


Happy Halloween

I really should have sent this Halloween card to you earlier. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.



One of the best skateboard Halloween costumes ever, outside of Ryan Coulter’s pinball machine getup, but you don’t have to be standing next to the 70’s pinball machine for it to make sense.

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GVK#95: Burnside Halloween

Watch this episode of  Grovers Video Korner  or visit the  the archives

Burnside Blank Slate

Grover stopped by Burnside earlier today (Tuesday) and got some shots of Jay Meer and another preparing Burnside for it’s 22nd anniversary Halloween debut. I wonder if he’s down there painting via generators now. GPK after the jump. That’s Grover’s Picture Korner.

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A sock monkey and a gorilla walk into a bar gradeschool…

Apparently my wife’s claim that she knew the guy who ran Skate and Annoy wasn’t enough to coax an action shot out of these two clowns, I mean monkeys.

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